Beer Risks: Can Beer Kill You?

can beer kill you

Everything you do in life carries some level of risk. When you walk outside or when you go for a bike ride, there is a chance that you could get injured or, unfortunately, die. These are the challenges that we have to deal with daily. Beer, from an alcohol content perspective, is one of the safer drinks.

It has one of the lowest alcohol content of all alcoholic drinks, but that does not mean it does not pose a threat. It’s not the beer itself that can kill a person. It is the alcohol inside of it. If you were to consume too much or, worse, consume too much in a short period, that is when this beer becomes lethal.

You must remain diligent and realize that just because you do not hear a lot of news about something does not mean it can not happen. Beer holds the potential to kill someone, so that is why the expression “drink responsibility” needs to resonate in your mind throughout this entire article. 

Below we will discuss the lethality of beer, how much you can consume, and how much you shouldn’t consume to be safe. 

How Harmful is Drinking beer?

Beer is an alcoholic drink, so how harmful it depends on how much you consume in one given day and your overall relationship with beer. Even if the beer does not kill you, it can still harm your long-term health. If you consume beer inappropriately for too long, it can lead to issues like liver, heart disease, or even a stroke, all of which are capable of killing you.

Or if, for instance, you were to participate in a drinking contest or a beer keg, this could lead to alcohol poisoning as you consume alcohol at a dangerous rate. More than 140,000 die from alcohol consumption, including those who primarily drink beer. Of these groups, 2,200 people die from alcohol poisoning alone. 

Also, if not from the long-term effects of beer, it can harm what it does in the short term. If you consume too much beer in one session, you will become intoxicated and thus unable to make comprehensive, well-thought-out decisions. This intoxication will put you in harm’s way as you will feel you are okay to drive home, but you are not. Beer gives you this false confidence, allowing you to make an impulsive decision that could lead to harm. 

There are recommended amounts of beer that you should consume in a given day or week that will allow you to avoid the worst effects of beer. Although you should not fear beer, you should always remain aware of how much beer you are drinking, as it may be time to call it a night if you are drinking too much. Or have a friend as a moderator to ensure you stop drinking after a certain point.

How many beers should you drink a day?

The recommended amount of beer people should drink in a day is no more than two for men and no more than one for women. This number can keep you safe from developing long-term effects of alcohol consumption, but it still should be advised not to drink beer every day. You should not drink every day because drinking beer alone carries downsides that could hurt your life. 

Can drinking beer every day kill you?

The long-term effects of beer often depend on how much you drink daily. It is plausible that you could drink one beer daily, and no harm and diseases mentioned earlier would come your way. However, if you drink five or six beers every day, this is when the ill of beer consumption comes up. This amount of beer will cause health problems in the future, which all carry the risk of killing you. 

Also, again if you are drinking beer every day, it puts you in danger of getting intoxicated. The reality of drinking beer consistently every day is if you are drinking beer once a day and you get a certain feeling from that one beer that you find satisfactory. Over time your body will learn to adapt and tolerate that one beer, so you will not get the same effect from that one beer in the future.

So you will have to move up to two beers, then three, four, or five to get that same effect. Now you have built your body to the point where you need this many beers to feel the impact you want, but those same beers still affect your body, regardless of what you think. So this means that you will be intoxicated more easily or simply develop an uncontrollable dependence on the substance and will be more vulnerable to putting yourself in harmful situations that can kill you. 

So it’s about moderation. Beer is okay to consume, but like anything else, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. 

How much beer a day is too much?

Men considered heavy drinkers consume more than four beers in one day; for women, this number is three. If you were to continue in this trend of drinking, then you would be on the verge of being considered an alcoholic and be in line for more severe consequences of beer consumption in the future if you do not seek out help. Everyone should understand their bodies and understand what their bodies can handle. These are recommendations, but only you know what is appropriate for you. 

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