How To Pour Tap Beer [Step-by-Step]

How to Pour Tap Beer

If making the perfect beer is an art, pouring the beverage from a container is also an artist’s job. Some can naturally and perfectly pour beer from a tap. On the other hand, others need some long hours of practice to do the job correctly. According to beer sommeliers, a bit of foam at the top of your beer is good if you enjoy chilled beer.

If you are planning to pursue a career as a bartender, you first need to learn how to pour a pint of beer from a tap without ruining your drinking experience. Experts suggest that pouring the perfect pint is all about gaining control of CO2.

Tips To Pour the Perfect Beer

You will find pouring beer simple once you understand the effects of different elements on the beer’s carbonation process. Here are some tips that can help you in this process.

1.   Foam Is Not Bad

Many people prefer their beer without the foam at the top. Nonetheless, the foam, also known as the head of the beer, has several benefits. First, the thick foam makes it impossible for air to come in contact with the beer. This keeps the beer colder for long hours and preserves the beer’s aroma. The foam also releases some carbonation. As a result, you do not feel bloated or satiated quickly.

2.   The Temperature of the Glass

Do you want to ensure that your beer’s temperature remains perfect for a long time? In that case, you should use a chilled glass. But remember to rinse the glass before you pour beer into it. If the temperature of the glass is lower than the beer, it creates a greater amount of foam. Thus, it would help if you could find the ideal temperature for serving your type of beer. Some beers may require a warmer temperature than others.

3.   Know Your Beer Before You Pour It

The characteristics of different types of beer are also different. For instance, the quality of the foam of a stout beer will be dense, creamy, and thin. If you pour a stout beer, you must pause for a few seconds after filling ¾ of your glass. This brief moment allows the beer to settle down nicely. After pausing a while, you may continue filling the glass. Stout beers contain a considerable percentage of nitrogen that demands time to settle.

However, if you pour a pilsner beer, you must tilt the glass halfway. This allows you to get a 2—3 fingers thick foam at the top. Thus, proper research about the properties of the beer you want to enjoy should help you a lot.

4.   Get Your Angle and Timing Correct

Tilt your glass at an angle of 45 degrees when you start pouring the beer. When you fill ¾ of the glass, straighten the glass gradually. You also need to ensure that the beer pours at the center of the glass. However, you may also tilt your glass at an angle of 45 degrees after filling up half of it. This depends upon the type of beer you plan on having.

5.   The Glass Should Be Properly Cleaned

Your glass must be properly cleaned before pouring beer into it. It is also crucial for your beer’s head to be in proper form. If there are stains inside your glass, it may cause some disruption in the form and quality of your beer’s head. As a result, the taste and carbonation may get affected. You also need to ensure that the outside of the glass is clean because nobody likes to have a beer in a glass with fingerprints.

Steps To Pour Beer from a Tap

There are a few simple steps to pour beer from a tap. Following these steps will help you pour that perfect pint into your glass.

  • Take A Clean Glass

Everybody loves to enjoy the natural taste of beer, especially if it is craft beer. Thus, it is crucial to preserve the natural taste of the beverage. This is why you must pour your beer into a clean glass. Even the smallest dust particle or a small amount of oil or dish soap can ruin the natural taste of beer. Even the seemingly clean glassware at home may have invisible residue that may change your beer’s taste. It is also essential for your glassware to be at room temperature to ensure that your beer retains its aroma and flavor.

  • Choose Your Beer

Most beer containers with taps contain more than one type of beer. Some common beverage varieties include amber ales, hoppy IPAs, and pale pilsner lagers. All of these require customized pour styles to retain their unique flavors.

  • Pull From The Tap Handle’s Base

The proper practice is to grab from the tap handle’s base. If you pull from the top, it will put excess pressure on the faucet. This may cause the tap to break more often.

  • Avoid Contacting The Faucet Spout

If you want to follow best hygiene practices, you must avoid your glass and beer from coming into contact with the faucet spout.

Why Do You Tilt The Glass When Pouring Beer?

When you pour beer into your glassware, it creates a foamy head and releases some CO2. As a result, the beer’s natural taste and flavor get trapped beneath the foam. This is considered the perfect beer pour. The secret behind holding your glass at an angle of 45 degrees is to get the perfect beer pour. While pouring the beer, aim for the center of the glass. This will create a foamy head and help the beverage retain its natural flavor and taste.


To become a good bartender, you must learn many things to efficiently fulfill your customers’ needs. One of these is the art of pouring beer into a glass. Additionally, different types of beer have different needs. Thus, you must learn about the various types of beer to start your career as a bartender. This will also help you understand which beer type needs a foamy head and which ones don’t.

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