200 Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Questions & Answers

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Questions

Ready to test your wit? Try out these fun “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader” questions that will take you back to elementary school.

It’s time to know who is smarter – You or a 5th grader. If you think you can outwit a fifth grader, take a dive and explore these 200 Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader questions that will leave you scratching your head in bewilderment? 

It’s not easy to be an adult. The challenges you face every day and the tough decisions you make set you apart from the kids’ world. As a result, grown-ups believe that their kids can never outsmart them. But all this changed when Jeff Foxworthy’s show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader aired on TV in 2009. With a series of trivial multiple-choice questions, the kids proved to outsmart the adults.

It’s an entertaining game that covers basic to complex questions related to history, geography, science, math, and sports. The questions are all taken from a fifth-grader’s curriculum. So, if you wanna find out how good your intellectual powers are, try these innocent-looking 5th-grader trivia questions that aren’t as simple as they seem.

Science Quiz

  1. What is another name for quicksilver? Mercury
  2. What is the quality of amphibians? They can live on land and water both
  3. Where is marrow located in your body? Bones
  4. What do you call a species that is about to go extinct? Endangered
  5. Choose which one’s a mammal- a bat or a Crocodile? Bat
  6. Which planet is named after a Roman God? Mercury
  7. Who discovered Penicillin? Alexander Fleming
  8. What percentage of Earth is covered by water? 71%
  9. Which adaptations help hide animals from predators? Camouflage
  10. What are the bones in your spines called? Vertebrae 
  11. What does the field of meteorology primarily study? Weather and Atmospheric conditions
  12. What sounds can you hear in space? None, space is silent
  13. Which element is known for promoting strong bones? Calcium
  14. What’s the duration of Earth’s orbit around the sun? 1 year
  15. What do you call the center of a hurricane? The Eye
  16. What is the time duration for an egg to hard boil? 10-12 min
  17. What is the popular name of this company, “Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth”? Google
  18. How many sets of teeth do humans typically have throughout their lifetime? 2 sets
  19. What do you call animals without a backbone? Invertebrates
  20. What do plants need to create oxygen? Carbon Dioxide
  21. Which land animal has the highest speed? Cheetah 
  22. How are sand dunes formed? Through wind deposition
  23. Which cells transport oxygen to the body? Red Blood Cells
  24. What is a barometer used for? Measuring atmospheric pressure
  25. Which vitamin is abundant in citrus fruit? Vitamin C
  26. Which one of these elements gets attracted by magnets – silver or iron? Iron
  27. What’s the duration of Earth’s rotation for one full revolution on its axis? 24 hours
  28. What do you call something that’s a poor conductor? Insulator
  29. Within the core of the sun, hydrogen atoms combine to create which other element? Helium
  30. What do cows drink when they are thirsty? Water 
  31. What’s the singular body part that reaches full growth immediately after birth? Eyes
  32. Which layer protects the Earth from the sun? Ozone
  33. An environment that has not been changed by people is known as___?  Natural Environment
  34. What do doctors use to listen to your heartbeat? Stethoscope 
  35. By which process does the plant prepare its food? Photosynthesis
  36. Name the body part with the smallest bone. Ear
  37. Bees have ____ eyes? 5
  38. Is steel a good conductor or a bad conductor? Good One
  39. What animals produce Pearls? Oysters
  40. Name the largest Coral reef system. Great Barrier Reef
  41. What is the result of boiling water? Steam
  42. What does a geologist study, Rocks or Weather? Rocks
  43. How many months are there in 7 years? 84
  44. Which planet in our solar system has rings? Saturn
  45. What is the world’s smallest mammal? Bumblebee bat
  46. Honeybees have _____ wings? 4
  47. A spider has ____ legs? 8
  48. Which is the largest land animal? African Elephant
  49. Name the tallest animal alive. Giraffe
  50. You can find ___ colors in a rainbow. 7
  51. The toughest bone in your body is ____ ? Femur
  52. Heat represents a type of which energy forms. Thermal
  53. An object that has mass and takes up space is referred to as? Matter
  54. Which scientific field focuses on the inheritance of traits from one generation to the other? Genetics
  55. What is the common name for solid carbon dioxide? Dry Ice
  56. Which force causes the formation of tides? Gravitational Pull of the moon and the sun
  57. Muscles and bones are connected by fibrous tissues called? Tendons
  58. Diseases are caused by which microorganism? Pathogen
  59. What is Earth’s atmosphere primarily composed of – Oxygen or Nitrogen? Nitrogen
  60. An octopus has ____ hearts? 3
  61. During photosynthesis ____ gas is taken in by plants from its surroundings? Carbon Dioxide
  62. On a fahrenheit scale, H2O has a ___ freezing point? 32 Degrees
  63. What is the toughest naturally-occuring material found on Earth?  Diamond 
  64. Animals that consume both plants and meat are called____?  Omnivores
  65. Human sweat is a result of which life functions? Thermoregulation
  66. Which planet in the solar system is the hottest? Venus
  67. Why is the sky blue? Because of Earth’s atmosphere
  68. Which gas is removed by our respiratory system? Carbon dioxide from blood
  69. An adult human body has ___ bones? 206
  70. In which galaxy is the earth located? Milkyway
  71. Which is the largest animal? The Blue Whale
  72. By which process does a liquid turn into gas? Evaporation

