150 Best Disney Trivia Questions With Answers

Disney Trivia Questions

Discover the magical world of Disney with our exciting and fun-packed 150 Disney trivia questions to ask.

Step into the enchanting realms of fairy tales, delve deep into the history of animation, meet charming princesses and heroic princes, and face off with memorable villains. 

Adventures in Toontown: 150 Disney Cartoons Trivia

This is your ultimate journey into the heart of Disney’s magical universe, filled with laughs, surprises, and many ‘Happily Ever Afters.’ Ready to sprinkle some pixie dust and test your Disney knowledge?

So, whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or a casual admirer, ready your magic wands and put on your Mickey Mouse ears because we’re about to plunge into a world of wonder, filled with beloved characters and magical moments that have touched hearts across the globe. 

The Golden Age: Delving Into The Classics

Disney Trivia Questions

The Golden Age of Disney was the period that started it all and created some of the most memorable animated features of all time. Test your knowledge of these timeless works.

  1. Who is the first Disney princess? Snow White
  2. What was the first animated film produced by Disney? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  3. Which classic Disney movie features a wooden boy? Pinocchio
  4. What is the name of Snow White’s evil stepmother? Queen Grimhilde
  5. “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind” Closes which movie? Lilo Stitch
  6. Which Disney movie’s fairy godmother turns a pumpkin into a carriage? Cinderella
  7. Who is Bambi’s rabbit friend? Thumper
  8. What is the boy’s name who never grows up in Peter Pan? Peter Pan
  9. Who voiced the character of Dumbo? None, Dumbo doesn’t speak
  10. What is the name of Cinderella’s mouse friend? Gus
  11. In “Pinocchio,” who is Pinocchio’s conscience? Jiminy Cricket
  12. Sleeping Beauty’s prince’s name? Prince Philip
  13. Which animal is Flower in “Bambi”? A skunk
  14. “Peter Pan” villain? Capt. Hook
  15. How many dwarfs does Snow White live with? Seven
  16. At the end of Snow White, the wicked queen transforms into what? A wrinkled old woman
  17. Which character in “Alice in Wonderland” has the cat? Dinah
  18. Who voiced Cinderella in the original film? Ilene Woods
  19. Which two “Pinocchio” characters mislead him? Gideon and Honest John
  20. In “Lady and the Tramp,” what breed is Lady? Cocker Spaniel
  21. What color are Mickey Mouse’s shorts? Red
  22. Who are Donald Duck’s three nephews? Huey, Dewey, and Louie
  23. What type of creature is Dumbo? Elephant
  24. What is the name of the whale in “Pinocchio”? Monstro
  25. Who tries to smother Peter Pan’s light in “Peter Pan”? Tinker Bell.

Disney Renaissance: A Revival of Magic

Disney Trivia Questions

The Disney Renaissance was a time of revitalization for the company’s creative output. Your knowledge of these classic movies from that era will be tested.

  1. In “The Little Mermaid,” who is the antagonist? Ursula
  2. How about a little ‘Beauty and the Beast trivia? Maurice
  3. Who provided the voice for Aladdin’s Genie? In this case, Robin Williams
  4. Which Disney film does “Colors of the Wind” come from? Pocahontas
  5. Who are the film’s two main protagonists? Both Simba and Nala
  6. “The Little Mermaid” sisters’ names? Andrina, Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista
  7. “The Lion King”‘s Simba singer? Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Matthew Broderick as young and adult Simba.
  8. Who is Aladdin’s monkey pal, and what is his name? Abu
  9. Which wild animal most closely resembles the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”? Buffalo
  10. The antagonistic pair in “101 Dalmatians” is who? The Evil Twins, Jasper and Horace
  11. Can you name the Disney heroine who a raccoon accompanies? Pocahontas
  12. Belle’s favorite activity in “Beauty and the Beast”? Reading
  13. Simba’s uncle in “The Lion King” is called what? Scar
  14. Who in “Aladdin” is the prince-making mentor for Aladdin? Genie
  15. What does Mulan call her pet dragon? Mushu
  16. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Quasimodo loves who? Esmeralda
  17. When Cinderella meets her Fairy Godmother, she receives what? There was a pumpkin carriage, a glass slipper, and a ball gown.
  18. What’s “Beauty and the Beast”‘s candlestick? Lumière
  19. Where exactly does Aladdin take place? Agrabah
  20. The antagonist of “The Lion King” is named who? Scar
  21. The “Aladdin” character Abu is a what kind of animal? Monkey
  22. With whom does “The Little Mermaid”‘s Ariel fall hopelessly in love? Highness Prince Eric.
  23. The antagonist in “Pocahontas” is called what? Ratcliffe, Governor.
  24. Who are “Lady and the Tramp” primarily about? Tramp and the Lady.
  25. Can you name the “Beauty and the Beast” villain? Gaston.

