Barq’s Root Beer Review

barq's root beer

Barq’s Root Beer is a soft drink that has existed since 1898. It has been owned and bottled by the Barq family in Biloxi, Mississippi, since its inception. The flavor of Barq’s Root Beer is one-of-a-kind and can be recognized from afar by its signature taste. In the years since it first hit the shelves, the price of Barq’s Root Beer has become more affordable for consumers.

What Does Barq’s Root Beer Taste Like?

Barq’s Root Beer is a carbonated drink with a distinct, bold flavor different from other root beers. It has a sugary and creamy smack with the beverage’s strong root beer flavor. 

Some Individuals say the taste has a slight vanilla or caramel undertone, adding to its sweetness. The soda also has a slightly bitter finish from adding sassafras extract and other botanicals.

Barq’s Root Beer also has a distinctive mouthfeel. It is highly carbonated, which gives it a refreshing fizziness when consumed. This carbonation also contributes to the soda’s creamy texture and helps balance out the flavor’s sweetness.

Overall, Barq’s Root Beer has a sweet, creamy, and slightly bitter taste that is beloved by many fans of the beverage. Its bold flavor and distinctive mouthfeel make it a popular choice among those who enjoy the taste of root beer.


Barq’s Root Beer is made using a mix of natural and artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. The exact recipe for Barq’s Root Beer may vary slightly depending on the location where it is produced, but the following ingredients are commonly found in the beverage:

Carbonated Water: Barq’s Root Beer is a carbonated soft drink, and carbonated water is the base ingredient for fizziness and mouthfeel.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: This sweetener is commonly used in producing soft drinks and provides the sweet taste of Barq’s Root Beer.

Caramel Color: This natural food coloring gives the beverage its brown color.

Sodium Benzoate: This preservative is added to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, which helps extend the beverage’s shelf life.

Natural and Artificial Flavors: These flavorings provide the distinctive taste of Barq’s Root Beer. Some of the natural flavors used in the beverage may include sassafras root, vanilla, and wintergreen.

Citric Acid: This ingredient is used to provide a slightly tart taste that helps to balance out the sweetness of the high fructose corn syrup.


A single 12-ounce serving of Barq’s root beer contains 160 calories with no fat or cholesterol content. As it is a carbonated drink, this serving of Barq’s also includes 42 grams of sugar and 45 milligrams of sodium. 

All in all, the calorie content makes drinking Barq’s root beer an indulgence you should enjoy in moderation. 

However, if you’re looking for a lower-calorie alternative to regular soft drinks, then Barq’s root beer could be a great substitute since it has fewer calories than other sodas. 

Additionally, many people find its taste to be superior to other brands. For example, combining vanilla and wintergreen flavors provides a rich and flavorful experience you can’t find elsewhere. 

Also worth noting is that wide varieties of Barqs are now available with extra caffeine added for those who value a bit of energy boost in their beverages. Regardless of the calories in soda, Barq’s root beer remains one of the better options.

Alcohol Content

Barq’s Root Beer is a non-alcoholic beverage. As mentioned earlier, the drink is made by blending carbonated water with various sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives. It is a popular choice among people of all ages who enjoy root beer’s sweet, creamy taste but prefer not to consume alcohol.

Unlike alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks like Barq’s Root Beer do not have any intoxicating effects. They are safe and appropriate for people of all ages to consume in moderation, including children and pregnant women. 

However, it is essential to note that soft drinks like Barq’s Root Beer typically have a high sugar content, which can be a concern for people who are watching their sugar intake or have health conditions like diabetes.

Is It Healthy?

Barq’s Root Beer, like most soft drinks, is not considered a healthy beverage due to its high sugar content. A typical 12-ounce serving of Barq’s Root Beer contains around 39 grams of sugar, equivalent to about nine teaspoons. 

Consuming high amounts of sugar regularly can lead to various health problems, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

While the occasional consumption of soft drinks like Barq’s Root Beer is not likely to cause significant harm to most people, it is essential to be mindful of the sugar content and to consume the beverage in moderation.

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The average price for a 12-ounce can of Barq’s Root Beer is relatively inexpensive – usually costing anywhere between $0.50 to $1.50, depending on where you buy it. If purchasing in bulk or through larger retailers like Costco, some may see prices as low as $0.25 per can! 

This makes it an ideal option for purchasing large amounts of root beer without breaking the bank. Additionally, many grocery stores offer discounts when multiple cans are purchased at once – so keep an eye out for deals like these to get the best bang for your buck!

At most convenience stores, you can expect to pay an additional fifty cents up to two dollars more than other retail stores due to markups in pricing; however, these outlets also allow customers the convenience of buying just a single can if desired, which can be helpful when you want something cold and refreshing but don’t need a full twelve pack.  

No matter where it is purchased from, Barq’s Root Beer remains an affordable alternative compared to other soft drinks and sodas available at similar price points – making it accessible even on tighter budgets or when prices are fluctuating unexpectedly. 

Its unique blend of flavors makes every sip truly special, ensuring that everyone gets their money’s worth whenever they decide to indulge in this classic beverage!

Final Thoughts

Barq’s Root Beer is made using a combination of sweeteners, flavorings, and preservatives to create its distinctive taste and mouthfeel. While it is not considered a health drink due to its high sugar content, it is a popular treat many people enjoy.

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