Does Lionel Messi Drink Alcohol?

Lionel Messi drink alcohol

With his extraordinary abilities, Lionel has captured millions of hearts in the modern era. He is one of the most outstanding sports players till now. There is usually a lot of curiosity about a prominent figure‚Äôs or celebrity‚Äôs lifestyle and habits. As a result, the question ‚ÄúDoes Lionel Messi drink alcohol?‚ÄĚ is still commonly raised. The following article will investigate whether Lionel Messi drinks alcohol.¬†¬†

Does Lionel Messi drink alcohol?

Lionel Messi drink alcohol

Over the years, there have been several rumors and controversies about Messi being seen drunk after celebrating a won match. But there is nothing ugly incident by the Argentina player.   

Lionel Messi is always a shy, humble, modest individual who keeps himself out of the spotlight for a player of his stature. Messi loves to drink alcohol. Everyone observed Lionel Messi get drunk during FC Barcelona’s celebrations in 2009. 

During that time, he was in high spirits and everywhere during the open-top bus parade. Neymar and Messi were both inebriated and stumbled onto the vehicle. 

The craziest thing about Messi drinking is that he only speaks Catalan when drunk. Messi barely speaks the language, but we can decide when he has had a few drinks.

He took the microphone during the celebration and screamed, ‚ÄúVisca el Bar√ßa, Visca Catalunya, Aguante Argentina, la concha de su madre!‚ÄĚ.

The statement roughly translates as: ‚ÄúLong Live Barca, Long live Catalonia, and Argentina!‚ÄĚ

There have even been some scenarios where he went into controversy when Messi’s wife was driving him in his car since he was too drunk to function. 

Lionel Messi is a sporting gentleman. He always avoids doing anything that could be considered excessive. The champion of the World Cup let himself go this time, and the crowd was overjoyed to witness their idol enjoying a good time. 

A photo of Lionel Messi and his partner Antonela leaked, went viral on Twitter, and received many controversial tweets. Because Messi was intoxicated, Antonella, his wife, drove his car instead. Twitter reacted light-heartedly and had a good time with it. 

How did Messi’s alcohol consumption affect his covid treatment? 

Lionel Messi drink alcohol

A poor diet and using drinks that were alcoholic during their return to his native Argentina could have been the root cause of Argentine star Leo Messi’s late recovery. The health specialist in Argentina stated that Messi could not join the PSG team that Pochettino led. Since his recovery would take a while, he cannot give his 100%. 

Most health professionals claimed that it is all because of consuming alcoholic beverages and omitting food during his vacation. So in Messi’s case, it became the primary factor in making him recover soon. 

Following the news in 2021, Lionel Messi tested positive for Covid-19 and would not be able to travel to France and join the team for the forthcoming matches. He became infected in December after relishing his vacation and needed to follow up with the basic security measures. 

Different publications claimed that Messi was enjoying himself and dancing with his friend without social distancing and wearing masks, the basic stipulated measures during the pandemic. 

The expectation failed when Messi tested negative in the first week of January and attended the team as soon as possible to prepare for the Parisian club. However, he couldn’t travel to France, train, and play with the team. 

His recovery from Leo did not happen as expected because of his poor diet and consumption of alcohol at the time of parties and vacations. In addition to the late improvement, the football star was also getting delayed for the adaption against PSG. 

Those mentioned above altered the athlete’s metabolism and defenses, making it critical that he complimented his exercise with a well-balanced diet.

Why does Messi drink Yerba Mate?

Lionel Messi opted to make a shift in 2014 after years of consumption of whatever he wanted. But it soon became apparent to Messi that he needed to alter if he wanted to continue playing at the most significant level in his 30 as well as later in life.

Messi always states that whatever you put or eat at 18 or 19 years is not the same when it is after 27. So he entirely changed his diet structure and plans. Social media controversy says Messi’s diet change is after his health issues and injuries, and he became very strict in maintaining his physical health. 

Messi decided to reduce his intake; besides, many athletic sports people looked into the carnivore diet. You would have noticed that Lionel Messi frequently has a cup of Mate in his hands. 

Mate is ideal for professional athletes because it improves mood, metabolism, and the immune system while not interfering with sleep. And it’s simple to make! It is an excellent healthy drink and can choke all your energy, and holds many healing properties. 

You know how much Messi loves this Yerba Mate drink that he bought about  500 kilograms of this energy-boosting herbal tea with them to the World Cup. There was also a viral snap on Instagram where Messi chilled in bed with two great cups; one was the world cup trophy, and the other was a cup of Yerba’s mate. 

The typical method of drinking yerba mate is to pour it through a hollowed-out gourd and sip it with a filtered straw. You can also serve it with ice and enjoy it.


Finally, Lionel Messi indulges in alcohol during celebrations, vacations, and family parties. Getting drunk and wrestling a Chupa Chup was unquestionably the appropriate celebration. It doesn’t harm to let yourself go once in a while to celebrate; even the most compassionate individuals must relax and enjoy themselves.

However, in recent times Messi has been seen working out very strictly to keep his physique and health in shape. 

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