Top 10 Best Ukrainian Beers To Try in 2023

Ukrainian Beers

Who says Ukraine does not have a thriving craft beer scene? Indeed, It is among the liveliest countries that arrange beer festivals, such as Kyiv Beer Festival, to attract beer enthusiasts from around the globe. 

What about the Ukrainian beer gardens and pubs? Have you explored them yet? No worries if you haven’t. The craft beer scene is vibrant, so discover it with your friends. Also, do not forget to check out these ten deliciously unique beers from Ukraine.

1. Obolon Lager

Every craft beer country has one leading brand, so Ukraine has Obolon Brewery. It is a company that brews various styles with distinctiveness and quality. Take the example of Obolon Lager, a refreshing European Pale Lager with a 5.2% alcohol content, insanely popular in the region.

The beer pours a lemon-yellow color with a thin short-lived white head that often shrinks to a small ring with bubbly lacing. Its smell is of sweet pale malts and lemon with a faint scent of hops. The taste is not different than the nose, but the mouthfeel is medium-bodied with a crisp, semi-dry finish. With great drinkability, Obolon Lager offers everything a beer lover wants.

2. Lvivska 1715

An impeccable alcoholic beverage brewed in Ukraine, Lvivska 1715 is a Euro pale Lager with 4.7% ABV. After Obolon, Livivska 1715 is a widely consumed beer in the country. Its dark golden color can attract many enthusiasts, but its soapy thin white head does not last long.

The scent is a faint touch of grain and corn malt with the same flavor. With a full-bodied and highly-carbonated mouthfeel, 1715 is worth a try if you visit Ukraine. 

3. Obolon Magnat

Another variant of Obolon, Magnat, is a yellow amber beer with 5.2% alcohol by volume. This European Pale Lager forms a thin off-white head of foam in a pint glass.

The faint smell of pale malts and floral and grassy hops is evident, while the taste of Magnat is almost similar to the aroma, with a touch of cardboard and diacetyl. With a medium-bodied feel, average carbonation, and dry finish, Obolon’s delicious beer pairs well with any traditional food.

4. Chernigivske Svitle

A standard Pilsner beer, Chernigivske Svitle is a Light Lager with 4.4% alcohol content. Its pale body and well-retained bubbly white head enhance its appearance.

The smell is pale malt with a hint of flowery hops, while the flavor has noticeable traces of corn adjuncts and apple juice. It is a light-bodied beer with medium carbonation, making this refreshing beer a light, crisp drink to serve on any occasion.

5. Robert Doms Belgyisky

A Witbier with a weirdly attractive label, Robert Doms Belgyisky is a Ukrainian beer brand of Lvivska Pivovarnya (BBH). The beer, with a 4.3% ABV, pours a straw color. Its dense three-finger frothy white head is decent enough to sweeten its appearance.

The smell is mild with notes of lemon, orange, and green herbs, but it also has a faint scent of vanilla essence with chewable wheat particles, making it a distinctively enjoyable drink. Its flavor profile is incredible, with sweet touches of malt, vanilla, lemon, and orange. The herbs and fruity esters with a trace of coriander spiciness further develop a delightful finish.

Robert Doms is an enjoyable beer with a creamy and bold mouthfeel. Moreover, a good quantity of carbonation plays its part in making this Witbier a worth-trying drink.

6. Opillya Korifey

Opillya Korifey or Opillia Korifei, a Ukrainian beer with 4.2% alcohol by volume, is a pure drink produced under the Bavarian beer law recipe of 1516. It is a classic beer brewed by using old brewing techniques once used in Europe.

The translucent light golden shade body forms an eggshell white foamy head that looks inviting from a distance. Predominant by the hoppy bitterness, Opillya Korifey is rich in malty aroma and flavor. It makes a perfectly balanced beer with a slightly lingering finish. You can pair it with spicy dishes, including bbq and grilled fish.

7. Stare Misto Lager

Persha Privatna Brovariya is a brewing company in Ukraine that brews an excellent Dormunder Export Lager with 4.8% ABV. Its name is Stare Misto. The beer forms a short-lived thin white head above a golden yellow body.

With aromas of wheat, apples, honey, crisp malts, and grass, the taste of Stare Misto is impressive because of its well-balanced sweetness, grain, orange, and honey flavor with hints of hoppy bitterness. It is crispy and refreshing with a highly pleasing taste.

8. Kumpel IPA 120

Best serves in a Shaker/Snifter glass, Kumpel IPA 120 is a Double IPA Imperial beer from Ukraine. It contains 7.6% alcohol content. 

Kumpel, a Ukrainian brewing brand, always tries to come up with something innovative and worth trying. Its IPA 120 is a flavorful beer that pours a light brown color with a foamy white head with good retention. The aroma is all about hops with a subtle touch of sweetness, while the taste is a delicious combo of hoppy bitterness and sweetness with traces of caramel and honey. Explore brewpubs and bars to enjoy this Double IPA with friends.

9. Umanpivo Mukona

Do you like Doppelbock beers? If so, add Mukona by Umanpivo to your bucket list. It is a type of Doppelbock, meaning double beer, because such beers are food-friendly and have more malty flavors. The beer possesses 6.5% ABV.

It pours a dark golden color with a half-inch white layer of suds. The smell has bready malt goodness with the same taste. In the mouth, it feels medium-bodied with the right amount of carbonation. The aftertaste is distinct, with a rich, smooth flavor. Also, you can pair Mukona with any Ukrainian food.

10. Pravda 100 Varka

A Quadrupel beer from Ukraine with 10.6% alcohol content, Pravda 100 Varka is a flavorsome alcoholic drink with potent characters. The murky brownish shade of beer forms a big beige-colored cap with decent carbonation. 

The scent is of yeasty notes with maltiness and raisins, making it highly aromatic. Its taste is sweet and full of yeast with fruitiness and bitterness for balance. Even the aftertaste is metallic with hints of yeasty flavor. Pravda 100 Varka is a pleasant sipper that serves best in a Trappist glass.

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