Top 50 Best Cursed Images That Will Spook You

Cursed Images

We are going to take you on the most unsettling and eerie journey. Together we shall explore the depths of the internet as we slowly look into the top 50 cursed images online. These weird pictures scattered across the entire digital scape can be disturbing to look at. 

These pictures will have you question why they even exist or how those strange occurrences came about when someone decided to take a picture and store it forever on the internet. So let’s not wait any longer and get started.

1. Evil Sun

Cursed Images

This is either the time of sunset or sunrise shown in the picture in which the sun seems to be hidden behind the clouds. The small parts which are showing are forming into the devil’s horns.

2. Pokemon

Cursed Images

It helps to convey all the required information in serious ways as well as in lighthearted ways, such as this, while attempting to make teenage condom use the norm.

3. Two faces

Cursed Images

A man seems to have his webcam on, doing an unknown activity. All while in the background, there is another unfamiliar face being spotted. On top of that, there is a facial recognizing frame that also spots the hidden face.

4. Padlocked Boy

This image shows a boy taking a selfie; within the picture, he has his pierced ear locked in a padlocked. It gives off strong cursed image vibes.

5. The Hunger Games

There is a sign stuck on the door that reads, “Do not enter the gym; the doors are locked for archery practice.” Besides that, there is shown to be an arrow coming out of the door frame, which indicates that the note is to be taken seriously.

6. Spider Tree

Probably caterpillars from tents. They are not harmful, but their work is a little frightening to look at. Unless, of course, a spider army is genuinely responsible, in which case you should get away quickly.

7. Unfortunate placement

There is a record of Bill Cosby shown in the image. Along with that, his record is placed in an unfortunate position because his eyes seem to be peeking out creepily. Knowing the allegations against him, this image is seriously cursed.

8. Watching Wall

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his weird stalking rumors. The poster of his conveniently places his eyes behind two cameras which makes it ironic but also cursed.

9. Cookie Monster Munch

The cookie monster seems to be eating a child, which seems to be a cursed image.

10. Barbie Ouija

The concept of a Barbie ghost-hunting game is very unsettling. 

11. Cycle Trumps Car

A bicycle stands still as it severely damages a car, a rare sight indeed. 

12. Mothman

Step aside Batman, your true equal mothman is here to take your spotlight away!

13- Holy hell

The sight of two girls dressing in a slutty costumes beside two nuns can be extremely ironic but also cursed in the literal holy sense.

14. Save Your Family

The Chuck e Cheese mascot posing creepily with a family while also giving away a warning can be disturbing for some.

15. Red Bull gives you wings

This truly does look like the most cursed art exhibit in the truest sense. 

16. Happy Easter 

We can’t decide what is more creepy. Is it the baby holding the easter bunny captive or vice versa?

17. Up and Down Stairs

These sorts of cursed images just end up playing with your mind and can make your brain go fuzzy.

18. Two-Faced Selfie

A man taking a selfie of himself in front of a mirror is also present in the mirror, making a funny face. 

19. Drunk Chicken Little

At first, we thought that “Omg he is feeding it beer,” then “Aww a rooster.” “OMG, DUDE HAS A GUN!” then rang out. Too many feelings and emotions.

20. Spider-man gaming

It resembles a Theraphosa blondi, also known as a Goliath Birdeater. The largest spider in the world is a tough but rewarding pet if you know how to care for them. They rarely bite because, like the majority of tarantulas, their primary defense is hair flicking. You do not want those hairs to get in your eyes or on your skin, unpleasant.

21. Pineapple on Pizza

What is worse than pineapple slices on pizza? Easy answer, pineapple cubes on pizza-flavored chips.

22. Cursed Teacher

A teacher writing that he has a big mouth and inserting his fist into said mouth is one thing no one wants to see.

23. Lion King

A person in a lion costume is chasing after a small kid, terrified of him, as cursed as they come.

24. Cursed Metro

If you are as confused as us, look closely because this is just an unsettling placement.

25. Sharp Chair

A sign above saying, “Do not sit,” should be placed above this dangerous chair. 

26. Outdoor Seating

A toilet out in the snow should not exist. 

27. Plastic Toilet

Why anyone would put a flammable plastic toilet in their home is beyond our imagination. 

28. Invincible Bee

All burned, but the Jollibee bee survived, truly a marvel, or is it a curse?

29. Clown grandfather

Grandmothers are lovable and old, but this one right here seems like a cool one; either that or creepy, we can’t decide.

30. Toad In The Hole

Please check twice before placing your behind on a toilet from now on.

31. Cursed doggy

What happened milliseconds after, none of us wanted to see. Truly the cursed of them all. 

32. Chernobyl Holidays

This sort of Christmas tree would work best after the events of Chornobyl. 

33. Cursed Obsession

Self-obsession to this level is a cursed disease, and no one should partake.

34. Mushroom Cat

There are two questions at play: Is this the right way to dry mushrooms? Second, can cats eat mushrooms?

35. Sad Italians

They’ve put the dried spaghetti in a pan, not taken the time to put it all into the boiling water (actually, there doesn’t seem to be any water at all in that pan), not set the pan centrally over the hob so there is flame directly below the dried spaghetti.

36. Cursed Cosplay

Death Note as an anime is great but whatever this person is cosplaying, it is not the character from death note. 

37. Water Cooling

The new way to water-cool your PC.

38. Poison Petrol

But why?

39. Cursed Tissue Roll

Such a thing should simply just not exist in the world.

40. Flamingo Bathroom

Flamingos chilling in a dark bathroom is a mind-boggling question in itself.

41. Cursed Car Crash

Three things: How, what, and why?

42. Haircase Staircase

Not a single scenario in the world can justify such a horror.

43. Cursed Plane Crash

This is such a cursed image, a horrific incident. 

44. Cricket With Santa

In the streets of India, a young man playing with a team of Santas is completely normal, isn’t it?

45. Holding Feet

There is something uncomfortable about looking at feet in any regard, especially this 

46. Sharp Cereal

A good bowl of thumb pin crunch at 7 am before school seems like a good idea.

47. Middle Finger

This one can be convenient in certain cases. 

48. Bee Attack

It is the bees’ home now; whoever car it is, they better leave it behind forever.

49. Bodybuilding disaster

This is a prime example of too much self-tan, so much so that they accidentally changed ethnicities. 

50. Ghost Rider

The perfect wedding portrait doesn’t exist!


As this spooky journey concludes, we have come across some of the most enigmatic and unsettling images the internet has to offer. The top 50 cursed photos have led us on a tour of the bizarre, testing our perceptions and leaving us with more questions than answers. Each photograph has weaved its own horrific story into the fabric of the online world, from paranormal events to strange coincidences.

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