Math Quiz

  1. Which one of these has a greater weight, a ton of rocks or a ton of strawberries? They both weigh the same
  2. Where do you write a numerator in fraction? Above the line
  3. Is Hexagon 6 or 7 sided? 6
  4. Who invented pythagoras theorem ? Greek Mathematician Pythagorus
  5. 3 X 2/6 = 1
  6. What does LCM in math stands for? Least Common Multiple
  7. A heptagon has ___ sides? 7
  8. Pick the lowest Prime no- 0 or 2? 2
  9. 12 inches makes ___ foot? 1 foot
  10. A square has  ____ right angles? 4
  11. Kate has 658 marble balls, how many would she have if you take 469 away?189
  12. A protector helps measures ____? Angels
  13. A rubik’s cube has how many faces? 6
  14. If 8 x = 40 then how much is X? 5
  15. A dice has ___ no of dots? 42
  16. Tell the distance of the moon from the Earth? 384,400 km away

Geography Quiz

  1. Among these options, which state is situated outside of North America? – Mexico or Hawaii? Hawaii
  2. Name the largest continent. Asia
  3. The majority of Brazilians speak ____ language? Portuguese
  4. Name the smallest country globally. Vatican City 
  5. Name the capital of France. Paris
  6. In which mountain range will you find Mount Everest? The Himalayas
  7. Name the temple to Athena in Athens. Parthenon
  8. Amsterdam is the capital of ____? Netherlands
  9. Where is the famous Taj Mahal located? India
  10. Abu Dhabi is the capital of _____? UAE
  11. What mountain holds the distinction of being the tallest? Mount Everest 
  12. When is World Environment Day celebrated? June 5
  13. In terms of air pollution, which country is dirtiest? Chad 
  14. Which country hosted the Fifa World Cup 2022? Qatar
  15. Which of the following countries straddles two continents – Australia or Russia? Russia
  16. Which US city is known as Motor City? Detroit
  17. Which country is the biggest in terms of land area? Russia
  18.  Sumo wrestling is the national sport of _____? Japan
  19. What is the capital of Bulgaria? Sofia
  20. Where is the White House? Washington, D.C.
  21. Where is Perth? Australia 
  22. Which city in Italy is renowned for its intricate canal system? Venice
  23. Which country is famous for kangaroos? Australia
  24. Which is the longest river in the world? River Nile
  25. Which of these states is excluded from the Four Corners region? Nevada
  26. In which U.S state is Area 51 located? Nevada
  27. In which part of the world did the Inca civilizations predominantly thrive? South America
  28. What serves as the dividing line between the Western and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth? Prime Meridian
  29. Where can you find The Grand Canyon? Arizona
  30. Which country is bigger in size – the United States or Russia? Russia
  31. What do you call the vertical lines that determine the distance east or west from the Prime Meridian? Longitude
  32. Which country has the most islands in the world? Sweden
  33. Which line bisects the Earth horizontally at its midpoint? Equator
  34. A Blue Moon occurs after every ____ years? 2.7
  35. What is the common name of Aurora Borealis? Northern Lights
  36. Which river is most popular in Egypt? River Nile
  37. With 54 countries, which continent has the most countries? Africa
  38. Tasmania is a part of which country? Australia

