10 Actors That Got Drunk While Filming

Actors That Got Drunk While Filming

Filming something new yet creative that rocks on the big screen is a nerve-wracking task. Be it an actor or director, all of them need to give their whole day and dedication to make the film work out. But the efforts and hard work of actors can hardly be overlooked. 

They act in various notoriously awful shoots to come up with a blockbuster movie. And one of these includes getting drunk while filming. Actors get drunk while filming to do the most spontaneous and natural acting. 

So, here we have enlisted our picks of top actors that got drunk while filming to deliver a compelling and complete acting scene.

1. Margot Robbie

Actors That Got Drunk While Filming

Remember Naomi Lapaglia from the movie, “The Wolf of the Wall Street.” The role was played by Margot Robbie. 

In the film, there was a scene where she was lying nude with Leonardo DiCaprio and having sex. 

Margot Robbie claims that she was only able to deliver those scenes with utmost perfection because she was drunk. At that time, booze helped her calm her nerves and act naturally. 

To be more specific, she drank tequila. 

2. Denise Richards And Neve Campbell 

Denise Richards And Neve Campbell 

Denise Richards and Neve Campbell from the movie “Wild Things” also got drunk to act in the scene where they did a French kiss.

Both Denise Richards and Neve Campbell said in different interviews that, mostly, the director asked actors to pretend a kiss, but their director wanted a real kiss. And none of them had ever kissed a girl before. 

The scene was shooted in a swimming pool, half-naked, early in the morning.

The actresses claim that they drank some margaritas and mixed a bit of wine before shooting the scene. This helped them relax, and then they just went with the flow to shoot the scene of the French kissing the same gender.

3. Jennifer Lawrence 

Actors That Got Drunk While Filming

Remember the Intense, intimate scene between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the movie “Passengers”? Those sex scenes were impossible for Jennifer Lawrence to shoot without getting drunk.

She claims that although those sex scenes were just created and acted out, having intimate scenes with a married guy is embarrassing. She said in an interview that she was so guilty of kissing a married man and that this was her first time kissing a married man.

In fact, she even called her mother to get advice on whether she should act in such a scripted scene with a married guy.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, she spilled out that she got drunk to prepare herself for acting out and filming those intimate love scenes with Chris Pratt.

4. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton 

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton also got drunk while shooting the movie Flight Club.

In the movie, there comes a scene where both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are smacking golf balls on Paper Street. 

During that scene, both the actors were drunk. In fact, that scene wasn’t even part of the script or documentary. The two characters drank booze and ended up shooting this scene. 

However, the director found the spontaneous acting an excellent way to visualize their rebellious character.

5. Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf was also drunk while shooting the film Lawless. 

He claims that to play the role of a moonshiner; he used to drink a lot of moonshine whiskey before acting in the scene.

And the worst part during the film was that his co-star, Mia Wasikowska got so scared from his drinking that she called her lawyer to find some way out by which she could get out of the film.

But Shia Labeouf says that he wouldn’t have been able to play the role so well if he wasn’t drunk.

6. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa was drunk. There was a scene in the movie where Billy Bob Thornton attacked a Christmas donkey.

The actor claims he drank a lot of red wine, vodka, and beer that day before shooting the scene. 

And openly speaking, he said that he fell asleep while he was on the escalator while shooting the movie and got up due to a sudden jolt.

7. Anna Kendrick and Olivia Wilde

In the movie “drinking buddies,” Anna Kendrick said she was drunk while playing cards. 

She explained that since the scene was shot in a bar, they first gave me a fake beer as per instructions. But the second time, they gave me a real beer, and I sipped it every time I lost. And I didn’t realize it was real until I got drunk.

But luckily, being drunk didn’t cause Anna Kendrick in trouble. 

However, the co-star, Olivia Wilde, said that the idea of giving real beer instead of fake one was to just immerse everyone into the brewing world.

8. Fred Astaire

Remember the funny dancing scenes from Holiday Inn? In it, Fred Astaire was drunk.

He said that before every shot, he used to drink some bourbon. And altogether, he took seven shots, which means he drank bourbon seven times, and thus, was very loopy and drank in the last.

9. Daniel Radcliffe

Yes, it might be quite surprising for you, but Daniel Radcliffe used to be drunk most of the time on the set.

He claims that he used to drink every night before going to shoot the following day.

And that he can point to many scenes where he was completely drunk and had no idea what was happening other than his eyes opened.

10. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage told James Lipton that he never got drunk while shooting any scene. However, in the movie Leaving Las Vegas, he drank booze in the casino, which is why he acted so perfectly and naturally. 

Additionally, he said he was so drunk that when security came to pull him, he started improvising lines by himself.

Final Verdict 

So, these were some of the real drunk scenes by the top Hollywood actors. They sipped booze, intentionally or unintentionally, and thus, ended up doing such marvelous and natural scenes.

Some drank to calm their nerves, others to make scenes look natural, and some got drunk mistakenly.

So, why not watch the movies again and catch the actor’s drunken scenes?

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