Beer Before Wine Study: The Biggest Myth Debunked

Beer Before Wine Study

Whether you’re hanging out with friends, chugging your favorite beer, or sipping wine, chances are you’ll face a hangover the next day. So, let’s debunk the myth that the order of drinking beer before wine or wine before beer makes no difference.

Who doesn’t love to party and enjoy a few drinks? As per NIH, 5.7 million people (aged 12 – 17 years) reported consuming alcohol at least once in their lifetime. A decade back, people used to think that if they drank beer before wine, they would feel less tipsy as compared to drinking wine before beer.

However, the latest research has proved that the only thing that will affect you is not drinking responsibly. Keep reading the post to find out what scientific evidence has put an end to all these age-old beliefs once and for all.

Wine Before Beer Saying

There’s an amazing saying “Beer before Wine and you’ll feel fine; wine before beer and you’ll feel queer”. The saying prevails in almost all prominent cultures and languages, but you might find it surprising that it doesn’t work either way.

If you’re planning to party hard, you should be well aware that you’ll have to face the consequences the next day – a severe “hangover.” Some common symptoms of hangovers include headaches, vertigo, stomach pain, dehydration, and fatigue. So, instead of drinking like crazy, it’s best to stick to an amount your body can tolerate.

Can Wine Before Beer or Beer Before Wine Really Minimize The Hangover

According to the myth, starting with beer before and moving on to wine might help stave off a rough hangover. The idea is that beer’s fizz could speed up how quickly you soak up alcoholic content from the wine, so if you start off with wine, you will feel highly intoxicated.

But is it really true?

Let’s check out what science has to say about it…

Forget what you’ve heard about consuming first. It turns out, it might not make much of a difference in how brutal your hangover is, according to a 2019 study

Combining different kinds of alcohol doesn’t always lead to getting more drunk. While things like congeners in dark spirits and sulfites in wine can play a role in hangover symptoms, the biggest factor is still how much you drink.

Another research was conducted on 90 adults. They were split into three groups. Group 1 started with beer and then moved to wine, while the second group did the opposite. The last group stuck to beer or wine only.

They did this twice, switching things up for Groups 1 and 2 and swapping drink types for Group 3. After each round of drinking, they checked in on everyone to see how bad their hangovers were.

The results were well…Surprising

This study found that whether you stick to one type of drink or change their order, it doesn’t really change how bad your hangover will be. Your body loves alcohol (not in a healthy way) and processes it pretty efficiently. It all comes down to avoiding binge drinking and staying under control.

Bottom Line

Now you know everything. The whole “beer before wine or wine before beer” does not really hold up. Different research has proven that it doesn’t matter if you start with beer or wine – your hangover’s gonna be pretty much the same either way. 

So, it’s not about the order or type of drinks, but just not going overboard. Remember, moderation is key to avoiding those rough mornings after a night out.

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