5 Best Beers for Conservatives

Beers for Conservatives

If you are a conservative who wants to enjoy the taste of alcohol, then this list of beers is perfect for you. This is a very interesting topic, as conservatives actually prefer a different kind of beer compared to liberals. A lot of these beer companies are probably aware of how the sales of their products are sold according to US counties – And whether they belong to red or blue states matter. If you are interested in finding out what these beers are, then read on to find out. 

To create this list, we have enlisted the advice of some of our conservative colleagues. These include people who are owners of breweries, those who work in breweries, friends, family members, and anyone we know who lives a rather conservative lifestyle. These beers are all affordable and contain a moderate amount of calories. They are proof that conservative people like yourself don’t have to restrict their alcohol consumption and turn to alternatives instead. Are you ready to find out which beers those are? Then let’s start.

What Types of Beers are Better for Conservatives?

1. Michelob Ultra

This is a refreshing and light-tasting beer that is well-loved by beer fans everywhere, especially conservatives. It is a beverage that includes at least 95 calories and at least 2.6 carbohydrates, making it very easy and light on the stomach. This is a lager-type beer that has been crafted using nothing but the finest Herkules hops as well as a mixture of barley and wholesome grains. The flavor has been described as citrusy, with a crisp and refreshing aftertaste. 

2. Miller Lite

Another beer that’s easy and light on the stomach. You can’t go wrong with this brand, especially if you prefer pilsners as your type of beer. A lot of people seem to dislike this beer because of its reputation, but it’s still a very decent one nonetheless. You can drink this beverage on a warm summer day while doing household chores or just relaxing in your backyard. The low-calorie content of the beverage ensures that you can drink several in at least an hour and not feel too queasy or inebriated afterward. 

3. Coors Light

Plenty of reviews have described this product as refreshing, crisp, and famously best served at freezing temperatures. The flavors include clean malt, hints of barley, and a low amount of bitterness – Which is pretty great if you prefer beer that won’t literally make you wince after taking a long sip. The product also has other ingredients such as lager yeast, two-row barley malt, and at least four kinds of hops. The product is excellent to bring for barbecues, parties while watching sports, or while you’re just sitting there by yourself in the yard. 

4. Amstel Light

Despite the low caloric content (95 cals. in total), this beer is still refreshing and is bound to quench your thirst. There is an equal combination of hops and barley malt, and these ingredients ensure that the beer won’t taste terrible, even when it has been diluted or served warm. This is what sets it apart from other kinds of ‘light’ beers. When poured into a mug, the color is golden yet pale, with only a small amount of foam. This is a beer that is drinkable because it is both clean and very balanced.  

5. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

This Boston-based beer brewery has always been a playground for creating all kinds of craft beer flavors. It is an amber-flavored lager that is known for having a robust flavor and is a favorite of so many conservative drinkers (and even non-conservatives). This beer provides you with a wonderful drinking experience, thanks to its ingredients of hops, malt, as well as the lager yeast that the brewery grows by itself. The final result is a beverage that is very complex. 

Which Beers to Avoid for Conservatives?

1. Bud Light

Once one of the favorite beers among conservatives, Bud Light has suddenly become one of the most hated beers following the controversial partnership between the brand and the influencer Dylan Mulvaney. This is definitely one of the main beers you want to avoid as a conservative.

2. Heineken 

A very flavorful lager that’s served in bars everywhere, Heineken’s iconic green bottle is preferred by more liberal people. Of course, conservatives are welcome to drink this product as well, as the flavors of this beer deserve to be tasted by everyone. As it is a foreign lager, it’s got a somehow bitterer flavor to it compared to the standard American beer, with just the right kind of carbonation. Another great thing about this beer is that it goes down really well, especially when it’s ice-cold. 

3. Milwaukee’s Best

This is a delicious American-style lager that tastes the best when served ice-cold, as the ice crystals in the beer provide a depth of flavor to the beverage itself. Its main ingredients include yeast, barley, malt, and hops. We admit that there’s not much of a body when it comes to this beverage, but the flavor is still crisp nonetheless. There’s also a hint of corn in regard to the overall taste of the beer. Overall, this beer is affordable but still good if you want a bit of buzz. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Conservatives

Do Americans Drink Plenty of Beer?

During a recent report from Gallup, it was revealed that at least 64% of Americans enjoy consuming beer every day. Beer is actually the most consumed alcoholic beverage among Americans, as 42% of them like beer, while 34% of individuals like wine more. Meanwhile, there are also 19% of Americans prefer liquor to the other two. During the annual Super Bowl, at least 325M gallons of beer are consumed. 

Rounding up the Best Beers for Conservatives 

These are all of the beers that you might enjoy if you are a conservative. Keep in mind that despite what your beliefs are, you can try out all of these brands – There’s nothing wrong with that. But out of all the brands mentioned on the list, we have decided that Michelob Ultra is the best beer for conservatives. It’s a refreshing drink that you can try out at any time, and it’s packed with flavor as well. No matter which party you’re a part of, don’t hesitate to grab a bottle of this product. 

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