7 Best Guatemalan Beers That You Must Try

Best Guatemalan Beers

While beers from other American regions enjoy fame for their unique styles and flavors, Central American beers like Guatemalan beers don’t share much hype. It’s not because they’re not good, it’s probably because you are in love with other famous brands.

Guatemala, previously known as Quauhtlemallan, meaning “place of many trees,” is located in Central America. When you’re in Guatemala, it kinda feels like a beautiful movie scene has come to reality.

That includes vibrant colored buildings, the gorgeous blue sky, and the volcano standing tall, surrounded by lush greenery everywhere. From the dark beer Moza to a more pale lager Cabro, you can taste a diverse range of beers in Guatemala.

If you’re an adventure lover who doesn’t wanna spend much, then Guatemala is an ideal place for you.

Why visit Guatemala

Along with downing some delicious brews, there are tons of things you can try out in Guatemala. 

Vibrant woven clothes, ancient Mayan rituals, and beautiful churches are some of the prominent things you’ll notice as you enter Guatemala. Go sightseeing in Antigua and feel the vibes of its colonial past.

Home to 37 breathtaking volcanoes, Guatemala is a great place for hiking and adventure lovers. If you want to enjoy peace and solitude, take a trip to gorgeous Lake Atitlán.

Shopaholics can head out to Chichicastenango Market, which is the biggest market around. You can find tons of good stuff there.

Don’t forget to check out the crystal-clear pool hidden in Gautemala’s jungle. It’s a must-see spot for tourists with the right Guatemala itinerary.

The list goes on, as Guatemala is truly a place filled with natural beauty, delicious cuisines, beers, and a friendly community, always giving off those warm vibes that make you feel right at home. Let’s discover what beers are the popular choice in Guatemala.

Best Beers in Guatemala

Not all beers in Guatemala might satisfy your taste buds, and some might even feel as light as drinking water, but there are a few that are exceptionally good. This post features only the finest beers that are sure to impress.

1. Antigua Cerveza Cucurucho

If you’re a stout lover, you’re gonna love this one. Pouring dark with a rich aroma, Cucurucho offers a creamy mouthfeel with a touch of vanilla and a prominent taste of coffee and chocolate, ending in a satisfying bitter finish.

With strong foam stability and a black body, this 8.0% ABV stout conceals its alcohol content well, allowing you to experience the intense dark malt essence. It’s a punchy drink to enjoy with your partner at Semuc Champey.

2. Cabro Extra

Cabro is one of the most popular drinks in Guatemala. With a golden appearance and a frothy white head, you can easily put it on the list of American lagers, but honestly, it’s just good ole’ cerveza. 

With every sip, you can taste a delightful moderate sweetness with hints of vegetables, corn, and floral flavors and a touch of woodiness, adding complexity to the drink. 

The well-balanced light to medium body ensures a smooth, easy-drinking experience complemented by soft carbonation. 

3. Gallo

It is one of the locals’ favorite drinks. They have put in a lot of money marketing the drink. You can see ads and billboards all over the country.

Kinda like corona light; it gives you a fresh feel after roaming the place all day. Being super cheap, it’s one of the most purchased drinks in Guatemala.

This brassy golden brew has a decent layer of foam with a grainy aroma. You can experience the corny taste, a hint of floral hops, and a sweet finish that screams corn again.

With a crisp and smooth feel and medium-light body, it’s perfect to quench your thirst by Lake Atitlan. This Guatemalan Budweiser goes by the name of Famosa in the US. A clear ale for daytime sipping!

4. Cerveza El Zapote Belgian White

El Zapote Brewing Company’s Belgian White stands out as a delightful Wheat Beer. The drink has a nice amber-gold appearance. The prominent flavors are grapefruits, vanilla, and yeast, with a touch of citrusy lemons or zesty orange for a spicy kick. You can call it the most legit craft beer in Guatemala. 

5. Moza Bock

If you’re in Guatemala and you haven’t tasted Moza Bock, you’re missing out on a good beer. It has a dark mahogany brown appearance with a fleeting white head and minimal lacing. 

The aroma reminds you of dark malts, with hints of molasses and caramel. You can feel the bitterness, which fades away with a sweet barley finish. Overall, it’s more like a European Dark Lager rather than a traditional bock. 

6. Brahva Extra

When you wanna try out something light, then Brahva Extra is your go-to drink. You can enjoy a couple of these drinks before the alcohol hits like a sudden lightening. The beer is light with a blend of salty and sweet grains, prominent metallic notes, and a watery corn flavor. 

The medium-bodied beer, with a bit of sweetness and hoppy vibes, goes down pretty easily and seems extremely refreshing on a hot day. A typical commercial brew, you can say. 

7. Cabro Reserva

A little more expensive than Cabro Extra, Cabro Reserva is another good beer brewed in Guatemala by Cervecería Centro Americana.

With each sip, you’ll experience the floral taste with a blend of lemons, grains, and elderflower. It has a clear yellow appearance with a thin foamy head and faint malt scent. If you love carbonated and punchy drinks, then you should give Cabro Reserva a shot.


Now you know Guatemala is not just about stunning landscapes, but it’s also home to some of the most finely brewed beers. They might not be your top-tier choices, but they pack a punch and offer a taste that beer lovers can appreciate, especially at an affordable price.

So, if you’re planning to head out to Guatemala, don’t miss out on the mouth-watering cuisines alongside diverse and flavorful local Guatemalan beers that will provide you with an experience you won’t forget. Cheers!

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