History Quiz

  1. Who was Thomas Jefferson? The 3rd President of U.S
  2. Who discovered the smallpox vaccine? Edward Jenner
  3. Who won WWII ? The Allied Power
  4. In which country Jesus was crucified? Jerusalem
  5. Where did the ancient Olympics games originate? Greece
  6. The emergency USSR-USA telephone line was called the…? Hotline 
  7. The most popular painting of Leonardo Da Vinci is …? Mona Lisa 
  8. From which country Mexico declared independence? Spain
  9. What is the date of birth of George Washington? Feb 22, 1732
  10. George W.Bush was the ___ President of the U.S?  43rd 
  11. In what year was the construction of White House Completed?1800
  12. In ancient times, Pharaoh ruled which country? Egypt
  13. When was the first T20 cricket match played? June 13,2003
  14. Who is credited with inventing the light bulb? Thomas Edison
  15. Who discovered electricity? Benjamin Franklin
  16. Which city experienced the first atomic bomb attack? Hiroshima
  17. How many original colonies were there in America? 13
  18. Which religion dominated the middle ages? Christianity
  19. Which warrior’s weakness was their heels? Achilles
  20. Which country put the first man in space? Soviet Union 
  21. Which country started the Olympic Games? Greece
  22. During which year did the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy take place? 1963
  23. Who is Ares in Greek mythology? God of War
  24. In Greek mythology, who is the God of Beauty? Aphrodite
  25. Which nation was the pioneer in using guns during warfare? China
  26. What was Christopher Columbus’s flagship? Santa Maria
  27. Which country did Algeria gain independence from? France
  28. Which civilization came first? Mesopotamians

English Quiz

  1. What do you call an adult female horse? Mare
  2.  “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” is written by ….? Mark Twain
  3. J.K. Rowlings is famous for …? Being author of Harry Potter
  4. What does the acronym KB stand for? Kilobyte
  5. What are similar sounding words called? Homonyms
  6. What do you call a verb concluding with -ing? Gerunds
  7. What is the term for a young goat? A kid
  8. What is the collective term for a group of crows? Murder
  9. Which parts of speech express the emotions? Interjections
  10. As fast as a Cheetah- This is an example of similes or metaphors? Similes
  11. What do you call an individual who tells a story? A narrator
  12. What is the pig’s name in the book “Charlotte’s Web”? Wilbur

Tricky Questions

  1. Snakes are not found in which country? Ireland
  2. What caused the Titanic to sink? An Iceberg
  3. What do Pandas mostly eat? Bamboos
  4. What are Justin Beibers fans called? Beliebers
  5. What bird holds the title for being the fastest runner? Ostrich
  6. Which one is a true fish-Seahorse or a Jellyfish? Seahorse
  7. MS Excel is an example of…? Application Software 
  8. Where is bull-fighting a national game? Spain
  9. What is a bonobo? Small Ape
  10. April has ____ days? 30
  11. When is Canada Day? June 1st
  12. Which color is emerald gemstone? Green
  13. How many stars are there on a Chinese flag? 5
  14. Which 3 colors can be found on the USA flag? Red, white and Blue
  15. Name the city famous as “The City that Never Sleeps” ? NewYork
  16. Black Mamba is kind of ___? A snake
  17. Which American President was an actor? Ronald Reagon
  18. What are the rarest M&M colors? Brown
  19. Which country has the largest cricket pitch? Melbourne, Australia
  20. Name the main villain in the cartoon series Peter Pan? Captain Hook
  21. Who played Edward in Twilight? Robert Pattinson 
  22. Who did Shrek get married to? Fiona
  23.  Dove represents _____? Peace
  24. What is the unit of sound? Decibel (DB)
  25. Who played Wolverine? Hugh Jackman
  26. In the cartoon Little Mermaid, Ariel had a crab name? Sabestian
  27. Which one of these animals is a reptile komodo dragon or kiwi? Komodo Dragon
  28. Which is the smallest dog breed? Chihuahua
  29. Which sport is known as the “Sports of Kings”? Horse racing
  30. Which animal is known for its beautiful tail feathers? Peacock
  31.  Gray Jay is the national bird of which country? Canada 
  32. What is a baby kangaroo called? Joey
  33. In basketball, what is the total number of participants on a team? 5 players on each team
  34. Figgerits are babies of a ____? Frog
  35. How would you say “I love You” in French? Je vous aime


Now you know, being a fifth grader is not like a walk in the park. This post was a reality check for those who think they have the brains to beat a 5th grader. From math that’s sneakier than a ninja to geography that could make your head spin, these questions remind us that there’s more to the story than we remember. So, next time you’re feeling all high and mighty, remember that a fifth-grader’s brain power might just give yours a run for its money.

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