Top 6 US Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

Public drinking often comes with loads of potential hazards for alcoholics and the general public. This is why many US cities have prohibited the practice of drinking in public.

Public drinking is prohibited in many cities either by law or is discouraged based on a social, moral, and ethical basis. These cities restrict the consumption of alcohol to specified spots to prevent negative consequences on the public level.

Top US Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

There are certain US cities where public drinking is allowed. Here we will highlight the top US cities where you can drink in public.

However, you must take into account other legal considerations while drinking in public in these cities. You must be well aware of the status of permission granted by the state laws and the types of containers allowed.

Failing to abide by the public drinking laws may lead to legal proceedings and result in punishments.

1. Las Vegas

Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

Public drinking is allowed in Las Vegas according to the Las Vegas Open Container Law however, this permission comes with a few exceptions too.

In Las Vegas, people are not allowed to drink publicly near churches, schools, hospitals, and shelter houses. Carrying alcohol in glass containers is prohibited in public too while plastic containers are allowed.

Alcohol bars are allowed to stay open 24/7 and individuals can purchase drinks anytime. Meanwhile, Nevada’s Open Container Law NRS 484B.150 restricts drinking and the use of open containers in vehicles for public safety.

2. Fredericksburg

Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

Under Texas state Open Container Laws, Fredericksburg City considers it legal for the locals to consume alcohol publically.

According to the state laws, it is prohibited to drink in Texas state parks by law but cities like Fredericksburg come with certain relaxations in drinking laws for the public.

The open container policies of Fredericksburg allow it to carry open containers of alcohol on the streets. Public drinking particularly gets quite common during heritage festivals of the city where you can get a wide range of local and imported drinks.

3. Butte

Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

The city of Butte offers some flexible regulations when it comes to drinking in public.

Inside Butte, you are free to drink publicly and roam around the street with the beverages of your choice in your hands. The city doesn’t restrict you from drinking in public and you are free to have them as per your needs, no matter where you are.

However, you are bound to follow Montana’s 2:00 AM restrictions. From 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM, you are not allowed to drink publicly. Outside this time frame, you are free to choose your beverages and drinking spots as per your wish while roaming around the city of Butte.

4. New Orleans

New Orleans

The city of New Orleans is renowned for a higher trend of its inhabitants towards partying and fun. The New Orleans Municipal Code Sec. 54-404 allows the citizens to drink publicly.

In New Orleans, people have the freedom to drink publicly and celebrate their events and joyful moments with fun. The city is among those few cities in the United States where you will find people roaming around the city with beverages of their choice.

However, the city has restricted alcohol consumption from glass containers. You can have other types of containers for your beverages that do not pose any potential threat of physical damage.

5. Hood River

Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

People in Hood River City are allowed to drink publicly and are free to have their beverages on the streets. This is why you can find loads of people roaming around the city with their favorite drinks.

The city’s laws, however, put certain restrictions on the people drinking publicly. You must consider the container types while drinking in public, as glass ones are strictly prohibited. Your beverages also need to be capped while you are in the public.

Moreover, you are bound not to take your purchased beverages out of the venue from where you purchased them. Besides these exceptions, you are allowed to drink publicly in Hood River City.

According to section ORS 811.170, violation of open container law and carrying open beverages while driving may cost you penalties as per the law.

6. Treasure Island

Cities Where You Can Drink in Public

Treasure Island, a city in Florida is another US city where you can drink in public. The city offers its citizens and visitors complete freedom to drink publicly as the city laws don’t prohibit it.

The city does apply restrictions on public alcohol consumption on beaches during the weekends to assure public safety. Apart from these specified time frames, you are allowed to consume your beverages openly while roaming around the streets of Treasure Island.

However, the city does prohibit the use of alcohol and beverages in glass containers. In other safer types of beverage containers, you are allowed to drink publicly.


These were the top US cities where public drinking is not prohibited. There are many other cities in the US, too, where you are allowed to drink publicly with no restrictions.

However, it is quite crucial to be well aware of the legal amendments made to the city laws over time. This way, you can prevent yourself from committing activities that may lead to legal proceedings against you.

With complete awareness of the public drinking laws, you can ensure the safe consumption of your beverages publicly.

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