Top 10 Best Beers From Uzbekistan

Beers From Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan, located in Central Asia, is home to breathtaking architectural landmarks such as the Shah-i-Zinda and the Chor-Minor. This country is also part of the Silk Road which was a major hub for trade hundreds of years ago. 

While Uzkebistan had a reputation for corruption and a rigid policy on visa application, these have all changed now. One of the things to know before traveling to Uzbekistan is its easy visa policy. There are now over 85 countries that can enter Uzbekistan without a visa requirement. 

And if you’re wondering whether alcoholic drinks are banned in this Muslim nation, you are wrong. You can buy alcoholic beverages in supermarkets, bars, and restaurants around the country. And if you love beer, listed below are 10 of the best beers that you can try in Uzbekistan.

1. Briz Wheat Beer by Craft Brewing Company 

This craft beer containing 4.5% alcohol is a refreshing beer that is perfect to drink on a hot summer afternoon in Uzkebistan. It’s a very light beer that is made with a few ingredients, namely:  water, hops, yeast, and malt. 

Craft Brewing Company is the first and the biggest brewing company in the country. The water used in making the beer comes from a reservoir that is located under the brewery itself, and this gives the craft beer a specific and unique flavor. The malts and the hops are shipped directly from Europe. 

The average price of one glass of beer is $4. 

2. Honey Beer by Craft Brewing Company 

Containing 5% alcohol, this is another craft beer made by Craft Brewing Company. It is made with Uzbek honey which gives it a distinct, slightly sweet beer flavor. The taste is also laced with some floral flavorings, so if you are after a light with tinges of sweetness, you may want to give this beer a try. 

3. Marhur Red Lager by Zomin Brewery

A red lager beer contains 4.4% alcohol. It is a delicious light beer that is packed in small bottles. It has a nice medium amber color to it. 

4. APA by Craft Brewing Company 

APA beers are medium-bodied beers with hints of caramel, florals, pines, and fruits in their flavor. So when you’re in Uzbekistan and craving something aromatic yet flavorful beer, then this beer may satisfy your cravings.

5. Bier Regen 

A light beer with a peppery aroma, it has a golden color to it. It is light and bubbly, and very tasty. 

6. CCCP, Red Stout Craft Brewing Company 

The first thing that strikes you as this amber-colored stout is poured into your glass is the strong smell. But don’t let that aroma fool you because you will not be disappointed by its smooth and pleasant flavor. 

The bitter taste is somewhat mellowed by some sweetness with an undertone of herbal flavors. There’s nothing revolutionary about this stout, as the label suggests, but it is passable.

7. Sarbast Original Unfiltered Beer

Produced since 2007, Sarbast has been awarded the Silver Quality Award by Monde Selection Quality Institute from 2021 to 2023. It is available in most Uzbek restaurants which they have on tap, but is also widely available in liquor stores. 

It has a sweet, wheaty taste with a good cloudy color. The manufacturer recommends pouring two-thirds of the brew onto a glass and finishing the pour by first swirling the bottle to release the aroma.

8. Osterbrau Pilsner Special by Osterbrau 

This European-style dark lager is brewed by Osterbrau in Geofizika in the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan. It has a dark, ebony color with a tinge of red. 

The smokey aroma has a tinge of toffee, and the taste is a glimpse of dates, cherry, and cane sugar. It is smooth-bodied overall with a sweet finish. It is best paired with roasted Uzbek kebabs or other meaty entrees.

9. Apple Juice Cider from Craft Brewing Company

For a refreshing, low-alcohol drink, this sparkling brew made from Uzbek apples has a slightly hazy, dark orange color with a white foam head when poured. The aroma expected is that of fresh apples with a tinge of mustiness and earthiness. 

The taste has the tartness of green apples with a slight sweetness and acidity. It is medium-bodied with light carbonation and a crisp finish. 

10. Che Gueverra, Strong Ass Beer from Craft Brewing Company 

With the powerful iconic image of the Argentinian revolutionary on the bottle, you can be sure to be blown away by its 9.5% alcoholic content. The brew has a slight red-orange color with an aroma of burnt caramel. 

The taste is bitter, with a light sweetness at the end. Produced by the Craft Brewing Company in Uzbekistan, the brew is classified as a ‚ÄúBelgian Strong Golden Ale.‚Ä̬†

Where Can You Buy Beer in Uzbekistan? 

No idea which beer shops to go to? One recommendation is to go to Hammersmith Bar, which is a great place to find ales and crafted lagers. They have also produced 7 crafted beers in their brewery. 

Then there’s also Khmelnoy, a small beer shop whose owner constantly experiments with new beer flavors. At present, it has 12 taps of beer, mostly different notes of flavored lager beers. 

Last but not least is the biggest brewery in Uzkebistan, the Craft Brewing Company, which is run by brewers Albert Musin and Sergey Pak, who are both avid and passionate about their brewery. 

Their medium-sized facility can produce around 5,000 liters of beer daily with a storage capacity of 100,000 liters. 

Their business has steadily risen over the years, and they have added more brew mixtures beyond the initial 14 flavors. They have a wide array of Belgian-styled ales, which they are very partial, with the most favored brews being the IPA, APA, the Porter, Double IPA, and the Cherry Stout.

They have also welcomed two smaller-sized brewers who have their recipes and brands into their facility and cannot otherwise afford a brewery of their own.

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