Can You Drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium?

Drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium

Are you thinking of visiting Wembley Stadium with your friends to see and enjoy football league games? But can you drink alcohol in the stadium?

Well, yes, you can drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium, depending on the type of game being held in the stadium. Generally, you can drink alcohol in events like the American Football League, Rugby games, etc. It is also available there at the draught and bottle bars. However, if you are there to see football games and Olympic matches like FIFA, bringing in and drinking alcohol is surely not an option. In fact, a no-street drinking zone has been marked where people can’t drink, no matter what.

Want to know more about whether you can drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium? Then grasp a cup of tea, and toggle through the article. 

What Is Wembley Stadium?

Drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is the heart of sporting grandeur, sharing a history of breathing moments and games. Each year, several prestigious events take place in Wembley Stadium, including the following ones:

  • League Cup 
  • FA Cup
  • Rugby 

Additionally, it has been used to hold various non-sporting events, like concerts by guest musicians, charitable events, athletics, etc.

In short, Wembley Stadium has an aura of greatness and grandeur.

Can You Drink Alcohol In Wembley Stadium? The Three Rules To Eye On

Now that we are well up with what Wembley Stadium is let’s come to our point of interest: whether you can drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium.

The answer depends on the game and event being held in the stadium. For example, if some kind of great musician is holding his concert there, there is no point in stopping one from drinking alcohol. People have always been drinking booze to flare up their enjoyment at concerts.

Similarly, there are some bars within the walls of the stadium, like draught bars, etc., where alcohol is available all the time, and you can go enjoy booze there. 

However, when the question comes to the consumption of alcohol in public concourses, there are different guidelines for different situations.

So, let’s toggle through each.

Open Permission 

First comes the open permission area. It allows you to drink alcohol freely in public. Not only can you bring your alcohol from outside, but there are also people selling alcohol. All you need is to verify your age, and here you go. You are openly permitted to enjoy the event along with sipping booze. This kind of open permission is for games like rugby league, American football, etc.

The Football Association (FA)

And here comes the strict part. You are not permitted to drink or sell alcohol in public concourses, including the stadium pitch, when the football games like the FA, Olympics, etc., are held in the stadium. 

However, you can drink in the hospitality areas, in private rooms, etc.

So, in short, you can drink alcohol in your room and bar, but not in the main Wembley Stadium bowl or within the view of the pitch. Moreover, if someone is seen Drinking, enforcement action can take place there.

No Street Drinking Zone

Moreover, after 2022, the Brent Council has enforced no street drinking in the area around the Olympic games. Moreover, if individuals and fans of the Olympic Ways are seen drinking, they are forced to hand the drinks to the security guards or take them directly to their rooms and hospitality area.

So, these are a few conditions according to which you can drink alcohol in Wembley Stadium. 

Is Alcohol Available In Wembley Stadium?

Yes, fortunately, alcohol is available in Wembley Stadium. You can buy one from bars and restaurants like the draught bar.

Can You Bring Your Alcohol To Wembley Stadium?

Yes, you can bring your alcohol to Wembley Stadium if you are attending a concert or any other event that doesn’t restrict alcohol consumption. All you need to do is verify your age to the person checking your stuff. Show them your ID card or any other legal documentation confirming your age.

However, if you are younger than 21, you can’t take alcohol inside the stadium. 

What Is Permitted To Bring In The Football Association?

According to the official site, you can bring in the following things freely in the stadium during Football Association events:

  • Bags containing your stuff
  • Eatables ( will be checked by their team)
  • Banners and Flags for the team you support
  • Umbrellas 
  • Medical aids like crutches, etc.

However, a few things that you are not allowed to bring in the stadium settings are:

  • Flare and smoke devices
  • Canisters
  • Drones
  • Musical Devices 
  • Glass containers or bottles
  • Alcohol 

What Food And Drinks Are Available in Wembley Stadium?

Fortunately, within Wembley Stadium, there are a variety of eatables and drinks to choose from. A few of them are:

  • Draught bars containing wine, beer, pie, hot and cold drinks, confectionery, etc.
  • Spicy Bavarian Hotdogs served with mustard seeds and onions
  • Bottled bar that sells bottled drinks, beers, confectionery, etc.
  • Chicken chips, burgers, etc 

In short, you will have a variety of fast food options to choose from. 

Drawback- The Raised Prices

However, here comes the drawback. All the food items are quite costly compared to regular prices, each costing a few dollars extra.


Whether one can drink Alcohol in Wembley Stadium depends entirely on the event being held. If you are there to attend a concert or rugby league match, take your bottles to the stadium. 

However, it is officially illegal to drink alcohol near the stadium bowl if any Olympic or football game is being played there. 

But yes, wine and beer are always available in the restaurants there. So, if you are dying for your shot, you can simply go to the restaurant and enjoy sipping booze there.

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