Do Baptists Drink Alcohol?

Baptists Drink Alcohol

There has always been confusion about Baptists’ stance on Alcohol consumption, whether the Bible abstains them from consuming alcohol wholly or not. One of the religious communities that follows the Bible is Baptists. But do Baptists Drink Alcohol?

Different groups of Baptists have different beliefs about drinking alcohol. Some of the followers go for complete abstinence, while others claim that moderate drinking is allowed as long as it doesn’t make you drunk. Moreover, each group gives references to the Bible to support their belief. Generally, it has been found that old Baptist leaders endorsed alcohol, while modern ones are more strict about it.

So, let’s dig through the article and untangle the enigma of whether Baptists can drink alcohol.

Who Are Baptists? 

Baptists are a subgroup of Christians who undergo total immersion in water to enter the Baptist community. They believe that the Bible is the only foundational book and that each person has a direct relationship with God. They have a separate church, different from those of Christians. The reason is that Baptists follow their religious practices, beliefs, and freedom without the involvement of any state or government rule. However, other Christian denominations have a close relationship between the state and religion.

Do Baptists Drink Alcohol?

Baptists Drink Alcohol

For centuries, confusion has been there among people about whether Baptists drink alcohol. And why some Baptists drink while others don’t. 

There are two groups within Baptists about alcohol following:

  • Complete abstinence from alcohol 
  • Moderate Drinking 

So, let’s toggle through each of these categories and find what they believe.

Total Abstain From Alcohol 

One of the groups of Baptists believes that drinking alcohol is completely prohibited. They aren’t allowed to drink alcohol. For this, they quote various references from the Bible that claim alcohol consumption is completely intolerable. And the temperate movement clears it further. They, along with the South Baptist Convention (SBC), believe that alcohol is nothing but a source of moral decay. Therefore, we all should abstain from its consumption completely. 

Moreover, they bring arguments from the Bible that prohibit alcohol consumption entirely. A few of them are:

  1. Leaders who get prone to drinking forget to follow the book of rules and laws and can’t make the right decision. 
  2. Drinking booze accounts for various injuries and bad attitudes. The exact words claim that although alcohol appears attractive, it affects you like the bite of a poisonous snake.
  3. Drinking alcohol is a stupid decision as it makes you act like a fool and loud.
  4. You should avoid the tent of People who drink wine and beer as this is prohibited for Baptists.

Apart from these, they quote numerous other references claiming that a Baptist is simply not allowed to drink alcohol. So, they follow the ZERO ALCOHOL rule.

Moderate Drinking

And here comes the second group that believes moderate drinking is permissible. They claim that the religion doesn’t wholly prohibit the consumption of alcohol. They have the freedom to drink alcohol. However, it should be consumed at a safe limit so they don’t get drunk. Moreover, they claim that one doesn’t make bad choices only because of drinking alcohol, as one doesn’t get drunk by consuming the diluted one. And they quote Amos 9:14, which illustrates alcohol’s imagery as a reflection of God’s blessing.

In short, they claim that drinking wine is permissible as long as it doesn’t let you feel drunk and lose your senses. 

So, these are the viewpoints of Baptists because of which one claims alcohol to be completely prohibited and not an option at all, while the second group claims it to be permissible on the condition that you don’t get drunk because of it.

What Was The Traditional Baptist Leader’s Point Of View About Alcohol Consumption?

Traditional Baptist Leaders are more open to drinking alcohol. They never shied away from endorsing alcohol. In fact, they openly drank it.

And one great example in this row is Elijah Craig. He was a Baptist, and guess what? He invented the drink Bourbon whiskey. To amaze you further, the single-barrel bourbon is named after Craig. 

Similarly, books and sources from history show that southern Baptists had a sound involvement in selling alcohol. They were part of the manufacture of alcohol. And to add more, a bottle of whiskey was part of a Christianity preacher’s wage.

What Is The Modern Baptist Leader’s Point Of View About Alcohol Consumption?

When considering the modern Baptist leader’s viewpoint, they have a strict belief that one should avoid and discourage alcohol consumption, which is a disgrace to humanity. And this point emerged quite clearly for the first time in 1896 when people of the Southern Baptists Convention SBC stood up as the largest protestants against alcohol consumption in a church. One of them was Billy Graham, who strongly supported Albert Mohler’s role and illustrated to people how the Bible restricts alcohol use. 

In short, most modern Baptist leaders are on the teetotalism bandwagon.

However, there are a few expectations too. Not all modern Baptists follow the zero alcohol rule. And one famous example is John Piper, a Baptist theologian who claims that if you consume alcohol in a limited amount, there is nothing wrong with it, and you can enjoy drinking it.

What Other Things Does Baptistism Prohibit?

Apart from alcohol consumption, a few other things are prohibited in Baptism. This includes dance. They are not allowed to dance and claim it to be an extremely sinful task. However, apart from that, there aren’t many restrictions. They allow open religious practice and freedom.


And with this, the article concludes. Yes, some Baptists drink alcohol while others don’t. Modern Baptist leaders claim zero alcohol is the right way to live life according to the rule of the Bible. However, the other group illustrates different reasons for drinking alcohol, asserting it to be safe as long as one doesn’t get intoxicated. 

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