Can a Biogesic Cure a Hangover?

Biogesic Cure a Hangover

A biogesic or paracetamol is an effective pain relieving medication, especially used by people to treat headaches, backaches, muscle aches, and other types of minor pains. Thus, it is only logical that people will think of it as a magical cure for a hangover. While the medicine is effective, just like any other painkiller, it needs to be taken with precaution. 

The downside of a hangover

Hangovers are not only irritating, but they can ruin your entire day and make you feel unproductive. What’s more, they drain all the energy out of you, as a result of which you spend most of your day lying in bed or on your couch.

To avoid this ordeal, people normally run towards a quick solution for their pain so that they can get on with their day instead of wasting it doing nothing. And the quick solution is none other than swallowing a medicine to help with the cramps. 

The problem with biogesic

Paracetamol gets processed in the liver just like alcohol. The problem with this is that when you have had too much to drink, your body, especially your liver has a lot of work to do. Detoxification involves transforming the alcohol molecules into first acetaldehyde, which is toxic to the body, to a less toxic compound called acetate.

Acetate is then converted into water and carbon dioxide. The bulk of all this metabolism is carried out in the liver, so we can only imagine the amount of work our organ has to do. If we add to the equation a biogesic, which is also metabolized in the liver, we place an extra burden on the organ. 

Things to consider before taking a biogesic

While painkillers are available without prescription to everyone, it is necessary to know the basics of their consumption so that you don’t risk any complications. Here are some of the points to take into consideration before you take paracetamol tablets:

1. Talk to your healthcare provider and respect the dosage

It is important to be aware of how medicine can serve you and the right circumstances for you to take it. A problem with painkillers is that many people tend to take them excessively or do not respect the dosage, either because they are not aware or because they want to pills to take effect instantly.

Talking to a healthcare provider before taking any medicine can help clear up doubts and inform you about the right ways to take it. A certified doctor will also be able to tell you whether a certain medicine is right for you or not based on your medical history and drinking habits. They will also be able to guide you on other medicines that might function better than a biogesic.

2. Don’t take it if you’re a habitual drinker

Biogesics are especially dangerous if you are a habitual drinker or someone who tends to drink excessively at social gatherings. However, you can consider taking paracetamol tablets, all the while respecting the dosage, if you drink enough to cause a hangover every now and then. While an effective medication, it is a deadly combination with alcohol, and you should therefore be very strict in its use. 

3. Less is better

The more strategic you are while taking a biogesic, the better it will be for you. For instance, taking two tablets right before you go to bed after a night of partying will not help you much in the morning because its effects last only 4 to 5 hours.

Rather, take it the moment you start to feel the effects of a hangover, i.e., the morning after, right when you wake up. The good thing about paracetamol is that you can take it on an empty stomach, so you can quickly take two tablets without having to munch something before.

This means that by the time you prepare something to eat, your headache will already be partially cured. This strategy is efficient since none of the pills you take will be wasted and will be utilized effectively for a particular cause.    

What not to forget while you have a hangover

While a hangover can be an excruciating experience for many, you must remember that there are certain things that you cannot simply avoid doing, no matter how lethargic you feel. These include:

1. Eating right

Even if your head is pounding or you cannot seem to get out of bed, you need to put in an effort to prepare a hearty meal for yourself. Getting all the essential nutrients in your body is essential to living well and staying healthy. And who knows, maybe the food you eat may help you ease your difficulty. 

2. Getting some exercise

Movement is important for your muscles and helps in keeping them in shape. If you are really under the weather, you can try some easy exercises that you can do at home, like stretching, yoga, gardening, or even slow dancing. 

3. Trying to accomplish easy tasks

Doing nothing all day will leave you feeling guilty later on. Humans always have plenty of tasks on their checklist to accomplish, and it is best to select the easy ones on this day and do them so that you have lesser work for the following day. You will actually feel relieved knowing that your time was spent fulfilling your responsibilities rather than in bed. 

4. Sleeping early the next day

Waking up with a hangover probably indicates that you did not get a good night’s sleep. This is one of the reasons why you wake up groggy. To catch up on your sleep, the best thing you can do the following night is to sleep early. This will give you plenty of rest, and you will wake up feeling energized. 

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