Can Bad Beer Make You Sick? No, Here’s Why

Can Bad Beer Make You Sick

Imagine you are having a blast at a party in the house. Loud music is going on, and everyone’s legs are shaking in rhythm. You and all of your friends have a beer in hand, totally enjoying yourselves. And suddenly someone notices that the beer is expired!

Oh no! Now you are paying focus on the beer and notice that its taste is not as it should be. Surely it has gone bad. But you have already drunk a good bit of it. Now the question arises, can bad beer make you sick?

Well, you do not have to panic. Relax and calm down; let’s learn in detail about how bad the impact can be. 

Can Beer Go Bad?

Before we talk about how much it can affect you, let’s see if beer really goes back. To keep it short, yes, beer can go bad. You will notice that there are expiring dates marked on the label or on the bottle of the beer. 

If your beer goes beyond the expiration date, it begins to taste stale and less powerful. Beer contains ingredients such as hops and malt that can break down over time. In addition, exposure to light, heat, and oxygen can also cause a beer to spoil or become “skunky.”

Can Bad Beer Make You Sick?

Can Bad Beer Make You Sick

Now that you know that beer can go bad, let’s talk about the impact of drinking bad beer. Does it have any threatening effect on your health? Is there anything you need to be worried about?

Let’s not ask any more scary questions. The good news is it is very unlikely to get sick by drinking bad deer. Beer does not cause food poisoning in any amount. Well, isn’t that great news? It won’t be a problem if you forget to check the expiration date before drinking beer. 

Seriously, there is no life threat in drinking bad beer, that is for sure. However, you may face some mild problems. For example, you may face a little cramping in the stomach if you drink an excessive amount of bad beer. But that does not take any severe turn. 

How Long Does Bad Beer Last?

Okay, it is great that bad beer is not going to make you sick. But how long will they last? Surely, you cannot expect to drink an eternally old bad beer and still receive no side effects, can you?

Low alcohol by volume (ABV) beers will lose their flavor after roughly 6 months if they are kept unopened on a shelf. Higher ABV beers like iambics and stouts are designed to be aged or cellar, so keeping them on the shelf for a while actually improves their flavor. Just be sure to preserve them properly. Find out more about how to cellar and store beer here.

Beer lasts less time after being opened. When beer is opened and kept in the refrigerator for a prolonged period of time, it becomes flat. Don’t be a novice if you’re going to drink a beer, is our greatest piece of advice. 

Simply complete it responsibly, of course. Don’t put it off until later. Similar to flat soda, flat beer has lost its carbonation and tastes very stale. It includes carbonation for a refreshing flavor that makes your mouth swim.

How To Stop Your Beer From Going Bad

If you want to save your beer from going bad, then you need to be careful about storing them. That is the secret. Beers do not like light. Therefore you can prevent having a beer that is light-struck by selecting dark-bottled beer and keeping it in a cold, dark location away from the sun or other sources of strong light.

Your beer is secure if they are contained in a keg or can because these containers are impregnable. Keep bottles upright with the caps on. Beer with a cap does not need to be stored on its side, unlike wine with a cork.


Let’s make it clear again. Can bad beer make you sick? The answer is a big fat no. Bad beer does not make you sick. All it does is make you feel annoyed with the smell and taste of the beer. Other than that, there are no side effects of bad beer on your health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to drink expired beer?

Yes, you can drink expired beer. That won’t cause you any harm. The expiration date more likely indicates that after the mentioned date, the beer will slowly begin to lose weight. But you can easily drink beer that expired a few months ago. 

What are the symptoms of bad beer?

Obviously, you cannot expect a bad beer to taste the same as a fresh one. A bad beer may taste like cooked cabbage, sewage, sulfur, or an abnormally sour taste. 

Can you drink expired, unpasteurized beer?

No, you cannot, and you should not. The one exception is unpasteurized beer. Be careful not to consume expired, unpasteurized beer since it may make you ill. Some brewers do not pasteurize their beers to have a better and improved flavor. Beers that haven’t been pasteurized should be eaten right away.

Can bad beer give you diarrhea?

Well, it is an important question, and there is no definite or confirmed answer to this question. But there is a high chance of getting diarrhea from drinking bad beer

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