11 Best Ukrainian Breweries

Best Ukrainian Breweries

While not among the leading beer exporters, Ukraine still stands out with dozens of breweries that produce their own unique beer. As of 2021, there were up to 200 different brewhouses in the country, each of which carried a distinctive taste and brewery approach. If you are a true beer lover, then you definitely need to check some of the best Ukrainian beer brands mentioned in this article. 

Ukraine’s Beer Legacy

Ukraine has a long and rich history of beer production, which dates back more than 12 centuries. Brewing appeared in Ukraine during the time of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, but at that time, the drink was called malt. Kyiv burghers, as well as monks of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and many monasteries, were the ones engaged in beer brewing.

Nowadays, the Ukrainian beer market offers its customers dozens of international brands, such as Stella Artois and Corona Extra, as well as products of big local beverage companies like Obolon, Chernigivske, or Lvivske.

Besides these, there are dozens of craft beer producers which are usually the top pick for local beer enthusiasts. Many of them appeared in 2014 and later, which is why the local media even termed this phenomenon a “craft beer revolution​​. “

1. Pravda Beer Theater

Located in Lviv, Pravda Beer Theater combines brewing with cultural experiences. Their beers often reflect on modern events, offering a unique combination of history and flavor. For instance, Pravda has a series of beers inspired by political figures like Barack Obama, Boris Johnson, and current Ukrainian leaders. Successfully up and running since 2014, the Pravda Beer Theater has won 18 medals in international beer competitions.

2. Varvar Brew

Varvar Brew is a Kyiv-based brewery that has been producing high-quality craft beer since 2015. The main secret of Varvar’s popularity is a combination of natural ingredients and craftsmanship which allows them to create a variety of flavors for beer lovers. Currently, they have two bars in Kyiv and Odesa, where, alongside tasty beer, you can also feast on dishes from Scandinavian cuisine

3. Tsypa

“Tsypa” (“Ципа” in Ukrainian) is a Hutsul craft brewery that was founded in 2015 in the village of Kvasy in Transcarpathia. The local brewmasters skilfully combine the centuries-old experience of Carpathian brewing with modern technologies and modern German Braumeister equipment. This combination allows the brand to brew a bright and rich-tasting beer.

4. Kumpel Brewery

Operating in Lviv, Kumpel Brewery is known for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of its facilities. They produce a variety of beers, creating a cozy place to meet and enjoy quality drinks. Kumpel is a craft beer brewed in two mini-breweries according to original recipes from the head brewer, Taras Falyk. One of these breweries is located right in the “Kumpel” restaurant.

5. K & F Brewery

This brewery is distinguished by the fact that some of its most exclusive varieties are brewed in small batches in home conditions. Other beers whose capacity used to reach up to 1,000 litres per day were brewed at the mini brewery, KronSbeeR in Zaporizhia. Among the most popular K & F Brewery beer beverages are Drunken Monkey IPA, DUX Imperial Stout, and St. Spiritus Quadrupel.

6. First Dnipro Brewery (FDB)

First, Dnipro Brewery is one of the flagships of craft brewing in Ukraine, and it actively participates in beer festivals throughout the country. The brand produces classic and experimental types of beer using the high-quality equipment of the Hungarian company ZIP Technologies.

One of FDB’s goals is to help develop a local craft culture by offering support to novice brewers and providing them with an opportunity to learn about beer production and the brewing industry in general. 

7. Copper Head. Beer Workshop

This restaurant-brewery is based in Ivano-Frankivsk and has been successfully operating since 2016. Copper Head. Beer Workshop combines advanced technologies and age-old brewing traditions. Since its foundation, the brand has brewed about 30 different types of beer, including classic types and long-term aging varieties with fruit flavors.

By using the equipment of a well-known Hungarian manufacturer, the brand produces high-quality beer, with some of its most popular options being West Coast Blonde, Franko Pils, Ukrainian Golden Ale, etc. 

8. Underwood Brewery

Kyiv-based craft brewery was founded in 2015 by a team of enthusiasts united by the love of great beer. The company prioritizes high quality, product stability, experimental flavors, and the best ingredients. Underwood Brewery tries to capture the unique Kyiv atmosphere and depicts this through its products.

Each beer is a representation of a certain part of the Ukrainian capital. Poison Lips inspired by Vozdvyzhenka district, Amnesia Haze from Kyrylivska Street, known for its underground club parties, or Ukrainian Tomato Gose from Bessarabsky Market – which part of Kyiv would you like to taste?

9. Didko 

Didko, which means “Devil” in Ukrainian, is a brewery from Kyiv. If you like unusual beer with unique tastes, then Didko should be your top choice. On their menu list, you can find beer with Tabasco, kiwi, tomatoes, mango, illicium and strawberries.

Besides experimental beverages, you can also enjoy classic lagers and some other delicious beers made in collaboration with German, Polish, and other Ukrainian breweries. 

10. Ten Men Brewery

Ten Men Brewery is a mini craft brewery from the small Ukrainian city of Vovchansk, located in the Kharkiv region. They combine different flavors in their beer, giving preference to sweet tastes such as chocolate, fruits, berries, and candies.

While some of Ten Men Brewery’s beers have already become permanent classics in the Ukrainian beer market, they also regularly release new limited editions. Since 24th February 2022, Ten Men Brewery’s brewery in Vovchansk has been occupied by Russians. Therefore, they now brew beer on the territory of other factories by renting their equipment.

11. Drofa

Drofa is a private brewery that has been operating since August 2019. Being awarded the East European Beer Award 2021, Drofa’s goal is to create a high-quality local product at a competitive price.

Being based in Kherson, it’s basically working on the front line to provide its customers with the opportunity to drink delicious beer even during wartime. Among the most popular Drofa’s beers are “Anti Imperial Stout” and “Вільний Птах” (“Free Bird” in Ukrainian). 

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