Can You Drink After Lip Fillers?

Can You Drink After Lip Fillers

Lip filler is, without a doubt, one of the most common ways to enhance one’s facial features. Just imagine wearing lips like that of Angelina Jolie; it’s probably going to be a head-turner at whichever party you’ll attend. A permanent solution is always better than doing it on each occasion, which is why some people resort to lip fillers, some have their brows tattooed so they don’t need to do it all the time, and the list goes on.

Being a cosmetic procedure, it is worth noting that you are not allowed to take in any alcohol at least 24 hours before the procedure. Alcoholic beverages are a vasodilator and will most likely cause issues during a procedure. See, what it does is it can cause the widening of your blood vessel, which will have negative effects when doing cosmetic procedures such as this one. The tinier the needle, the better.

So, it’s settled, no drinks before the fillers, but what about after the filler?

A Peak in the Past

It is by nature that we humans tend to look for something good, something better, perhaps the best version of ourselves. It is a desire that is built in each of us, which is why the world of cosmetics and fillers was born.

The very first attempt at lip fillers goes back to the year 1906. Surgeons then used paraffin to fill the patient’s lips which wasn’t successful at that time. In 1960, surgeons had to use liquid silicone -the very same one used for breast enhancements- but later had to stop the long-term health effects it had on patients.

The standard for health fillers was not set until 1980. Bovine collagen was introduced to the market and became an instant hit. However, it didn’t come with its caveats. It did not last very long, which will require you to take another procedure, and the patient will have to undergo allergic testing, making them wait for another three weeks.

 Hyaluronic Acid

The modern standard on lip fillers is deeply anchored on this one. Also called hyaluronan, this substance is readily present in the human skin as well as the fluids that are in your joints as well as your eyes. That being the case, it became more of a natural source for fillers rather than artificial ones such as silicone and collagen.

Is it Safe?

Being already present in our bodies, hyaluronic acid is the safest option when it comes to lip fillers. It can even be taken orally, applied to your skin, as an eyedrop, and as a lubricant for some. Most of its applications revolve around enhancing the human body. It makes your skin flexible and well-hydrated, and as a lip filler, it can last up to 6 to 15 months.

Lip Fillers and the Modern Era

In an online article released in 2016, lip augmentation was cited as one of the most popular trends in the United States alone. It even became an instant hit on social media. Well, being a country where Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie reside, this is very understandable.

There’s another interesting trend that’s taking Koreans by storm. Lip filler, in its basic concept, is aimed at enhancing the totality of the lips, but this is not the case for most Koreans. Cherry lips, as they call them, are only focused on enhancing the middle part of the lips. It is still pretty much influenced by Angelina Jolie’s pouty lips, but some of them found the feature to be overpowering, so this is somewhat the minimalist version of that.

However, the trend was not limited to America alone; according to an expert, Cherry Lips can be likened to the Cupid Bow trend in the world of lip fillers, which can cause you a whopping $950. Just check out Rhianna’s lips if you’d like to see if that kind of filler fits you.

Lip Fillers and Alcohol

The logic behind the idea of avoiding any alcohol after having lip filler rest is the fact that alcohol is a vasodilator. It can cause issues when taken before or even after the procedure. Being an enhancing procedure that causes a lot, being cautious and knowing what to avoid after it is beneficial for one who wants to better the look of their lips using lip augmentation.

In a study conducted by experts in 2015, they found that alcohol has a significant effect on the metabolism of collagen in skin fibroblasts. In other words, hyaluronic acid being the main component of lip fillers will deem useless when one takes alcohol before taking lip fillers.

A recent article was published last year by the New York Post showing a picture of a woman who didn’t heed the warnings and went on to enjoy drinking alcohol. The woman in the article, Taylor Jay, became an instant sensation in her TikTok account when her lips swelled after taking alcohol following her lip filler procedure. The swelling went beyond the kind of pouting that she wanted.

Friendly Reminders

Avoiding alcohol is crucial the getting the most out of what you paid for after your lip filler procedure. However, there are other things worth noting that should be avoided as well.

No Smoking

No smoking always goes together with alcohol. If you happen to have two of these vices, it will be best to avoid them after lip fillers, as smoking has been proven to increase the risk of infections after lip fillers.

Cancel Flights

It is advisable to at least give your lips for a week to recuperate following a lip filler procedure. The cabin pressure has been proven to be medically unsafe and can cause swelling, just like that of alcohol. It will be best to plan everything ahead unless you’d like to miss an important trip.

Hard Food is a Big No

This is pretty much a basic rule considering your lip is that part of your body that’s getting the treatment. The risk of accidentally biting your lip is too high if you try to chew on hard food. Since the procedure uses numbing cream as an anesthetic, be sure to wait until it wears off before munching up some grab.


Alcohol is not by any means bad; it just so happened to have a very negative effect following a lip filler procedure. If you’re an alcohol dependent or someone with an issue, it will be best to address it first before jumping into any lip enhancement-related procedures. You might pay the price like that woman who did not heed the warnings. After all, it’s a costly procedure, so there’s no harm in knowing what to avoid.

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