Top 10 Best Alcoholic Drinks for Athletes

Alcoholic Drinks for Athletes

Curious to know whether pro and college athletes enjoy the taste of alcohol as much as you do? Here, we prepared our carefully handpicked selection of the top 10 all-time favorite types of alcoholic beverages by many American athletes this year.

This list would not have been possible without the help and assistance of our peers and their fellow athletes. This enabled us to include types of alcoholic drinks in our selection below, with a loyal following among players of different types of sports and their fans alike. Though keep in mind that they enjoy these drinks liberally. That’s because of the detrimental effects of alcohol consumption on athletic performance — Here’s a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the American government’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Remember, as professional athletes, and they always need to drink plenty of liquids to keep themselves energized and in tip-top shape, especially since many of them play types of sports that are physically demanding.

The reason for this is that they aren’t supposed to drink too much alcohol, especially when a game is coming up – In fact, the average athlete is only meant to consume alcohol at least twice per month. That aside, here’s our collection of the 10 best types of alcoholic drinks that many athletes enjoy during a lengthy break from the game:

Top 10 Favorite Types of Alcoholic Drinks by Athletes This Year

1. Sparkling Wine 

Alcoholic Drinks for Athletes

This type of alcohol is usually drunk after a victorious match. Usually, the winning team goes around their home city while riding on a bus with a designated driver in tow. And during this parade, they’ll often open a bottle of sparkling wine and drink while enjoying the sights.


  • Has a nice fizzy sensation when you drink it


  • Some brands of sparkling wine are a bit expensive 

2. Beer

Alcoholic Drinks for Athletes

Even some of the most popular athletes enjoy a cold beer once in a while. There have been instances where they’re seen drinking beer from a red solo cup, either by themselves or with a few fellow players or coaches. It’s a great way for them to calm down a bit after an energy-filled game or training and to prepare themselves for questions that they’ll get asked after a match.


  • It is a beverage that is always best enjoyed cold 
  • Affordable and can be purchased everywhere
  • Comes in many different types – Pilsners, lagers, stouts, etc. 


  • Certain beer brands have a watery taste to them
  • It might taste terrible to those who aren’t used to alcohol

3. Champagne 

Alcoholic Drinks for Athletes

These types of celebrations tend to happen right after a winning game or inside their locker rooms. With a team, one or two players will grab a bottle of champagne and spray it all over the room. The champagne bottles that they use for sprayer is always in magnum size because big always means better.


  • Similar to sparkling wine, champagne has a fizzy sensation when drank
  • A very elegant drink, overall 


  • Also very expensive

4. Red or white wine 

Alcoholic Drinks for Athletes

There are actually athletes out there who have a passion for making alcoholic beverages like wine. These wines are not necessarily drunk by the athletes themselves – Sometimes, they’re gifted to them by coaches, friends, acquaintances, or family members who are either in or outside a sports-related profession. Plenty of red or white wines are aged in ancient oak barrels found in locations like Paris and Napa Valley.


  • Making your own wine actually saves you plenty of money
  • You can ensure that the wine you produce is of top-notch quality and made from fresh ingredients 


  • None

5. Hard lemonade

What exactly is hard lemonade? It is, simply put, a combination of alcohol and lemonade. It has a rather strong flavor and is actually much more tart compared to regular lemonade – Although both are still very refreshing. The alcohol content found in hard lemonade is pretty much the same as the ones in beer. One of the best brands is Mike’s hard lemonade you should really try it.


  • Optimum availability
  • Usually comes in packs of four
  • It can be found in grocery stores 


  • The sour taste might be a bit too much for certain drinkers 

6. Bourbon

Some athletes are known to enjoy a single shot of bourbon and whiskey once in a while. Bourbon is a rather strong drink, so they tend to limit consumption of this particular beverage by drinking just one shot after a match or an intense training session. A few of them even make their own whiskey brand as their business.


  • Has a nice, smokey flavor 
  • Even just a tiny sip can lessen stress 


  • Consuming too much bourbon can lead to high cholesterol

7. Cocktails

There are actually plenty of cocktail recipes out there that are good for athletes, as long as they are consumed in moderation. A good example is a Hot Toddy, which includes lemon juice, a dash of bitters, some brandy, and honey. This mix is known to ease muscle soreness and help you relax after a long day of training out. Incorporating beet juice or carrot juice in a cocktail is a good idea as well, as it helps increase blood flow and improves muscle restoration.


  • Very versatile 
  • You can mix and match ingredients to your heart’s content
  • Incorporating juice in cocktails can help you feel healthier


  • It can taste rather bitter if not made by a professional 
  • A wrong measurement of ingredients can lead to a drink with a nasty taste

8. Vodka 

Believe it or not, vodka or even gin is a better alcoholic drink option for athletes compared to the other ones on the list. This is because dark liquors have more calories and sugars, while light drinks such as vodka have less than that. Another great option for drinking vodka as an athlete is to just have it on the rocks and without any other ingredients mixed in, as there’s less chance for their waistline to expand.


  • Relieves stress
  • Improves heart health
  • A natural antiseptic 


  • Depending on the brand, vodka is pretty expensive, especially in large quantities 

9. Tequila 

Some famous athletes have begun to create their own line of tequila brands for their own consumption or for their fans’ consumption as well. The tequila market has grown exponentially over the past few years, thanks to celebrities selling their own line of alcoholic drinks. It is something that these athletes do to take advantage of their popularity and build brands to earn more cash.


  • Improves blood circulation and blood cell generation
  • Can ease digestion
  • Helps people sleep better


  • It could potentially damage your arteries 
  • Dries up your skin 

10. Ciders

This is one of the better options in our selection, as ciders are just crafted from fermented apples. It’s basically similar to apple juice with an alcoholic touch. Cider is also a healthier alcoholic beverage for athletes as it contains fat, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates.


  • Healthy, as it is crafted from fermented apples or pears


  • Depending on who made it, cider contains plenty of sugar

FAQs About Types of Alcoholic Drinks Preferred by Athletes 

How Often Should Athletes Drink Alcohol?

Certain professional athletes are allowed to chug down the alcohol of their choice at least once or twice a week at most. Meanwhile, there are others who only drink alcohol once a month, or simply lived an alcohol-free lifestyle.

It is often believed that the higher the ranking an athlete has, the less he drinks to maintain his athleticism. There are also dozens of athletes who have never kept even just a small flask of alcohol in their homes as a way to reduce their intake. That’s because many of them are aware of the effects of alcohol consumption on athletic performance.

What Other Types of Beverages Can Athletes Drink?

Of course, the best drink for hydration is water – It’s got plenty of health benefits, especially for athletes. It helps prevent muscles from feeling fatigued, especially after a game.

Plus, fruit/Vegetable-based smoothies and even chocolate milk are recommended. That’s because it’s packed with lots of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Isotonic sports drinks are a wonderful third option, as it keeps athletes’ blood sugar and electrolyte levels up. It’s good to consume these sports drinks during the training period.

Rounding Up Our Deep Dive into Alcoholic Drinks & Athletes

It’s completely up to the athlete whether they want to consume alcohol or not before a big game or training session. But if they do, then they need to understand the consequences that come with it. A helpful tip to remove alcohol quickly from one’s system is to work out or go to the gym the following day.

Though as much as possible, many medical professionals who specialize in athletic health recommend athletes just skip drinking alcohol entirely and turn down drinking invitations from friends or colleagues. But when it comes to making a choice, perhaps a cold bottle of beer, hard lemonade, and athlete-friendly cocktails in our selection are the best options here. 

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