Modern Era: Animation in a New Light

Disney Trivia Questions

Disney storytelling entered a new golden age in the modern era. Put your knowledge of today’s most popular books to the test.

  1. The ice queen is known as what? Elsa
  2. In Big Hero 6, who plays the role of the teenage superhero? Iro Hamada
  3. To which city does Zootopia refer? Zootopia
  4. Can you name the demigod in Moana? Maui
  5. Who is Tangled’s antagonist? Gothel, Mother
  6. Which two actors portray Ralph and Vanellope? Vanellope von Schweetz and Wreck-It Ralph
  7. What does Big Hero 6’s robot go by? Baymax
  8. In Frozen, who plays the role of Arendelle’s princess? Anna
  9. What is Moana hoping for in Moana? Reason: Ocean exploration
  10. Who is the central antagonist of “Frozen?” Hans the Prince
  11. What does Big Hero 6’s city go by? We’re in a place called San Fransokyo.
  12. Who are the film’s primary protagonists and antagonists? Sven, Kristoff, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf
  13. Who are the book’s primary protagonists and antagonists? Sisu and Raya
  14. In the movie “Zootopia,” Judy Hopps is a… Rabbit
  15. Tangled’s Rapunzel’s hair has what extraordinary power? It repairs and reverses time
  16. In Wreck-It Ralph, whose voice did Ralph use? Reilly, John C.
  17. Olaf’s role in Frozen remains to be seen. The definition of a snowman
  18. In Zootopia, what does the rabbit go by? “Judy Hopps”
  19. In Soul, who do you think plays the leading role? 22-year-old Joe Gardner
  20. In Wreck-It Ralph, who is playing the bad guy? Candy/Turbo King
  21. Find out what Hiro’s unique innovation is in Big Hero 6. Microbots
  22. In Frozen, how many siblings are there? Anna and Elsa
  23. In Onward, who do we follow most prominently? Lightfoot, Ian, and Barley
  24. In Raya and the Last Dragon, who plays the bad guy? Namaari
  25. Who is Encanto’s primary protagonist? In a Madrigal by Mirabel Madrigal.

Disney Pixar: The Magic of 3D Animation

Disney Trivia Questions

Disney Pixar was a game-changer for the animation industry. Put your Pixar savvy to the test with this quiz.

  1. Who are the film’s two primary protagonists? Lightyear, both Woody and Buzz
  2. The Incredibles features a family of superheroes; what are they called? Parr Family
  3. Dory from Finding Nemo is what species of fish? Tang, Blue
  4. In Ratatouille, who is the young chef? Linguini
  5. What does the WALL-E robot go by? WALL-E
  6. What is Sully’s full name in Monsters, Inc.? J.P. Sullivan, James
  7. Toy Story, 3’s antagonist, is called what? Lottso the Hugging Bear
  8. In Toy Story, what is Buzz Lightyear’s most memorable quote? Say it with me now: “To infinity and beyond”
  9. In Up, what does the grandfather’s name mean? Former President Carl Fredricksen
  10. “Brave”‘s princess’s name? Merida
  11. In The Incredibles, what does Bob Parr do for a living? Resolver of insurance claims
  12. In Monsters Inc., who provides the voice of Mike Wazowski? Bill Murray
  13. Who is the person Woody meets at the toy collector’s apartment in Toy Story 2? Jessie
  14. Name the movie’s iconic race car. McQueen, “Lightning,”
  15. Can you name the film’s antagonist? Syndrome
  16. Toy Story 3’s toy owner is a young girl named… Bonnie
  17. What’s the film’s primary emotion count? Happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust are five emotions
  18. Can you tell me the cowboy’s name from Toy Story? Woody
  19. Coco’s musical-aspiring boy’s name is? Miguel
  20. Who are the film’s two primary protagonists? Marlin and Dory
  21. What car does Mater play in Cars? The Chick Hicks
  22. What does Carl use to hoist the roof of his home in Up? Balloons
  23. What is the name of the robot girl WALL-E has romantic feelings for in the film? EVE
  24. The Incredibles 2 has a new adversary, but what is his or her name? Screenslaver
  25. Who provided Merida’s voice in the Disney/Pixar film “Brave?” Macdonald, Kelly.

