8 Best Beers for Gut Health 

Beers for Gut Health

Do you want the best and most refreshing beer brands but are worried about gut health? No problem. Here, we share our carefully handpicked, thoroughly tested collection of the best beers for gut health.

What Beers Are Better for Gut Health?

These beers are all safe to drink for a person’s gut. They’re really flavorful and refreshing, too. Our peers helped us finalize our selections below. We’re a bunch of beer-loving dieticians, bartenders, nutritionists, chefs, and a few doctors. Some of us have certain gut health issues and digestion difficulties. Now, read on to learn what we found!

1. Abita Purple Haze 

This is a lager brew that has been replaced with real raspberries once it has been filtered. Other ingredients include Vanguard hops and malt. The beverage is wonderfully tart and was inspired by its birthplace, New Orleans, where everything is enchanting and mysterious. Meanwhile, the aroma has a very strong raspberry scent, and the purple color of the drink is sure to capture your attention. 

2. Left Hand Good Juju

This is a light-bodied ale with hints of fresh ginger, making it perfect for those who have digestion problems. Other ingredients include gut-friendly playful hops, as well as crystal hops and flaked barley. Each sip from this beverage brings a good and warm ray of sunshine to your day. It’s a beer that’s suitable for springtime, but you can still drink it, whatever the occasion may be.

3. Guinness Draught

Guinness is known for being rich and creamy, with a smooth, robust taste and hints of coffee and chocolate as its flavors. It’s also known for its dark color, which gives a hint about what kind of flavors the product has. Despite its rich texture, this beverage is very light and easy on the stomach – And is surprisingly popular in warmer climates. 

4. Yuengling Light Lager

This is a beer that has been developed by seasoned brewers from America’s oldest brewing company. It has since maintained a full flavor profile with at least 99 calories. This is a truly refreshing beer that gives new meaning to the word “light.” It’s specifically made for those drinkers who don’t want to give up the characteristics of what beer should be for a lower-calorie version. 

5. Sam Adams Light Lager 

It is a beverage that drinks easily and is filled with so many citrus notes. It’s a bit hazy, quite light in its appearance, and is loaded with flavorful tropical fruit hop notes such as guava, peach, and mangoes. Another great thing about this beverage is the lack of aftertaste, which is common with plenty of beers. It’s a good beer to enjoy during cookouts and summer meals. 

6. Deschutes Brewery Da Shootz

This product is a clean and super fresh beverage that has a high carbonation and light toasting. Despite all that, though, it is a product that is packed with flavor. There’s also low alcohol content, letting you drink several cans of this beverage in one go. It’s not surprising that this has such a strong following because of the awards it has racked up through the years. 

7. Full Sail Session Lager

This product is a very tasty American-style lager that has a crisp finish. It travels down the throat smoothly, thanks to its combination of European and American hops, both of which provide the drink with a noble hop aroma. There’s also a two-row barley malt and pilsner malt, together with a yeast strain that gives the drink a fresh and bright flavor profile that is crushable, clean, and crisp. 

8. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

The beer that perhaps started the craft beer revolution, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, is loaded with that signature bold hoppiness and smooth malt flavor that will entertain your tastebuds. This is a craft beer that should be tasted by beer drinkers everywhere. The flavors of the product include a sweet citrus aroma, as well as pine and hints of caramelized malt.

What Beers to Avoid for Gut Health?

1. Allagash White

A modern interpretation of traditional Belgian wheat beer, this product has hints of citrus in the beverage. It is a drink that was brewed with a rather large portion of wheat, then spiced with curacao, orange peels, and coriander, making the beverage refreshing to drink. However, the amount of wheat content in the beverage isn’t suited for those with gut issues.

2. Anheuser-Busch Hurricane 

A malt liquor with a strong finish and plenty of grains, this isn’t exactly the best beverage for those with digestion issues. That aside, this is a beverage that is full-bodied and robust and provides a sweet and somewhat fruity flavor when drunk.

How Do You Improve Gut Health?

To improve gut health, be sure to increase your fiber intake and incorporate lots of fermented food into your diet. Try not to chew or eat too fast as well. Skip the processed food and focus on all-natural ingredients as well when making your own recipes at home. And, of course, drink plenty of water and maintain your fitness.

A Wrap-up of the Best Beers for Gut Health 

We hope you loved this list of the best beers for gut health. Beer, because of its brewing methods, is a drink that should be enjoyed by everyone – No matter what kind of health condition they have. For this, we have selected Abita Purple Haze as the best one on the list because of its all-natural ingredients and flavor profile.

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