Can Beer Increase Sex Drive?

Can Beer Increase Sex Drive

If you are a beer lover, there is some good news for you. Experts have come up with the suggestion that drinking beer could make you a great performer in bed. That means you need not worry about how you will perform with your partner in bed. Gone are the days of woe when you felt ashamed of your decreased libido.

Dr. Kat Van Kirk is a sex expert who has recently written a book, “The Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life.” In her book, Dr. Kat clearly mentions that drinking a few cans of chilled beer can help you perform to your partner’s satisfaction in bed. She said that beer contains some elements that provide men with the ability to last longer in bed.

How Can Beer Effect Men?

Can Beer Increase Sex Drive

Unlike popular beliefs, beer can help men in several ways to perform better in bed. If you end up feeling sad or depressed after having sex with your partner, have a few cans of chilled beer and see the change in your performance. Here are a few ways beer can help men during sex.

Delay Your Ej*culation

Having a couple of drinks will not affect your sexual performance in any way. However, drinking too much beer definitely can. If you start enjoying your alcohol and end up drinking too much, there is a great possibility that you may experience delayed ej*culation.

Unlike your regular performance, you may notice that you take much longer to reach your org*sm and ej*culate full force. However, some men unable to ej*culate at all. According to Dr. Kat, the phytoestrogens present in alcohol fill up your body and have the ability to delay ej*culation.

Taking More Sexual Risks

Although this factor may sound too good to be true, in reality, it can prove to be very dangerous. It is no longer a secret that drinking alcohol may make you take greater risks. However, it acts more of a driving factor for men compared to women. A couple of drinks can help relax your nerves and make you get less self-conscious when it comes to sexual acts.

As a result, you may feel the urge to explore new territories while having sex. The more alcohol you drink, the greater the urge to take new risks. According to several studies, men are more likely to take sexual risks, such as unprotected sex, compared to women.

Intense Erections

Having too much beer can act as an aphrodisiac that can boost your libido and help you enjoy intense and longer erections. This is especially true if you have a darker beer because such beer can help your RBC produce more of a special protein named hemoglobin. This protein transports oxygen to different corners of your body. Thus, with increased oxygen levels, you can enjoy longer and stronger erections.

How Can Beer Affect Women?

Can Beer Increase Sex Drive

Drinking beer can also have some effects on women. Although it might not be as intense or similar to men, the effects are surely noticeable.

Somewhat Increases the Sexual Desire

A couple of cans of beer may arouse sexual urges in women. However, it is not a surety in every case. The alcohol present in beers can boost testosterone levels in women, which boosts sexual desire in women. This hormone is most common in men and plays a vital role in enhancing sexual desires.

People also associate alcohol consumption with more confidence, feeling sexier, and reduced inhibitions. It is as if your expectations of getting lucky suddenly get fulfilled.

Enhanced Sexual Feeling with Reduced Physical Urge

Some women may feel an increase in sexual feelings after having a few drinks of beer. However, that does not mean that they will feel the same physically. There have been studies that prove that too much alcohol may make women feel sexually aroused. However, it has a negative effect on their body. Too much beer may lead to a decrease in genital response.

Thus, moderation is the key when it comes to the perfect combination of alcohol and sex. The more you drink beer or any other form of alcohol, the more sexual feeling but reduced physical urge.

Getting Wet Takes Longer Than Expected

When a woman is aroused sexually, the body automatically gets ready for sexual intercourse by boosting the blood flow to the genital region. As a result, it starts to self-lubricate and swell simultaneously. If you drink too much beer, it may hamper normal physiological responses. As a result, you will take longer to get wet, and the resultant sexual intercourse will be painful.

Which Beer Is Good For Sex

When it comes to beer, you will notice that some beers have a lighter color shade, and some are darker. Comparatively, darker beers are better at helping you perform well in bed. Dark beers contain aphrodisiacs due to their higher iron content. As a result, these can increase your RBC or red blood cell count in your blood. This will automatically improve the blood flow, and with improved blood flow, erections become simple and frequent.

Thus, according to Dr. Kat Van Kirk, darker beer can get you in the right mood for having sex with your partner. You will start feeling more confident and energetic and slowly turn into the bull that your partner wishes to see in you.

Risks Associated With Too Much Alcohol Consumption before Sex

Too much of anything can lead to trouble. This also holds true when it comes to alcohol consumption before having sex. If you drink too much, things may go haywire, and you may make some serious mistakes. Here are some of the risks associated with too much alcohol consumption before sex.

Forget To Practice Safe Sex

Too much alcohol consumption before having sex is often associated with an unwanted pregnancy. Getting intoxicated may make you lose consciousness and forget to take some crucial steps before having sex. One of the most important is to wear a condom before having sex.

Having too much drink is often associated with a reduced possibility of wearing a condom. This may lead to unwanted pregnancies and future complications, such as teenage pregnancy. It is better to enjoy sex and not regret it for the rest of your life. Thus, drinking moderately will help you remember precaution is always better than cure.

Doing Something Nonconsensual

Having alcohol in possible sexual situations increases the risks for women of getting sexually assaulted. After too much consumption of alcohol, many men think themselves invincible, powerful, and aggressive. Thus, it is rightly said that a boost in your capacity and sexual drive leads to increased risks of nonconsensual actions.

Men usually find drunk women as easy targets, which increases their internal urge to have forceful sexual acts. Such women are less able to fight and resist.

It tends To Constrict the Blood Vessels

Too much alcohol intake may have a negative impact on the muscles in your blood vessels. As a result, the blood vessels may narrow down to such levels that it may cause high blood pressure. It is advisable not to have alcohol if you are under some medication. The reason being this combination may cause sexual health problems that sudden changes in blood pressure.

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

This is a very difficult question to answer because alcohol capacity varies from one person to another. According to experts from the Centers for Disease Control, men should limit themselves to two alcoholic drinks every day, and women should limit themselves to one drink. When the number of drinks increases to more than five per session, it is categorized as excessive.

At the same time, if the number of drinks goes above 15 drinks a week, it is categorized as heavy drinking. According to medical experts, too much alcohol consumption may lead to alcohol abuse and several physical problems. As a result, it can have a negative impact on your sexual performance.


Moderate consumption of alcohol is always preferable. It can also help you perform well in bed. At the same time, alcohol, in the form of beer, can work as a great ally for men. It can help you feel refreshed and loosen up after a hectic day at work. In short, alcohol is acceptable as long as you remain in proper control of your body and senses.

There have been several studies that prove that beer can help men perform better in bed. It helps with longer erections and delayed ej*culation. Having the right amount of beer can also boost your confidence which reflects in your sexual activities in bed.

However, not all beers are useful. The darker beer is better than the lighter one because it contains iron. This can increase the red blood cells in your blood and boost the oxygen level in your body. Nonetheless, too much beer can damage your performance as well. Thus, it is always suggested to drink moderately, which can help you remain sober and in control all the time.

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