Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Drunk?

Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Drunk

Non-alcoholic beers have gained a lot of fame in the modern years. But non-alcoholic beers are dated from Roman and Greek times. People choose to drink these non-alcoholic beverages for reasons such as upholding religious and cultural beliefs and mainly to escape from alcohol’s risky effects. Mostly it was consumed instead of water for health benefits. 

Universally, a question arises about whether non-alcoholic beer makes you drunk. This blog lets us discuss in detail all the above concerns.

When can you say it is a “Non-Alcoholic” Beer?

The beer that contains a low composition of alcohol is called a Non-alcoholic beer. The beer can be patented as free from alcohol if it has 0.5 percent alcohol by volume, but basically, it is difficult to get drunk from non-alcoholic beer.

This is usually a lower alcohol level when compared with standard beer, where in traditional beer, the alcohol volume (ABV) is normally 4–6%. Even though the label states it is alcohol-free, it rarely has traces of alcohol. These traces are because the brewer did not intentionally leave the alcohol and cheated the customer. However, it happens during the brewing process.

In simple terms, we can term non-alcoholic beer as beer in that either the alcohol will be removed or brewed to contain less alcohol limit than that of the legal one. Before you start to drink, it is better to check for the alcohol content level. An alcohol-free beer will not be going to buzz you, but it will take the place of the same traditional beer when it comes to smell, taste, and flavor. 

When do you feel drunk?

Feeling dunk is when you start feeling tipsy once the alcohol starts to take effect in your system. If you start getting drunk, you will start feeling more peaceful, confident, and talkative. Everything leads to a greater feeling of happiness. At the initial stages of getting drunk, the blood alcohol level will remain around 0.03 to 0.12%.

Normally a man will feel tipsy once after he consumes  2 to 3 alcoholic beers in an hour. At the same time, women become tipsy sooner, with about 1 to 2 alcoholic beers in an hour. 

When you are stage drunk, you become unbalanced, easily depressed, or even very excited. There are times it will push you to make bad decisions. The common feeling that most people experience after being drunk is being tired and drowsy.

The alcohol level in the blood will turn to 0.09 and 0.25 percent when you are drunk. Whereas if you take any non-alcoholic beer, it is impossible to make your system’s blood alcohol level 0.04 percent.

Will Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Feel Drunk?

Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Drunk

The truth is a strict “No.” Beer that contains an alcohol volume of 0.5% ABV is not enough to make someone feel drunk. It would require a lot of non-alcoholic beer to get intoxicated. This proportion is enough to alter your mood and behavior.

If your body contains alcohol, people start to react differently than others. If a person tends to have a high tolerance for alcoholic beverages, even a lower quantity of alcohol present in non-alcoholic beer has an impact on them. There are sayings that a tiny quantity of alcohol present in non-alcoholic beer is harmful.

There are certain experiments where the quantity of alcohol kept in check in a non-alcoholic beverage is too little that it is merely not probable to drink enough drink to the point wherever you sense drunk or that the BAC is affected.

So you will not feel drunk or go beyond the maximum blood alcohol level when you have just a couple of non-alcoholic beers.

Positives of Having Non-Alcoholic Beer

Beers, with or without alcohol, will always have the same impact, even if they have little benefit. The primary advantage would be the low-calorie content that is in non-alcoholic beer. Whereas in traditional beer, you have high calories, which make you gain weight when you drink frequently. So, people who are very conscious about their calorie level can opt for a non-alcoholic beer.

“Non-alcoholic beer” is a great choice to deal with people who have alcohol cravings. There are sayings that these non-alcoholic beers stop triggering alcohol cravings. Since it would be very challenging for a frequent drinker to stop drinking alcohol immediately, The non-alcoholic beer will have the flavor and culture of a traditional beer but without the negative effects of alcohol. This makes them helpful in cutting down on drinking.

The added benefit is you feel the same taste of beer without a hangover. It is an ideal choice for someone who really wants to relish in the beer flavor without being drunk. Finally, it is vital to note that you can enjoy the flavor of a beer with fewer harmful effects.

How long does non-alcoholic beer stay in your system?

It might take about 17 minutes for your system to break down 0.5% of the drink into an alcohol-free drink when you compare this with a traditional 5% beer, which can take somewhere around one to three hours to get out of the system. So it is incredibly quick that a non-alcoholic beer will exit your system.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, drinking non-alcoholic beer won’t get you lost. It is not that going for an alcohol-free beer means giving up beers. However, they have added advantages. As said, a few non-alcoholic beers will tend to make you feel alcoholic when you are overly drunk.

Beers that are free from alcohol have numerous benefits, like strengthening bones, not making you dehydrate, and enhancing the immune system. These mentioned side effects usually appear when you are too drunk or when you get a hangover. 

A good substitution for people who are trying hard to stop drinking alcohol. You can enjoy non-alcohol beers because they have the same flavor as alcoholic beers but are healthier. The fact here is that a person can not at all feel drunk on the consumption of non-alcoholic beer, but then it is only a positive advantage on your health. 

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