4 Best Beers for Aging To Help You Look Younger

Beers for Aging

This is a list of beers that you can still enjoy and drink plenty of, even if you’re a person who’s a tad bit too old to be enjoying the alcohol scene. These beers are low-calorie and are filled with so many healthy ingredients which won’t pose any harmful long-term effects on senior drinkers. It’s a list that proves that even if you have to be careful now when it comes to your food or drink choices, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorites. 

All of these beer choices came from the opinions of our colleagues, including both young and older beer drinkers. Other opinions were taken from people who ran or worked at breweries, dieticians, nutritionists, and basically, anyone who enjoys cracking a cold can or bottle of delicious beer, no matter what age they may be. If you are someone, or at least know someone, who wants to have a taste of cool and refreshing beers, then look no further than this list. 

What Types of Beers are Better for Aging? 

1. Becks Premier Light

Beers for Aging

The taste of this beer has been described as fruity, malty, crisp, and with a firm finish after chugging it down. Based in Germany, it’s a super-light lager that contains around 4.8 alcohol, which is quite high – But this won’t affect the taste that the beer is famous for. Since it’s a German brand, the main ingredients for the beer include hops, malted grains, pure water, and yeast. The flavor of the beer is very traditional and will remind you of those giant mugs of the beverage that they serve you during Oktoberfest. 

2. Miller 64

One of the most popular light beers around, this beverage is the lightest and healthiest product in the Miller beer line. Previously known as the MDG 64, this light lager is very similar in taste and sensation to the Bud Light, but the former is 16 calories less than the latter. The product is also known for having a gorgeous golden color with a taste that’s quite similar to sweet corn. For older drinkers, you can chug down several cans of this beer without feeling too guilty about your health afterward, and that’s always a good thing. 

3. Shiner Weisse ‘N Easy

Beers for Aging

This is a Texas-based wheat beer that has seemingly gained a cult following. It’s completely full-flavored and absolutely unfiltered – In fact, the flavor has been described by its drinkers are having a sweet-and-sour tinge, similar to wine. Its main flavors include blackberries, as well as the standard ones like hops, malt, barley, etc. This is a delightful drink you can chug down on a warm summer afternoon, and you won’t have to feel terrible about it later on. 

4. Guinness Draught 

Beers for Aging

The best-selling beer in the Guinness family, as well as the darkest – It’s known for its characteristic dark ruby red body and coffee flavors. Despite the overload of flavors, even after the first sip, people are still willing to indulge in that delicious full-bodied goodness. It’s a beer that’s light enough to enjoy with a full meal but still contains enough alcohol to get you energized. The reason why it’s actually good for older drinkers is because of its fiber content, as well as the fact that it includes lots of Vitamin B – Which is necessary for senior drinkers to prevent the chances of stroke. 

What Beers to Avoid for Aging?

1. Steel Reserve 

Beers for Aging

This beverage has such a wonderful taste and mouthfeel – It’s sure to travel down to your throat very easily. The carbonation is also light and smooth, while the flavors aren’t too sweet. But the reason why this product isn’t the best beer for senior drinkers is because of the high alcoholic content – Clocking in at a rather intense 8.1 ABV. Young or novice drinkers shouldn’t chug this product down either for the same reasons, and even just a couple of sips can get too overwhelming for them. 

2. BrewDog Punk IPA

For senior drinkers, a beer should be very light and not contain so many calories in one go – And this is exactly what BrewDog Punk IPA is all about. Don’t let that light golden color fool you, as it includes at least 7.5% of alcohol and a whopping 200+ calories in one can. The flavors found inside this particular beverage include a combination of tropical fruits and just a small hint of caramel flavors. If you are a healthy individual who wants to indulge a bit, then don’t hesitate to try this out if you’re brave enough.

FAQs About the Best Beers for Aging 

Should Senior Citizens Drink More Beer?

It is a known medical fact that once you start hitting your 60s, consuming lots of alcohol becomes riskier and affects your body in a negative way. This is because your aging body can no longer process alcohol like it used to, and this can lead to terrible diseases and health conditions such as heart ailments, strokes, and even cancers. Alcohol can also have adverse reactions towards certain medications, which seniors have to take every day to maintain their health. 

How About Non-Alcoholic Beer? Is It Safe to Drink If You’re Older?

If you aren’t taking certain daily medications and live a healthy lifestyle in your 60s, then yes, perhaps non-alcoholic beer is safe to drink. It’s just as equally safe as a glass of soda, sparkling water, or even juice. But like all of these canned or bottled fizzy drinks, consuming non-alcoholic beer should also be done in moderation. 

A Wrap-up of The Best Beer for Aging

Of all the choices on our list, we’re going to have to go with Becks Premier Light as the number one beer for aging and for older drinkers. Not only does it have low alcoholic content that suits them, but it’s also very refreshing and crisp and will surely remind you of your youth. If you are a younger drinker, then you are also welcome to try this beer too. 

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