Does Alcohol Kill Mold?

Alcohol Kill Mold

Suppose you want a precise answer- does Alcohol kill mold? Then I will say- It does and doesn’t simultaneously! Want to know Why? Let’s begin. 

On one side of the question, the answer is yes. Some types of Alcohol can undoubtedly kill mold, but only when it’s perfectly concentrated. Also, various alcohols have various concentration ranges and success rates in fighting against decay. Actually, it is not the best option but the easiest one for you. 

But which Alcohol can do better highly depends on the surface of the mold because Alcohol partially damages the materials. Besides, Alcohol can only kill molds, not entirely prevent spore spreading. That’s why it kills mold and doesn’t at the same time! But with little help from this article, you can finish the molds and spores once and for all.

Now, let’s come to a precise answer: Does Alcohol kill mold? YES! Alcohol can kill molds; prevent spores, and how it does that is described below: 

Mold is a Serious Problem!

When you find molds in the house, the entire place becomes unhealthy. Not only your home suffers, but you can also suffer. Molds can trigger Asthma, Allergies, or other Infections. Therefore, it becomes both financial and physical problems. Sometimes, molds even leave a terrible odor. Generally, you will often find molds on wet or damp surfaces. 

So, What is This Mold Exactly?

Molds are tiny organisms that usually are found on wet-damp surfaces. Sometimes, people confuse it with plants, but it is not. In short, mold is a type of fungus that can be found indoors and outdoors. Usually, they are seen in different colors like white-black, orange, brown, green, and purple. Also, molds grow very fast, especially on wet surfaces. Generally, they grow by flushing tiny spores into the air. Some types of molds are:

Note: These can cause severe health issues and are unhygienic for the surrounding environment.

Fortunately, Alcohol Fights Against Molds

Alcohol Kill Mold

You can get rid of molds through various types of cleansers. But the more practical and one of the cheap cleansers is Alcohol. Some kinds of Alcohol promisingly kill Molds. Such as:

  • Isopropyl
  • Ethanol
  • Methanol

How Alcohol Kills Mold

Before we jump into the “Alcohol Cooking Steps,” the best way would be to know how it fights against molds. As mentioned earlier, variants of alcohol fight variously. 

Now, the basic types of Alcohol are Methanol and Ethanol. Generally, Ethanol is the one that is found in Beers, Wines, or liquors in short. On the other hand, Methanol is very toxic.

Anyway, to fight against stubborn molds, both ones are promising. However, people have different opinions about Vodka as a “Silent Killer,” Methanol as Chemical Makeup,” etc. But the goal is to kill molds from the roots. 

Let’s see how alcohol fights and keep winning. 

Direct Fight with Molds

Rubbing alcohol fights directly with the molds. It is a mixture of Isopropyl or Ethanol with water. Now, this water breaks the cell wall of the molds and lets the Alcohol get into them. Then, the Alcohol disrupts the functionality and stops the growth, known as Direct Attack

Note: This process is based on the concentration of rubbing Alcohol, which is best in 70% to 95%. In this case, lowers concentrated rubbing Alcohol has a better chance to fight than higher-concentrated ones. 

Indirect Fight with Molds

Molds are highly dependent on Moist from the surface. So, the plan is to incline moisture from the surface so they cannot get the food and stop growing further. In this fight, Alcohol is used as a Drying Agent.” When Alcohol comes in touch with the air, it inclines moisture from the surroundings. 

That means you can spread Alcohol around the molds. It will draw moisture from the surrounding areas of the surface. Therefore, the molds will no longer get moist to grow and will die. Thus, this is known as Indirect Attack

Process of Applying Alcohol

  • Choose Alcohol which is easy to get and cheap. 
  • Prepare solution- Alcohol plus water, Chlorine. 
  • Apply the solution gently on the surface.
  • Keep that stay for an hour.
  • Then, scrub and rinse the areas with water. 

Which Alcohol Kills Molds Faster?


The popular Alcohol for killing molds is Isopropyl, mainly because Isopropyl works faster and more effectively. Doctors and Service providers usually prefer this, also called Rubbing Alcohol. It is a very toxic component specially used for cleaning purposes. So, before using it, ensure that safety instructions are followed. 

To use this Alcohol, you need 70% of it and 30% water. This concentration range is promising. But in the case of very stubborn molds, you can accelerate the Isopropyl percentage up to 99%. This range has shown promising results in killing molds from the root.

Note: You can easily find 99% Isopropyl at hardware stores or pharmacies. But this is not for Human Consumption. It can damage your Gastrointestinal System. 

Which Alcohol is Best for Cleaning Molds?


Ethanol is very familiar because of Spirits and Liquor Bottles. It is a non-toxic component used for human beverages. But the cleaning properties inside Ethanol are similar to Isopropyl. 

Ethanol is a mixture of 65 to 70% of water. That means the percentage of Alcohol is deficient, like 35 to 40%. Therefore, whenever water breaks the cell wall, a low portion of Alcohol can’t entirely kill that mold. It can only clean the molds and surroundings. The high percentage of water minimizes the potentiality of Ethanol to kill mildew.

Cheap Alcohol That Kills Molds 


From the point of view of alcohol manufacturers, Methanol is the earlier version of the alcohol process. Manufacturers eliminate most of the Methanol in between the methods. As a result, cheap liquors contain higher Methanol than others. That makes it easier to get and less expensive than other ones to use as a cleanser. In fact, you can use local liquor and get Methanol & Ethanol simultaneously. Also, less processed Alcohol means it is a potential cleanser for molds. But the raw version is hard to use and requires safety arrangements.

Notes: Methanol can kill molds if you can use it right. Because it is a row version, it mixes quickly with the air. Therefore, you will need strong masks like N95 whenever you use Methanol. Also, don’t let it touch your skin, or it will damage the cells. 

Does Alcohol Kill Mold Spores?

You can kill spores and mold using Alcohol if you use them correctly. Although, there is no guarantee of killing mold spores using Alcohol. Try Isopropyl and some Chlorine at the same time. 

However, if you wipe them right after applying Alcohol and Chlorine, they will spread spores in the air. So, the best way is to use them gently and let them work for an hour. Hopefully, time will eventually kill mold and spores. Also, this process will kill existing molds without spreading spores in the air. 

Limitations of Usages 

Alcohol is a solution, but certainly not the prime solution. You can only use this for some types of surfaces. 

  • Avoid fabric-covered surfaces- Alcohol damages fabric. 
  • Avoid leather surfaces- Alcohol disrupts the texture of leather. 

Say Bye-Bye to Molds

So, is Alcohol your ultimate go-to solution? Not exactly, but certainly, it is your affordable- effective solution. Not to mention, this can be your “Alcohol Kills Mold” DIY project. 

Now, you have successfully killed molds and spores in your house simultaneously!

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