Rob Gronkowski Got Hit by a Flying Can of Beer During Victory Parade

Rob Gronkowski Got Hit by a Flying Can of Beer

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt…Talk about tough love!

Rob Gronkowski, aka Gronk, the dynamic American football tight end, encountered a startling moment during the Super Bowl Victory parade when a beer can struck him near the eye. Despite the pain and bruises, the resilient champ celebrated the parade with full energy.

About Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is a legend in himself. Proving to be a true asset for the New England Patriots, he performed in a total of 11 seasons in the NFL, winning the Super Bowl Championship several times.  

Before all the NFL hype, Gronk was considered a beast in the Arizona Wildcats. Even though he only played two seasons, he made a huge impact, scoring some impressive stats and setting records left and right.

Gronkowski was selected by the New England Patriots in 2010. He signed a 4-year contract worth $4.4, along with a signing bonus.

Gronkowski teamed up with Jason Rosenhaus to co-author a book called “It’s Good to Be Gronk.” As expected, the memoir was a total hit and achieved a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Everyone knows that the guy is a complete party lover. He finds that partying gives him a much-needed energy boost and helps him perform even better in games. Gronk even made it onto ESPN’s “World Fame 100” list, showing just how much of a global superstar he is.

Super Bowl Parade Turned Brutal by Patriots Fans

Celebrating Gronkowski’s victory together, 1.5 million fans showed up at the Super Bowl Victory Parade, held in Boston. Throughout, Gronk was seen partying, playing air guitars, and chugging down beers – celebrating his victory to the fullest.

Unfortunately, the fans got a little carried away. The champ got hit by a full beer can during the big parade while riding on their duck boat. Even though he tried his best to dodge the incoming LOVE, he received a brutal hit near the eyebrow, which he revealed later in “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” 

The next thing you find is blood all over the duck boat. It’s not the first time something like this has happened; remember when Alex Cora faced a similar shot during The World Series Parade? Guess it’s a specialty of the Boston fans. Despite the horrible moment, the guy kept the momentum going without disappointing his fans for a minute.

Gronkowski Retirement Plans

At the age of 33, the champ declared that he’s happily retired for good this time. In an interview about retirement, Gonk said he would stick to his retirement decision even if Tom Brady tried to lure him back.

He’s shifting focus to other business opportunities now and enjoying playing pickleball with his brothers. His former teammate shared a touching post praising Gronk as a friend, brother, and teammate.


Gronk is happy to have more family time and made a comeback in a new role as Fox’s analyst. His encounter with that flying beer can at the victory parade might’ve spoiled the show, but he bounced back like a champ, partying on with his usual style. From his epic NFL career to his exploration of writing and the business world, Gronk’s lively personality continues to captivate fans everywhere.

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