3 Best Beers for a Diet To Help You Lose Weight

Beers for a Diet

If you’re searching for the best kind of beers to drink while on a diet, then read on, because this topic is for you. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find a beer that doesn’t include excessive calories – All of us do need to stay fit after all, and sometimes, drinking too much beer makes it impossible to do that… Especially if it’s your favorite beverage. We’re certain that the beer brands on this list won’t compromise your weight, or contain too much sugar and excessive fat. 

To create this list, we enlisted the help of several dieticians, fitness experts, nutritionists, and basically anyone who enjoys going to the gym or getting fit, while enjoying a cold glass of beer during their off-days. We will also be answering a few questions on how to maintain a fit figure while being able to enjoy these tasty alcoholic beverages at the same time. And if that’s right up your alley, then don’t hesitate to keep reading!

What Type of Beers are Better for Diet? 

1. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold 

Beers for a Diet

This beer is the one on the list that contains the least amount of calories at 85 calories. But the lack of calories in this beer never compromises the taste that comes with this particular brand – It’s got the same delicious and refreshing flavors that come with a regular bottle of Michelob beer. The drink has a citrusy flavor to it and feels light in both the mouth and the stomach. It’s also organic, making it the perfect option for those who want something all-natural. 

2. Kona Brewing Co. Light Blonde Ale

Kona Brewing Co. Light Blonde Ale

This Hawaiian-based beer company refers to all of its products as “liquid aloha”. At 99 calories, you can pair up this particular beverage with other lighter kinds of meat, such as lean pork, seafood, and even grilled chicken. The taste itself will remind you of the place where it comes from – Bright and sweet, like a tropical island. It’s light, crisp, and super-refreshing and won’t make you feel guilty for consuming even two bottles. 

3. Guinness Draught Stout

Beers for a Diet

Guinness might produce some of the richest-tasting beers in the world, but this particular type is surprisingly low in calories. When drinking, you’ll be able to taste those familiar notes of chocolate and coffee that come with every Guinness beverage. Feel free to savor the deliciousness of this beer at just 126 calories and let the flavors linger in your mouth for a while after taking a sip. Each can and bottle comes with the same exact number of calories. 

What Beers to Avoid When on a Diet?

1. Pete’s Wicked Ale

Pete’s Wicked Ale

At one point, this sinfully delightful beverage was the beer with the highest calories in the world. The flavor was very similar to toasted malt toffee and caramel, and when you poured it into your glass or mug, it looked not unlike an adult version of a chocolate drink. The beer has over 172 calories in total – Not the best beer to chug down when you’re on a diet. But the thing about this beer is that it was so delicious one could easily chug down six bottles in one sitting. “Wicked,” indeed. 

2. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

This is a delicious and smooth German-style lager that has hints of caramel and malt in its flavor. There’s also a very distinct flavor that comes from the hops it was brewed in, as well as additional notes of pine and citrus fruits. Although this may seem like a very refreshing option, this product contains about 180 calories per bottle, so any beer drinker on a diet should stay away from this and just select it as a beer option when they want to splurge a little bit. 

3. George Killian’s Irish Red

George Killian’s Irish Red

Just like Guinness, this beer is beloved by people across Ireland and the rest of the UK. It surely lives up to its name because pouring the beer into a mug produces a beautiful reddish hue, almost like butterscotch. But just like actual butterscotch, the beverage has got a pretty high amount of sugar, too – At around 162 calories. The taste is very similar to copper and nickel, which is a common theme in red-hued ales. Despite the huge calorie content, though, this still remains an Irish classic. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for a Diet

Why Does Alcohol Have So Many Calories?

Beer – And just alcohol in general – Has so many calories because a lot of its ingredients come from all-natural sugars and starches such as barley, malt, and other grains. The alcohol part comes from the fermentation of the grains, and this contributes to the amount of calories found in a beverage. Beer, in particular, can make you crave anything greasy and salty and make you feel hungrier after a bottle. It contains as much calories as a can of soda. 

Does Beer Have More Calories Than Wine?

Wine has its own set of calories, but it’s still a healthier option between this drink and beer. Although wine actually has more sugar compared to beer, a single glass of wine only contains a gram of sugar in it, versus a whole can of beer. The sweeter the wine is, the bigger the amount of sugar content it may have. Fermenting wine also makes use of the all-natural sugars found inside the grapes. There’s also the fact that beer has more carbs (Which is different from sugar). 

A Summary of the Best Beers for a Diet

Based on our list, the best beer that you can drink while on a diet is the Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. Not only is it tasty and refreshing, but it also doesn’t make you feel guilty after you drink several cans of it (But not in one sitting, we hope). Of course, while consuming low-calorie beer helps a bit in maintaining a healthy weight, other factors such as exercising daily, engaging in sports or other physical activities, and having a balanced diet can also contribute to a fitter and better lifestyle. 

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