Do Amish Drink Alcohol?

Amish Drink Alcohol

Hey, did you just see your Amish friend drinking alcohol and getting stuck? What? Can Amish drink alcohol?

Well, there is no clear-cut answer to whether Amish can drink alcohol or not. Some Amish people, often young ones, are seen drinking alcohol, while others think even talking about alcohol is bad. The reason is that the old Amish order permits drinking alcohol, claiming it to be completely natural to consume. However, the new order considers the consumption of alcohol completely forbidden. The reason is that it harms the body. 

Want to learn more about their concepts and clear out the ambiguity? Then cheer up, buddy, as this article explains all the nitty-gritty of Amish people and their concept of alcohol. So, let’s delve into it!

Who Are The Amish?

Amish Drink Alcohol

The Amish are a small community belonging to the Christian religion. They believe that God has a direct link with their lives, so they spend their life in separation from the world and all its worldly affairs. These Amish like to wear simple clothes and opt for a simple living form. 

They are least interested in the luxuries of life. Their religion also abstains from using phones and technology as they believe it weakens the community system. Humanity, faith in God, and community are their mainstays or principles of life.

Do Amish People Drink Alcohol?

Yes, people belonging to the Amish community drink alcohol. However, not all of them do.

Some people drink alcohol behind closed doors, while others consider sipping any booze completely prohibited. The reason is that they follow different orders. There are two Amish orders, the new and the old, which we will discuss in the next section.

However, you will never see an Amish Drinking alcohol or bringing one into the church. It is against the rules and religious regulations. 

Old Amish Orders About Drinking Alcohol 

In the old Amish orders, there is no direct rule or order that prohibits the consumption of alcohol. Therefore, they can drink alcohol and experience life outside the church. 

However, they can’t bring it within the church. Mostly, they drink it within the confines of their homes. Moreover, in history, people report visualizing alcohol addiction issues in them too. In fact, you can often find Amish people buying beer at a grocery store. 

But, yes, they are too Conservative towards using technology and don’t allow its use.

New Amish Orders About Drinking Alcohol

Amish Drink Alcohol

Moving on to new Amish orders, according to them, consuming alcohol in any form, let it be direct booze or dessert, is prohibited. Their rules ban its consumption. They claim that alcohol is harmful to the body. It harms the body in different ways; for example, it damages the liver, causes various heart and kidney diseases, etc. Moreover, a few of them translate passages from the bible as discouraging the consumption of alcohol. 

Additionally, some have a belief that alcohol and tobacco influence the thinking and decision-making sense of people and, thus, make them away from God.

However, the new Amish orders are less conservative towards the use of technology. They often use cell phones, drive cars, etc.

Is Alcohol Abuse Found In Amish?

Yes, alcohol abuse is found in the Amish, mostly at a young age. It is often reported that there are plenty of underage drinking cases in Amish. The reason is that they are allowed to enjoy and taste worldly affairs like cocaine, tobacco, sex, and alcohol until they officially join the church. The official age is 21 years.

Do Amish Young Drink Alcohol Before Joining Church?

Yes, Amish Young Drink Alcohol Before Joining Church. It is quite common among them. The reason is that they can enjoy worldly affairs when underage and haven’t undergone baptism.

So, when the young haven’t joined the church as Amish, they can drink alcohol and enjoy activities like driving cars, watching movies, and doing late-night parties. However, once they have decided to join the church, they must commit to not going for these worldly affairs again. The reason is that they enter church after baptism. And if they break any rules and regulations after baptism, they risk being shunned.

What Other Things Are Prohibited In Amish Religion 

Amish Religion teaches its followers to live simple lives without luxuries and worldliness. Some of the rules about day-to-day life are:

  • They don’t use cars. Instead, they use horse-drawn buggies and scooters for transportation. 
  • In clothing, they are allowed to wear only solid colors. FancyFancy, printed, or embroidered clothes are banned as they claim they are too decorative and worldly. Similarly, the use of buttons is not allowed. 
  • They aren’t allowed to use phones and laptops. However, they use electricity for natural purposes, e.g., they use generators.
  • The Amish only celebrate religious holidays.
  • They attend school till class 8th.

Can Mennonites Drink Alcohol?

Yes, Mennonites do drink alcohol. While Amish and Mennonites share many similarities in terms of their religious practices, there are a few differences. Mennonites usually drink alcohol. 

In fact, they own wineries and breweries, operate pubs, and attend rural German nights.

They usually refer to the quote of Ecclesiastes, which states that they can drink wine.

Final Verdict 

So, yes, Amish people can drink alcohol, and some do (not all). It all depends on the order they belong to and follow. The new Amish order bans the use of alcohol completely, claiming it to be a sin. According to them, their life is for their God, and all these worldly affairs can weaken their connection with God. So they avoid alcohol consumption. 

However, in the old order, no such rule is stated, and therefore, people following the old order can often be seen drinking and buying booze from a grocery store. 

So, next time you come across one, you better not be amazed.

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