Can You Drink Alcohol in Jordan?

Drink Alcohol in Jordan

According to Statista, approximately 90% of Jordanian people are of the Islamic faith. Therefore, the laws for alcohol in Jordan can be expected to be comparatively more strict than other countries with different beliefs. However, the answer to whether or not you can drink alcohol in Jordan is multifaceted.

That is to say, alcohol consumption is accepted as long as you do it in moderation and avoid getting drunk in public places. Moreover, some famous restaurants in Amman also serve alcohol.

Regardless, you must stay well-informed and aware of the country’s law before proceeding with any activity that might be frowned upon by the general population.

Jordan Laws on Alcohol Consumption

Local laws in Jordan reflect that it is predominantly an Islamic country. Therefore, the general population and tourists are expected and advised to respect the local rules, customs, and traditions at all times to ensure the people are not offended when traveling to Jordan.

As aforementioned, Amman is the center point for alcohol. However, during certain periods, such as the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims keep fast from dawn to dusk. Some hotels and restaurants remain open for this duration but do not serve alcohol. Nevertheless, tourists and non-Muslim populations are advised not to drink or eat publicly as it may offend the Muslim population.

Apart from this, Jordan remains a modest society that preaches courtesy. Therefore, drinking excessive alcohol and behaving out of character may also lead to penalties. For instance, you may receive a driving ban, a fine, and, in the worst-case scenario, even be sent to jail.

Finally, bear in mind that the country enforces strict drunk driving laws, and if tourists are driving in Jordan, they better be aware of the drinking limit beforehand.

Where Are The Liquor Stores in Jordan?

Drink Alcohol in Jordan

Alcohol is forbidden in Islam. Therefore, finding alcohol in Jordan may be more difficult than in other countries. On the contrary, there are now licensed liquor stores almost all over the country, particularly in Amman.

Jordan administers fair law, and considering that around 6% of the population is Christian, the government only allows them to produce and sell alcohol.

Apart from Amman, it is difficult to locate a seller. However, your best chances are at hotel bars and restaurants. For instance, in Amman, Madaba, and Aqaba, tourists can find plenty of bars to cater to their alcohol needs. However, as soon as you leave these cities, it becomes more challenging.

How Much Wine and Beer Costs in Jordan?

Over the years, Jordan became a more accommodating country for its visitors and took the initiative in setting up several vineyards to produce its wine. Yes, that means tourists are now able to arrange a tour for wine tasting at any one of those vineyards in the country.

You can find the commonly know winery JR Wines, among a few other wine tasting and tour spots. However, according to tourists, JR Wines is at the top of the list and possibly the only known winery at the moment in Jordan.

Apart from the wine tasting, these tours are a great way to sample local wine and explore the emerging wine industry further.

Moving on from the wine, Amstel is the most popular beer brand you might encounter. You can find the country’s local beer almost anywhere and expect the cost to be roughly around 4.50 JOD, whereas wine can be bought anywhere between 34.03 to 63.1 JOD per kilogram. 

The price of alcohol in Jordan varies depending on the pace and brand. For instance, you can find wine between 15.43 and 28.62 JOD in Amman.

Keep in mind Jordan does offer imported alcohol at fancy restaurants and bars as well. In a way, it accommodates every class of alcohol consumers.

Guide to Alcohol in Jordan

At this point, Jordan will not be as dry as you might have thought. The wine and beer in Jordan have evolved over the past few years.

Even though the production was halted, it has returned to Jordan with great success and a brilliant offering to tourists.

Two families completely dominate the wine industry in Jordan: the Haddad and Zumot family. Haddad owns Jordan River, and Zumot holds Saint George and Saint George, a Swiss-certified organic producer.

On the other hand, you can easily access imported wine, but bear in mind that the price difference may be quite significant. Well, that’s how business usually works.

For beer, it is rather a simple affair, and Amstel, as aforementioned, offers the best, but they do have a competition, Petra. Petra offers three varieties of beers: 

  • 5% ABV, 
  • 8% ABV, 
  • 10% ABV, 
  • 13% ABV.

However, avoiding 10% at all costs is recommended, as yeast tends to die when the 10% ABV is exceeded. Regardless, upon tasting, you will realize that Jordan still has a long journey ahead in improving their alcohol, but it remains at an adequate level for now.

Nevertheless, there’s always someone with better offers. Carakale offers a great selection of beers if these two have you in doubt. Finally, returning to the imported section, Corona and Heineken are the two most prominent names to date.


Clear as daylight, Jordan is a predominantly Muslim country, and, per the religious laws, alcohol is prohibited. However, these laws accommodate people of different faiths, so the government is not as dry as one might assume.

Therefore, wherever you are in Jordan, you will surely find a place that sells alcohol. However, it is more convenient to aim for cities such as Aqaba, Amman, and Madaba, where it is easy to access beer and wine in most restaurants and hotel bars.

Even though alcohol consumption in moderation is permitted, one final piece of advice would be to avoid drinking in public and unintentionally offending the local population. Moreover, be even more careful with alcohol consumption during the holy month of Ramadan.

With all that said and done, Jordan makes a great tourist spot, and you can drink alcohol and enjoy the beautiful country without worry.

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