8 Reasons To Avoid Day Drinking

Avoid Day Drinking

Day drinking is more of a trend in summer, right? Enjoying a light beer at the poolside with friends or drinking a margarita with friends at brunch. But ever noticed it often leaves us more tired and prone to hangovers than night drinking?

Yes, Day Drinking is more harmful than night drinking in terms of its consequences. The reason is that during the day, there are high chances of sipping more booze to quench our thirst, resulting in rapid dehydration and earlier onset of hangover symptoms.

Now, without delaying any further, let’s delve into the details and unleash the top reason to keep the habit of Day Drinking at bay.

8 Reasons Why To Avoid Day Drinking 

Avoid Day Drinking

From higher chances of dehydration to sunburn and anxiety, there are several reasons why you should avoid day drinking. 

Some of the proven ones are:

1. Chances Of Greater Consumption 

One of the greatest problems associated with day drinking is that you drink much more than compared to night drinking. 

The reason is that day drinking lasts for hours. So, you don’t keep a count of shots, and end up drinking lots of booze, and thus get intoxicated more quickly, leading to problems like vomiting, nausea, etc.

Therefore, it is advised to drink water and light beers when day drinking. Additionally, keep on switching between alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks to avoid such harsh consequences. 

2. Dehydration 

And here comes the real culprit- dehydration. 

Since you drink more during the day drinking, there are higher chances of the diuretic nature of alcohol resulting in extreme dehydration. 

Additionally, during the day, the weather is warm compared to night, resulting in rapid dehydration and more harmful effects of booze. Similarly, body fluids and electrolytes like potassium and sodium also get lost easily due to extremely hot weather. 

Some of the symptoms that you might experience due to dehydration after day drinking are:

  • Dark urine with pain
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme headache 

Experts recommend drinking water after every shot of alcohol to get less tipsy and prevent extreme dehydration. 

3. Earlier Onset Of Hangover

When you drink more and get dehydrated, too, due to warm weather, what can one expect other than the earlier onset of a hangover?

Yes, one of the prime reasons why you should avoid day drinking is that it results in a hangover within a few hours, destroying both your day and night. 

In fact, according to Dr. Danish Alam, a mimosa brunch can lead you to experience the nasty symptoms of a hangover both at night and the following morning. Yes, the symptoms last for so long in case of day drinking. 

4. Hang-xiety

And with a hangover, anxiety is a must-go. So, with increased chances of a hangover due to day drinking, you might experience anxiety symptoms too. These include shaky hands, feelings of fear, panic attacks, anxiety development, etc. As a result, you aren’t able to do anything the entire day.

5. Not Eating Enough Before Consumption 

Another problem associated with day drinking is that it is often unplanned, and people skip their lunch to drink booze.

Consequently, alcohol hits harder on the mental and physical health of the body.

It is better to always have a proper lunch before drinking alcohol. This helps slow the absorption process and keeps you from getting tipsy. Moreover, opt for fruits and vegetables since they also help fight dehydration.

6. Sugary Alcoholic Drinks

A common observation is that people usually drink sugary drinks during the day. 

And guess what? As a result, the alcohol absorption in the blood is reduced slower. Thus, people drink more and more, at a faster pace, to feel intoxicated. 

As a result, you face the harmful effects of alcohol more.

And for me, it is the worst effect of all. 

7. Sunburn 

Yes, Day Drinking is accompanied by more chances of sunburn too.

Drinking alcohol decreases the amount of carotenoids in the body. 

As a result, our skin becomes sensitive to the Sun and absorbs the UV rays more.

Therefore, it is better to apply sunblock to minimize UV rays absorption to some extent.

8. Chances Of Meeting An Accident 

Last but not least, there are more chances of having an accident after a day of drinking. The reason is that you often sleep after drinking booze at night.

But on the day, most people go to work or drive after drinking and thus have an accident. 

So, these were a few factors that help you understand why day drinking is not a good option. It not only badly affects your health but can cost your life too.

How To Avoid Hangovers After Day Drinking?

If day drinking has become more of a habit for you that you simply can’t resist, here are a few ways that can help you avoid nasty hangovers after it:

  • Opt for a light and clean drink. Try to avoid sugary or wheat-based drinks as both are rich in artificial sweeteners. How about going for cranberry juice?
  • Watch the color of your booze too. Go for light-colored drinks as the dark ones are rich in congeners and, thus, take more time to get processed and pushed out of the system. 
  • Drink lots of water between alcoholic drinks to lower the chance of dehydration as much as possible. 
  • Try not to sit in the Sun as it makes you more vulnerable to quick dehydration and the skin to UV rays.

Final Verdict 

Day drinking affects our body and brain more drastically than night drinking. The reason is that, first and most importantly, the weather is not in our favor. It promotes the dehydration process. Moreover, day drinking is labeled as open-end, as we keep drinking without a count.

In short, night and day drinking harms the body, and we should abstain from drinking booze. However, if you can’t abstain the consumption completely, at least try not to opt for day drinking. 

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