3 Surprising Reasons Why Alcohol Makes You Hungry

Alcohol Makes You Hungry

If you’re like many people, you eat more as you drink more. It can be exciting to eat a bag of Doritos and drink a beer or nibble on cheese slices while sipping a glass of wine, but this can result in undesirable side effects like gas, more calories, and gaining weight. 

We could have already been there and done this. Why does booze make us want to eat in the first place? It is a fascinating subject. 

One of the easiest ways to clarify why we snack more while we drink is in tests with mice; they discovered a kind of brain cell that activates when alcohol is present. While the body is hungry, the same brain cells begin working, signaling that we must eat a lot of high-calorie food. 

1. Alcohol Stimulates Certain Brain Cells

Alcohol Makes You Hungry

The scientists gave their lab mice what they termed an “alcoholic weekend.” It gave the mice an ethanol-water mix for three days in succession.

The amount of booze they got in daily was identical to what someone could take in if they drank one and a half bottles of wine every day. Because of this, the mice grew very hungry. 

On days after they had been offered ethanol, they ate between 10% and 25% extra foods. The scientists also put booze on slices of mice brains and observed nerve cells named Agouti-related peptide cells activated a lot. 

While they used chemicals to block these nerve cells in living mice, the creatures didn’t act the same way as before. For instance, a few days of drinking just made them eat average.

Animal studies indicate that when alcohol boosts this brain region, it leads to a sharp rise in hunger that can result in overheating, even if no other factors are involved. The researchers state that the way the brain of a mouse works is how it functions in people.

2. Plenty of Empty Calories

Experts have been speculating for a long time why people get hungry soon after an entire night of drinking. Even booze gives you a lot of energy: There are 7.1 calories in 1 gram of pure ethanol, the alcohol in drinks. Only fat has more power than that. 

When high-energy food comes in, the body is aware and no longer feels hungry. But the opposite of this is also the case with alcohol. So, boozy drinks tend to make it challenging to lose weight in two ways: they are packed with calories and make you eat more.

People can get into trouble if they continue to engage in the same things, like eating poorly, drinking a lot, and eating more harmful food. 

This can result in obesity swiftly, making you more likely to suffer from diabetes, cancer, a stroke, and numerous other conditions.

3. The Effect Of Aperitifs

Alcohol Makes You Hungry

Scientists have known for many years that drinking affects the way people eat. Aperitifs are alcoholic drinks that people have had for many years to satisfy their hunger and prepare their bodies for a big meal.

Research has also shown that people who drink too much booze eat more calories than those who don’t. 

People eat about 6,300 more calories in 24 hours once drinking three glasses of wine, based on a survey by the UK market research company YouGov for the weight loss group Slimming World. But no one knew how this widespread knowledge worked on a deeper level. 

Some scientists believe drinking too much booze lets people lose control of themselves and ignore all their rules about food. Thanks to research from the Francis Crick Institute, we know this behavior is controlled by a group of nerves in the brain.

Tips For Drinking When You’re Hungry

Alcohol Makes You Hungry

Before you pour yourself another shot of beer, wine, or spirit, it could be good to educate yourself with a few helpful tips that can assist you in managing your desire to eat when drinking alcohol. 

1. Have A Drink Along With A Nutritious Meal

Add whole grains, complex carbs, good fats, and quality protein to your diet, and you will ensure that your body stays healthy and delighted from the start of your eating plan. 

This will also guarantee that your “munch” does not reflect true hunger if the body demands food.

2. It Is Not An Ideal Choice To Fill Your House With Unhealthy Drinks And Snacks 

If you recognize that you start to feel hungry when drinking, it is unlikely to be tough to find snacks like candy, chips, pizza, and other kinds of delicacies that satisfy your cravings. 

Eating these high-calorie goods can result in a buildup of body fat as time goes on. If dining in a restaurant, ask the waitress to take the bread basket away. 

3. The Availability Of Nutritious Food Choices To The Public At Large Must Be Enhanced

If you are mindful that you will be tempted by food while drinking, bring extra air-popped popcorn, hummus with sliced veggies or fruit, or both to have something to munch on.

4. Hydrate

Since drinking alcohol leads to dehydration, it makes sense that you continue drinking water, whether still or sparkling water, when you experience a desire to eat.

This will not only keep you from consuming additional calories in the form of alcohol. Yet, it will also give you something to do with your hands in cases where you catch yourself looking for food, ignoring that you already know you are not truly hungry.


Suppose you plan on going to a gathering during which you are expected to drink more significant amounts of alcohol than is usual. In that case, you probably should consume lots of food before drinking alcohol. 

Following that, you will not feel as much of a need to eat as much as you usually would since you won’t get as drunk as you usually could have. The most straightforward and prudent plan of action is likely to limit one’s consumption of alcohol from the very start onward.

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