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Export Cellar to CSV
Now you can export your existing cellar to a CSV file. Use this to print out your cellar or make changes in bulk.
portfolio1 Cellar Valuation
Using the prices you list in the beer details, we'll give you dollar value showing what your cellar is worth.
portfolio1 Most Sought After Beers
Ever wondered what your most sought after beers were? Now you can check and see what bottles in your cellar are most in demand on BEX.
portfolio1 Dollar for Dollar Trade Calculator
Once you propose a trade, we'll show you the dollar value of you and your trade partner's offering to make sure what your proposing is as close to "Dollar for Dollar" as possible. If there is a difference, we'll show you that, too.
portfolio1 Beer Alerts
Set up automated beer alerts to send you in-app and email notifications when a specific beer is added to BEX. You can customize the alerts to send only when someone adds a specific beer For Trade, to an ISO list, or both! No limit on the number of beers.
portfolio1 Exact Beer Matching
Sometimes you want to find potential trade partners who are looking for a specific beer you have or that are offering a specific beer you want. If you're a premium BEX member, you can filter your match results based on a specific beer.
Exact Beer Matching Premium Member Profile Badge
Show other members that you support the BEX community with a special BEX Premium Member Profile Badge.
portfolio1 Access to special promotions
We like to take care of our Premium Members, so expect to get special announcements and discounts from time to time.
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Ready to upgrade? Just sign in and click the Upgrade Account button in the top naviagtion.