Features and Functionality

A completely re-imagined, streamlined way to trade.

An Innovative Beer Cellar

Once you create your trader profile, you can start to add beers to your Cellar and designate which are available For Trade. Fill out your In Search Of list with all the beers you're looking to try. We'll use your FT and ISO lists to automatically match you with potential trading partners.

Once you execute trades, we'll automatically update the quantities in your Cellar, FT and ISO lists so you don't have to!


Immediately view potential trading partners

No more need to continuously check forum threads for posts or multiples sites' inboxes. We automatically pair you with other trades who are looking for the beers you have and have the beers you want. We will even show you how strong the match is.

A simple interface for proposing trades

We let you propose a trade with a potential parter by simply checking off the beers you are offering and selecting the beers you want in return. If you partner likes the proposal they can accept it, if not, they can edit and repropose a new trade. We even give you the ability to send your address and tracking numbers directly from the interface.

You're busy, so we'll keep you up to date with automatic email notifications when something important happens. That means when someone proposes you a new trade, or if someone accepts, rejects or completes a trade you are involved with.


It's all about trust and building relationships

We know it's important to be able to trust the person you're sending your beer to. On The Beer Exchange you can quickly see all of the users Trader Reviews and see if it's someone you want to trade with or if it's someone you want to avoid.

Still not sure you want to try it out?

There's a lot more cool stuff under the hood.

dev Untappd Database Integration

Browse through the same database of breweries and beers as Untappd, one of the most popular social drinking apps out there.

mailAutomated alerts and notifications

We'll send you automated emails to make sure you can keep track of your trades at all times.


Personalized Friends List

Build relationships and stay in touch with other BEX users by adding them to your friends list.

chat One-on-one Messaging

Communication is important, so we built a place for you and your partner to chat about the details of your trade.

star Custom Reputation System

We let you review each partner you trade with and give you the chance to build your own reputation at the same time.

checkCompleted & Declined Trade Archive

Even after they are declined or completed, we keep a running archive of all your past trades for reference.