8 Best Beers for Day Drinking 

Beers for Day Drinking 

Are you the type of person to chug down a glass of beer during the day instead of nighttime? Then you’re in luck because we have listed down the best beers that you can try out during a day’s drinking session. Sometimes, there will be instances in the morning when the occasion calls for a nice cold glass of beer – These include sports events like the Super Bowl, going to the beach with family or friends, or even hosting a barbecue party with loved ones. These beers are the best for those times. 

We sought the opinion and advice of plenty of beer fans and brewery owners, and workers to create this list. We’re certain that all of these beers will refresh you and work best during the early hours of the morning. If you’re curious to know which beers these are and want to give them a try while watching a football match, then let’s start!

What Types of Beers are Better for Day Drinking?

1. Lagunitas Daytime

Beers for Day Drinking 

Definitely, a great beer to chug down in the morning for three reasons: It’s refreshing due to its mixture of citrus, melon, and earthly hop flavors, it won’t overwhelm you too much with the flavor, and it’s only 100 calories. The taste is surprisingly pleasant as well for a lighter beverage.

2. Bell’s Light-Hearted Ale

Beers for Day Drinking 

Another light ale at only 110 calories, this product’s main ingredients are malt, water, yeast, and hops. The flavor, however, is very complex, thanks to the overdose of Centennial and Galaxy hops. Despite the light sensation that won’t cause you to feel sleepy, it’s got a well-balanced taste that is complex at the same time. 

3. Athena by Creature Comforts Brewery

Beers for Day Drinking 

This product is perfect for drinking in the mornings as it’s also very light on the stomach – The tartness won’t overpower your palate as well. It’s also quite healthy, as one of the ingredients here is live lactobacillus, the same good bacteria strain found in cultured milk brands. This provides you with the best excuse to consume this in the mornings. 

4. Evil Twin Bikini Beer

Very light-bodied, like most of the beers on this list. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that this beverage is weak, as it’s comprised of very strong citrus and crushed gooseberries, making the flavor very tart. The beer also has good retention and lacing, with a golden color when poured into a mug. 

5. Stillwater Artisanal Ales, Extra Dry

This product is an elegant beer to drink as it was inspired by Japanese sake. The flavor is very crisp, with the same look as the standard Stillwater Artisanal bottle. Ingredients include the standard pilsner malt, along with rice, citra, and hallertau blanc hops.  

6. Boat Brewing Carton Beer

A product that is so light you can chug down several bottles and not feel drunk, this product is composed of German malts and Kolsch yeast. It makes the final brew feel very refreshing and crisp. There’s also a bit of an American flavor to this, thanks to the US-based hops in its ingredients. Flavors include grapefruit and pine. 

7. House Brewing Company House Beer

Has a very clean and crisp profile that you’re sure to love, with just the right combination of hops and malt as a way to keep you taking more sips. It’s got quite a spicy kick to it, thanks to the amount of hops in the beverage, but that’s a reason why drinking it in the morning will keep you up throughout the day. The flavor is also mildly sweet but not enough to kill the product’s drinkability. 

8. Jack Abby’s Post-Shift Pilsner

This is the best beer for those who have to work all night long and need a reward when the sun is up, and it’s time for them to come home. This pilsner beer is crisp and bright as the morning sun, not to mention super refreshing as well. The scent is the same as wet grass and wet pilsner grains. 

What Beers to Avoid for Day Drinking 

1. Lagunitas IPA

IPAs are the type of beer that’s known for making people feel sleepy, and Lagunitas IPA is no exception here. The body has a beautiful gold color, with a foamy head that lasts for a few minutes when you don’t drink it. There’s also a full-bodied and absolutely sweet aroma. The final flavor after sipping is a sharp finish from the hops. 

2. Interboro Premiere IPA

Drinking this beverage will remind you of a tropical vacation thanks to the beverage’s flavors of melon, pineapple, and bubblegum. Other flavors reported by drinkers include notes of citrus fruits, which is given for this kind of beer. This beer, however, isn’t the best kind to chug down if you have so many chores to do throughout the day. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Day Drinking 

When Is the Right Time to Drink: Day or Night?

It doesn’t actually matter which time of the day is better for drinking as long as it is done in moderation. Binge drinking has been shown to wreak havoc on your heart, as well as have long-term negative effects on your liver and your brain. But there’s a bit of an upside to this as there’s no proof that says one time of the day is better than the other – So you won’t have to give up on your daily or nightly habits here. 

Why Do Some People Prefer Day Drinking?

People just don’t enjoy the chaotic energy of bars or nightclubs, which usually open during the nighttime. There are also certain individuals who tend to take jobs with night shifts, and this requires them to stay up late and sleep in the morning. Meanwhile, day drinking in moderation gives them more energy to take on the challenges that they face during the day. 

A Summary of the Best Beers for Day Drinking 

There are many beers here that can definitely perk you up, but Lagunitas Daytime takes the top spot for us. The lightness of the beverage, as well as the minimal caloric content and balance of ingredients, works wonders for people who enjoy day drinking. Don’t hesitate to grab a can the next time you’ve got a gathering to plan or attend with your friends next time. 

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