4 Best Beers for Bloating You Need To Try

Beers for Bloating

If you want to chug down a beer that won’t give you too much gas afterward, then here is a good selection for you. Sometimes chugging too much beer can result in a bloated sensation where you feel like there’s too much gas in your stomach – And this can often lead to some really embarrassing moments for some. So we have compiled a list of beers that you can enjoy without the fear of feeling sick afterward from all that gas in your stomach. 

To create this list, we asked the opinion of dieticians, nutritionists, beer connoisseurs, breweries, or anyone who loves the feeling of drinking something carbonated like beer but not the gross feeling of being bloated afterward. So if you’re looking for those beers as well, then go ahead and try any of the following: 

What Beers Are Best for Bloating?

1. Michelob Ultra

Perhaps the lightest beer on our list at only 95 calories, the Michelob Ultra ensures that you won’t feel bloated even after two bottles. This beer is perfect as there are no artificial flavors or colors, and extra additives are normally found in high-calorie versions. Instead, all you’re getting is a beverage that’s so crisp and so light, with each bottle containing a nice malty flavor that tastes amazing whether you drink it from there, in a can, or by pouring it into an ice-cold glass. 

2. Bud Light Lime

This is a beer that’s both refreshing and very crisp at the same time. Made using fresh lime juice and beer, it’s the right combination of sweet and tart and won’t give you that weird gassy feeling afterward. Pair this up with a tasty meal of Mexican food, or chug one down while hanging with your friends during a night out. The best part about the bud light lime is that it only has 116 calories – Just like the regular Bud Light, which almost became a contender on the list. 

3. Samuel Adams Light

At 128 calories, the light version of this beloved beer brand is both crisp and easy on the stomach. It’s the best beer to drink when you’re chilling by your front yard on your lonesome or with some friends nearby. It also goes great with any food, especially barbecued meats such as ribs – The lightness of the beer ensures that you won’t feel too full even after filling yourself with all that smoky goodness from the grill. The main flavors are citrus and contain no aftertaste. 

4. Guinness Draught Stout

A light version of Guinness seems absurd, but it actually exists! This ensures that you won’t get that gassy feeling after chugging down a pint at your favorite bar and gaining weight while you’re at it. It may have that signature dark shade as regular Guinness, but the taste is what sets the two of them apart. Although it’s got 126 calories, the product has the same flavorful notes that people have come to love with its regular counterparts, such as chocolate, coffee, caramel, and roasted barley. 

What Beers to Avoid for Bloating?

1. Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale

This beer is a definite beast, judging from its name alone. It’s a barleywine-style ale that contains a massive malt-based body and has a very intense flavor from the hops. It’s a favorite among craft beer lovers, with a strong and robust taste that will remind you of wine. Meanwhile, this is not the best beer to chug down when trying to lose weight, as it contains a whopping 339 calories. Perhaps this beer is only recommended for those who want to indulge a bit and won’t mind the bloat on their stomach the following morning. 

2. Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss 

This is a Wisconsin-based beer that comes with hints of wild berry flavors, such as blackberries, and even rare ones, like elderberries and loganberries. These are all combined together in a delightfully refreshing beverage, which you can chug down all year long and find in your nearest liquor shops. Unfortunately, drinking this beer every day probably isn’t a good idea, as each bottle contains 202 calories. So despite the all-natural berry ingredients, it’ll still give you bloat even after half a bottle. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Bloating

What Causes Beer Bloating?

Alcohol usually contains a thing known as ‘empty calories, in which a food or beverage has little nutritional value. So if you consume more than one bottle of beer a day, it can lead to weight gain, including a protruding stomach known as the dreaded ‘beer belly.’ This isn’t just limited to alcohol, as any excessive calories, whether it be from large portions of food, sugary beverages, or anything that’s overly sweet or fried – Can increase your stomach fat. 

Can You Be Skinny and Have Stomach Fat at The Same Time?

Yes. Aside from unhealthy food choices, another reason why people develop stomach fat, even if they’re naturally slim, is due to an inactive lifestyle or eating too much junk food or processed food. All of these get stored in the stomach and turn into visceral fat. Another possible cause is genes and slow metabolism. 

How Do I Get Rid of Bloating?

For beer, try letting the beverage sit for a while after opening up a bottle or a can or pouring it into the mug – Sometimes bloating is caused by the carbonation found in the beverage. Don’t use straws for drinking or consuming food and beverage that have sorbitol or fructose. Don’t eat food too quickly, and avoid anything that lets you chew for long, such as bubble gum. It also helps to eat a fiber-rich diet. 

Rounding up the Best Beers for Bloating 

After looking at the ingredients of hundreds of beers and seeking the advice of friends and fellow beer drinkers, we have agreed that Michelob Ultra is the best beer that won’t make you feel bloated after. It’s light, all-natural, and has the least amount of calories on our list, and that’s always an advantage when drinking beer. Don’t hesitate to grab a bottle next time you spot one, and just enjoy its freshness. 

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