5 Foods To Avoid With Beer: What You Need To Know

Foods To Avoid With Beer

As a beer lover, you are already familiar with the fizz and aroma of a cold brew. However, beer enjoyment transcends the glass and blends with food, essentially providing a sensory experience.

Nevertheless, regardless of the composition, not all notes may harmonize and some might even be a bit harmful. To clarify, beer goes great with food but there are certain foods to avoid with beer. This is merely a delicate balance of flavors and items that may turn enjoyment into dismay.

Exploring the culture, taste, and science behind which foods to avoid when drinking beer shows that it’s not that easy to fight the fiery temptations of enjoying a delicate palette alongside the beer’s harshness.

Therefore, this guide will assist you in making well-informed decisions and avoiding food that might cause a side effect or stomach upset alongside beer.

The Art of Beer and Food Pairing

Beer and food are an age-old pairing that can truly enrich your meal. It’s a unique art that pairs flavors to enhance each other, which is why many avid drinkers prefer a good splash of beer after a meal.

Achieving the perfect combination will improve the taste of beer, its texture, and of course, the enjoyment. However, there will be instances where certain food types may result in a side effect and therefore, it is referred to as an art and not just a mere random combo.

Foods That You Should Avoid with Beer

Here’s the complete compiled list of foods to avoid with beer:

1. Eggs and Cheese

Eggs and cheese are a universal favorite unless you are lactose-intolerant. This combination isn’t something an expert would recommend and there are several reasons behind it. That is to say, you are at an increased risk of food illness.

If you are a beer lover, then you are already knowledgeable regarding the ingredients that are used to produce beer. Yes, yeast is one of them and it initiates the fermentation process that also gives eggs their yeasty flavor. However, yeast is also a leading cause of food poisoning. Now, if you combine the two combinations, there is a boosted risk of illness and even death in some cases.

If you hear someone say they are allergic to eggs, just know that they are not making it up and it’s a real thing. Therefore, if you pair it up with beer you are likely to get an upset stomach. Moreover, in case you have already given it a shot and experienced unpleasant symptoms, it is highly recommended you avoid this combo.

2. Chocolates

This might be a bit tricky because there are a few health benefits to eating chocolate. However, if you make a combo of beer and chocolate, then there is a risk of triggering gastrointestinal issues that are highly likely to damage the intestinal lining and cause permanent health hazards.

Moreover, if you already have a weak stomach or digestive issues, this is probably the worst combo you can make. Chocolate consists of cocoa and caffeine, these can easily cause constant hunger and even catalyze stomach-related issues.

3. Nuts and Cereals

If you’re getting the munchies, pulling nuts and cereal with beer combo sounds like a great idea. However, keep in mind nuts are packed with vitamin E, which is of course great for health and an essential nutrient for your body. However, vitamin E is an antioxidant while beer can be very acidic and sugary.

When you blend the two in your stomach, you will be hit with a double dose of inflammatory chemicals that are like a silent bomb when put together.

4. Wraps and Soft Tacos

Wraps and Tacos sound delicious and even more with a touch of beer. Unfortunately, these foods are loaded with carbs among other poor combinations for beer. Not only will your sugar levels spike at a rapid rate but you will also feel your stomach bloating and gain water weight.

This may sound repulsive and if that’s the case, then it’s good. You should prioritize health over taste at any given moment.

5. Red Meat and Chicken

You might have already tried this combo and this is coming off as a surprise. However, indeed, red meat and beer do not go well. To clarify, the meat consists of amines which catalyze the protein breakdown process, and yes alcohol as well.

Since beer is a highly fermentable drink, your body breaks it down rather spontaneously and the amines are no longer usable for digestion.

Moreover, red meat is enriched with saturated fat which is unhealthy for the stomach. Even research has proven that it can cause metabolic syndrome – something that will eventually bring you to the doorstep of diabetes, forms of cancer, obesity, and heart diseases.

Even though, you may always enjoy a burger or two on the side from time to time try to avoid setting it as the primary protein source.

Other Foods To Avoid With Beer

Now that you know the five most dangerous foods you can have with beer, here’s a short list of other foods you might want to refrain from in combination with beer.

  • Acidic foods
  • Seafood especially sushi
  • Spicy foods
  • Dairy products

Alternative Foods You Can Have With Beer

Don’t worry, the guide does not remove every single food from existence. There are alternative foods you can opt for to enjoy with your beer.

For acidic foods, try to go for a beer that has a lower hop profile and offers a sweet flavor instead of sour. This will help balance out the acidic content.

If you are truly craving sushi with your beer, have it with softer rolls and use as little wasabi and soy sauce as possible.

Final Thoughts

Beer goes great with a meal and everyone knows that. However, health over pleasure should be the main motto for avid beer drinkers. Nevertheless, you know five main foods to avoid when having a six-pack and some other food types that can be harmful to your health.

It can be quite a challenge to avoid food with beer but even if you lack the self-control, just ensure that you do not use the above-mentioned foods as a source of salt and protein. Keep it sustained so you do not retain too much damage and give the alternative foods a go.

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