The Wonderful World of Disney Parks

Disney Trivia Questions

When Disney Pixar entered the scene, it revolutionized the animation business. 

  1. Which U.S. state is home to the first Disneyland? California
  2. How high is the Magic Kingdom’s tallest ride? Castle of Fairytales
  3. Which Disney park has the “Tower of Terror”? Hollywood Disney Studios
  4. Disney’s experimental town of the future goes by what name? EPCOT
  5. In which of Disney’s parks can you find the famous Cinderella Castle? Theme Park Magic
  6. What’s Disneyland’s “Star Wars” section called? Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge
  7. What is the name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ “Toy Story”-themed area? Toy Story Mania
  8. The Magic Kingdom has how many “lands?” Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Main Street, U.S.A.
  9. How long has Disneyland been open? 1955
  10. What is the name of Disneyland’s main shopping area? The Main Streets of Disney
  11. What does Disney’s Animal Kingdom call the section with the tropical theme? The Avatar Universe, or Pandora
  12. Who is the mastermind of “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”? Mark Silverman (in his role as Rod Serling) narrates the ride.
  13. How high is Disneyland’s tallest “mountain”? Bobsleds on the Matterhorn
  14. Where in Europe can you visit Disney? Disneyland Paris
  15. What is Epcot known for most? The Earth Spaceship
  16. When did Disney World open, and which Disney park came first? Disneyland
  17. Disney in Hong Kong: where? Hong Kong Disneyland
  18. Disney’s Hollywood Studios opened when? Which Disney World water park opened in 1989? Formerly River Country
  19. Can you tell me the name of the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom attraction with ghosts? The Spooky House
  20. Can you tell me the eatery’s name in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction? Eatery Named “Blue Bayou”
  21. Can you name the park’s very first roller coaster? Bobsleds on the Matterhorn
  22. Epcot’s World Showcase features how many nations? 11 nations: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, Britain, and Canada.
  23. What is the name of Disney’s Blizzard-themed water park? Icy Shores
  24. Where in China can you visit a Disney theme park that is not Hong Kong Disneyland? Disneyland Resort Shanghai.

Behind The Magic: Walt Disney Trivia

Finally, let’s learn more about Walt Disney, who made it all possible.

  1. Who else besides Walt Disney was instrumental in establishing Walt Disney Productions? Disney, Roy O.
  2. When did Walt Disney make his first short animated film? Willie Steamboat
  3. Who directed Walt Disney’s first live-action feature? Hidden Treasure
  4. Does anyone know who runs Walt Disney Co. currently? Chapek, Bob
  5. When they first appeared, what did Mickey and Minnie Mouse go by? In the company of Mortimer and Minerva
  6. After Walt Disney’s death, who became Disney’s CEO? Roy O.
  7. Which well-known Disney character first appeared in Steamboat Willie? Toon Mickey
  8. After Walt Disney’s death, who voiced Mickey Mouse? Jimmie MacDonald
  9. Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid’s composers? Alan Menken
  10. For what are the Sherman Brothers most recognized as composers? Quite simply, Mary Poppins
  11. What was Walt Disney’s birth year? 1901
  12. Name the Best Animated Feature Oscar-winning Pixar picture for the first time. “Nemo” film.
  13. How was the film “The Lion King” helmed? Allers, Roger, and Minkoff, Rob
  14. Who animated Ariel, the Beast, and Aladdin? Glen Keane
  15. Which movie was the last one Walt Disney oversaw before he passed away? In The Jungle Book
  16. Which princess was the first to be inspired by a genuine person from history? Pocahontas
  17. Who helmed the film “Frozen” and why? Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck
  18. Who penned the “Beauty and the Beast” script? Woolverton, Linda
  19. The voice of Ursula in “The Little Mermaid” belonged to who? Patrik Carrol
  20. Which movie did Pixar debut with? A Toy Story
  21. Who are the minds behind the “Frozen” films? Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck
  22. “Let It Go” was written by whom? Robert and Kristen Lopez.
  23. Who were the significant filmmakers during the Golden Age of Disney? Ron Clements and John Musker
  24. What was Disney’s first Oscar nomination for Best Picture? Two Beasts
  25. Which lady made history as the first to helm a Disney animated film? Frozen’s Jennifer Lee
  26. In Disney’s animated movie “The Princess and the Frog,” what is the princess’s name? Tiana.

Final words

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the magical world of Disney with these “150 Disney trivia questions to ask”. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a Disney novice, we hope these questions have sparked joy, nostalgia, and a renewed appreciation for the timeless magic of Disney.

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