Does Beer Make You Happy? What Science Says

Beer Make You Happy

It’s entirely responsible for all those joyful and delightful feelings that follow; it’s basically the brain’s love potion, in simple words. Beer and dopamine don’t sound like a bad combination now, do they?

It’s so convenient that beer plays a massive role in dragging the dopamine levels in our bodies and making them come to life.

Dopamine enhances our mood and makes us feel like we have received rewards just after the chemical gets triggered. The pleasure-inducing chemical mixed with the incredibly refreshing drinks makes it feel like a fiesta in our brains.

The Science Behind Happiness

Beer and happiness, sure, that sounds straightforward enough, but there’s much more information to dig through and examine. The curtain of science shall be removed to better understand the two things.

You may ask why endorphins are feel-good chemicals and why we mention them. After our body has been introduced to a few sips of beer, these endorphins magically release within us. Their primary purpose is to help us feel warm and fuzzy. 

These chemicals can also significantly relieve stress, which adds to the happiness factor after drinking a pint or two. That is the scientific merit contributing to post-work stress relief after opening up a chilled can of beer.

However, some social factors also play a role here and there. Beer is often entertained in social settings, which means you are around friends. Social interaction and engaging with friends over a simple beverage also help you cool off and forget all your worries. Friends and alcohol that is a great joy of life on occasion.

Liquid Stories: Anecdotes Of Happiness

Beer as a beverage is such an easy liquid to take down. Which then provides us with beautiful happiness-boosting powers as well. Think back to all the stories and anecdotes you have heard over a pint or two, how good of a time it helps you have when bonding over such frivolous things. 

That’s enough to understand the slight significance of it too. Being a supporter of all the crazy adventures, random ideas, as well as a well-bread catalyst for laughter. For some friend groups, hanging out every day and having a beer before dinner is a tradition. Whether it’s high school kids or grown adults, everyone indulges. 

Scientific research points toward alcohol boosting positive social interaction. Which in turn can contribute tons toward our well-being and personal happiness as well. Data actually back these things up, and fun things can also be good for you when done in moderation. 

Liquid Courage, A Confidence Booster

Beer Make You Happy

Liquid courage, sometimes I fail to believe that such a beautiful thing exists in the world and how we took advantage of it ever so often without giving it its due diligence. 

It’s like a life coach aggressively yelling at you to face life’s challenges head-on instead of lingering and feeling anxious and hesitant. 

Alcohol, including beer, can have an anxiolytic effect that naturally reduces social anxiety and all the inhibitions holding us back. However, we must mention that this is only a short-term effect and causes longevity in anxiety levels in the long run. 

So let’s romanticize some things but not to the extent that it’s false information, shall we?

The Love-Hate Relationship with Alcohol

Beer Make You Happy

Imagine a mischievous molecule named Ethanol as it boldly ventures into the depths of our minds. Like an intrepid explorer, Ethanol navigates our brain cells’ intricate network with unwavering determination.

Now let’s touch upon an underlying issue that is prevalent and familiar but seems to go unnoticed because it’s under the surface. 

Alcohol is a mysterious dance. First, we feel happy as we drink beer, then comes a hangover if we have had one too many, leading to those solemn swears as we will never drink again. Any guesses about what happens next? Well, we will drink again next weekend.

Well, the scientific reasoning behind why beer’s happy effect is short-lived is that if we do not consume it in moderation, it increases our potential for depression in the long term. There’s a molecule called Ethanol that enters our mind and keeps exploring it with determination to cause chaos while it’s there.

Also, within our brains exist neurons, which control thoughts and actions. However, when Ethanol enters our brains, it causes some temporary disturbances. This disruption ripples through the entire brain, leaving an intricate cascade of effects that can be perplexing to untangle. This says that beer does mess up our minds.


We can all find the answer to a question such as: “Does Beer Make You Happy” all by ourselves too. Many people find comfort in their favorite beer brand, whether light or dark. When time calls for it, we all try to get our hands on the coldest can/bottle jammed in our fridge.

Even after a mundane day at work, we know our favorite foamy beverage is waiting at home to be cracked upon and indulged.

In conclusion, relishing some beer every once in a while won’t kill us, of course, more so if it includes friends and loved ones over a chill hangout. With its ability to relax the human brain, it helps in social interaction. It has been a tool for celebration for an extended period. 

So let’s raise our glasses to this drink and feel the frothy foam and the taste of brewed malt and hops.

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