Do BTS Members Drink Alcohol?

BTS Members Drink Alcohol

BTS has developed a reputation as a dedicated K-Pop group in the music industry and among the hardest working. Because of the demanding schedule, the members appreciate a healthy lifestyle. That doesn’t mean they abstain from a few indulgences, including having alcohol periodically.

In fact, all the members have enjoyed a drink now and again, with some drinking more often than others. When questioning whether the members drink, it’s essential to consider the South Korean “drinking culture.” Socialization commonly incorporates drinking as an accepted component in both a professional and personal environment.

Business leaders will encourage staff to enjoy cocktails when attending company functions. In fact, “Jinro soju, a favored beverage in the country, has topped the worldwide spirit sales for the last two decades. In the culture, drinking is a bonding experience for all people establishing a camaraderie.

Despite idols like BTS members being seen as role models to youth, drinking can be personally enjoyed. The South Korean government banned packaging for liquor to feature celebrity faces to prevent the likelihood of young people buying the products. 

It hasn’t stopped BTS members and other groups in the K-POP industry from accepting alcohol brand deals, lucrative and coveted roles. BTS represents a popular local beer. Let’s look more into which members drink alcohol and who indulge less frequently.

Who Drinks Alcohol Among The BTS Members And Who Drinks Less Frequently?

With the culture in South Korea and the beer brand the group represents, it would make sense that BTS members would drink alcohol occasionally. There is one member who doesn’t indulge frequently, however. While he’s recognized for being extremely social and outgoing, V or Taehyung is the BTS member who drinks the least.

When J-Hope, one of the other members, rated each of the other member’s alcohol tolerance, V was ranked second after J-Hope himself. Those with a minimal tolerance will often react adversely to the substance instead of having a pleasant experience. Side effects can include nausea, dizziness, and the potential for throwing up or passing out.

Since V doesn’t handle alcohol well, he generally chooses to abstain from liquor completely. He will usually stick to non-alcoholic drinks instead. In BTS clips, viewers will notice other members consuming beer, wine, or “soju ” while V enjoys a favored soda. That doesn’t mean he’s opposed to drinking entirely and will have alcohol occasionally. He’s also not a fan of coffee. 

What type of drinkers are the other members? Do they also consume alcohol infrequently, or do they become drunk? Let’s learn what happens if BTS members have a little too much liquor.


Jin is described as a “hot mess,” albeit a happy drunk. The group member will laugh with his infamous chuckle rising in octaves and at inopportune moments. When attending parties with groups of friends, he makes his way to the bathroom to have a discussion in the mirror, only to have heated disagreements with his own reflection.

It’s time to bring him out of the room when he becomes volatile. His favored drinks are most liquors that he drowns in strawberry soda and grapefruit juice until there’s no longer an alcoholic taste. He can keep going despite everyone else being ready to end the evening, plus he loves to dance when a favorite tune comes on.


Yoongi likes spirits or red wine a favorite. He prefers to drink minimally to get a buzz instead of consuming a lot and having that bloated sensation. He’s described from the start as a “sleepy” drunk unless he doesn’t fall off within roughly half an hour, and then he becomes a trickster attempting to pull off a variety of different stunts for onlookers.

He loves indulging in chicken but won’t enjoy a beer with his food. He prefers red wine, but if that’s not available, he’ll have shots.


Hoseok is one who enjoys crossfading or getting high and drunk at the same time resulting in outrageous behavior. Before he smokes his weed, he prefers to drink beer; he feels it’s a more “masculine” choice. 

After smoking, he enjoys spirits, including a favored choice of “peppermint vodka with Sprite.” The combination of the substances generally results in him throwing up.


Namjoon is a pretty calm and cool drunk but not necessarily the “philosopher.” He is another one who will laugh at virtually anything regardless of whether humor is appropriate. His preferred alcohol is “rum with coke added.” He also enjoys margaritas. 

His behavior when drunk is that of someone who genuinely wants to offer sage advice, but it usually doesn’t come out that way.


Jimin is a “very sleepy drunk.” According to close friends, his favorite drinks of choice are anything “brown in color.” But after consumption, the member goes fast asleep. Likely because of his small stature. It’s better to let him sleep, according to friends. Jimin prefers to rest and will battle with those attempting to wake him.

Before falling off, he usually gets the giggles and smiles a lot, with his body becoming exceptionally limber.


Jungkook doesn’t have alcohol frequently, nor does he have many drinks when he does. His friends reveal he will enjoy one “soju” throughout an entire evening if he feels like celebrating or is exceptionally comfortable.


All the BTS members have different drinking habits and alcohol personalities. While most of them have alcohol periodically, with some becoming drunk occasionally, one or two only have an occasional drink, if at all, due to having a low tolerance for the substance. Hoseok participates in crossfading, smoking weed, and usually drinking beer simultaneously.

The culture in South Korea allows alcohol in both professional and personal settings enabling individuals to establish camaraderie with others; it’s a component of socializing. 

Socializing seems to go hand-in-hand with having spirits, wine, or beer as almost a worldwide culture. That’s usually when getting together for business events, holidays, dinner parties, or family gatherings; it’s typically a staple for virtually any occasion.

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