Top 6 Beers in Nigeria

Beers in Nigeria

Nigeria’s beer industry is prospering and enlarging, making beer one of the most favored alcoholic drinks in the country. As stated in a report titled “The Nigerian Beer Industry Today,” the industry has grown by 6% annually over the last decade and is presently valued at 300 billion naira. Each Nigerian consumes 15 liters of beer yearly, less than the global average of 25 liters annually.

Nigerian Brewery – The Industry’s Leading Player

ABInBev’s Nigerian Brewery is the dominant force in Nigeria’s beer sector, holding a 55.5% market share. The Brewery is responsible for producing renowned beers, including Star, Gulder, and Heineken, and boasts an extensive distribution system nationwide. Additionally, the Nigerian Brewery has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through efforts to aid farmers and lower its environmental impact.

The Top Lager Beers in Nigeria

Nigeria has a variety of lager beers, each with unique flavor and appeal. Let’s explore some of Nigeria’s most popular and delicious beer brands.

  1. Star Lager Ale: Since 1949, Star Lager Beer has been one of the oldest beer brands in Nigeria. It’s brewed by Nigerian Breweries, using top-quality ingredients like malt, barley, and hops, resulting in a distinctively crisp taste favored by Nigerian beer aficionados. However, Star Lager Beer has encountered difficulties in recent years, as stated in the YouTube video “The Nigerian beer industry today,” with the causes of its decline still unknown.
  2. Gulder Lager Beer: Gulder Lager Beer, another Nigerian beer brand, is well-liked by Nigerians. It’s brewed by Nigerian Breweries, with the first batch created in 1970. Gulder Lager Beer is renowned for its rich, smooth flavor and texture, produced by a unique brewing process that employs premium barley, malt, and hops.
  3. Heineken: Heineken has been a premium beer brand in Nigeria for many years. Nigerian Breweries brew it; its light color and smooth, crisp taste are well-known. Heineken is made with high-quality ingredients such as water, barley, malt, and hops and is brewed using a proprietary brewing process that gives it its distinct flavor.
  4. 33 Export: Nigerian Breweries produces 33 Export, a premium lager beer. It is well-known for its smooth, refreshing flavor and has long been a favorite among Nigerian beer drinkers. 33 Export is brewed with high-quality ingredients and a proprietary process that gives it its distinct flavor and aroma.
  5. Budweiser: Although not manufactured in Nigeria, Budweiser is a well-known beer brand in the country. It is produced by the American brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev and is well-known for its distinct flavor and crispness. Budweiser is the favorite beer of a Nigerian food critic in the YouTube video “Eat With Ope: Which Nigerian Beer Is The Best?” Budweiser is followed by Heineken, 33 Exports, Star, and Guldar. 
  6. Legend Extra Stout: Legend Extra Stout is a stout beer brand manufactured by Nigerian Breweries. It has a dark, rich appearance and a bold, smooth flavor. Legend Extra Stout is brewed with high-quality ingredients such as roasted barley, malt, and hops and is intended for beer lovers who enjoy a robust and bold flavor.

The six most popular beer brands in Nigeria, according to Nairaland, a popular Nigerian forum, are Star, Gulder, Heineken, 33 Export, Goldberg, and Hero.

These brands are popular nationwide and can be found in most bars and restaurants.

The Changing Market Share Dynamics of Nigeria’s Beer Industry

Over time, the dominant players in Nigeria’s beer industry have experienced changes in their market shares. Based on “The Nigerian Beer Industry Today” report, Nigerian Brewery used to possess 71% of the market share, while Guinness held 15%. Nevertheless, the market dynamics have shifted after ABInBev, the biggest brewer worldwide, acquired International Breweries. Presently, Nigerian Brewery’s market share stands at 55.5%, followed by International Breweries (22.4%) and Guinness (22.1%).

A Review of Nigerian Beers – Taste, Smoothness, and Aesthetics

A Nigerian food critic reviews and compares five different beers in a YouTube video titled “Eat With Ope: Which Nigerian Beer Is The Best?” Star, Heineken, Guldar, 33 Exports, and Budweiser. The critic rates the beers based on their taste, smoothness, and can aesthetics.

He eventually comes to the conclusion that Budweiser is his favorite, followed by Heineken, 33 exports, Star, and Guldar.

The Decline of Star Lager Beer

Star Lager, once a forerunner in Nigeria’s beer industry, is now struggling. According to the presentation “The Nigerian Beer Industry Today,” the reasons for this decline are unclear and a sensitive subject. However, increased competition and shifting consumer preferences are thought to be contributing factors.

Opportunities for Growth in Nigeria’s Beer Industry

Despite the challenges confronting Nigeria’s beer industry, there is still room for expansion.

Beer consumption per capita in Nigeria is lower than the global average, indicating room for expansion. Furthermore, the growing population and shifting consumer preferences present opportunities for innovation and diversification.


Finally, Nigeria’s beer industry is thriving and expanding, with popular beer brands such as Star, Gulder, Heineken, 33 Export, Budweiser, and Legend Extra Stout.

Nigerian Breweries, a subsidiary of global beer conglomerate ABInBev, leads the industry with a 55.5% market share. However, the market dynamics have shifted due to ABInBev’s acquisition of International Breweries. Beer consumption per capita in Nigeria is lower than the global average, indicating room for expansion and opportunities for industry innovation and diversification. Despite Star Lager Beer’s decline, the industry is expected to grow in the coming years.

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