Drinking Age in Belize: Everything You Need To Know

Drinking Age in Belize

The following is a discussion regarding the drinking age in Belize, a country in Central America. This topic will also answer all of the questions you may have regarding alcohol consumption laws in Belize, as well as the penalties that you could pay if you are caught drinking and driving. This topic is suitable for you if you are curious about the Belizean drinking culture or if you are planning to come to the country for any reason. 

Belize isn’t really one of the first countries that pop into your mind if you hear the words “vacation.” This Central American country is filled with huge jungles, beaches, and a diverse assortment of both plants and animals. But despite not being known as a “party country,” Belize does have its own drinking culture and, of course, liquor laws that its residents have to follow. So here are a few of them.

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Belize?

To consume alcohol in Belize, you have to be at least 18 years old and above. However, the drinking laws in the country are surprisingly relaxed, so it’s not hard to find people as young as 16 years old consuming alcohol. The same applies to alcohol purchases, as minors can buy bottles of beer, wine, or harder kinds of liquor from stores without any problems at all. 

What is the Legal Drinking Age in Belize for Tourists and Foreigners?

In Belize, you have to be at least 18 years old to consume alcohol – Whether you’re just visiting the island for business purposes or a vacation or if you are a permanent resident. Both the food and drinking scene in Belize is very varied and is inspired by Caribbean, Mexican, Central America, and Creole cuisine. Their alcoholic drink of choice is rum, which is also exported to different countries, as well as their local beer, known as Belikin. 

Do You Need an ID to Drink in Belize?

Drinking Age in Belize

Perhaps Belize is one of the few countries in the world where minors can enter a bar, and no one will bat an eye. The legal drinking age there is officially 18 years old, but bars and clubs around the country will let just about anyone in, and they’re not too strict about checking IDs either. The same applies to buying or consuming alcohol in said bars or nightclubs or any establishment that sells alcohol and alcoholic beverages. 

Legal Drinking Age in Belize with Parents

As mentioned earlier, just about anyone can chug down a glass of wine or two while staying in Belize. This includes minors who are accompanied by a parent, a guardian, or any responsible adult in tow. A quick search around the internet shows that teens as young as 14 do not get carded when entering an establishment that caters to adults, and the people who run those places don’t mind serving alcohol to minors, either. 

Legal Drinking Age in Belize by Region 

The legal drinking age throughout the country is 18 years old, whether it be in the country’s capital Belmopan, or its largest city, Belize City. Aside from the aforementioned Belikin beer and some wines, the other favorite drinks consumed by Belizeans include some brands of rum, as well as liquor fermented from local fruits like soursop, ginger, and cashew fruits. You can practically find all of these liquors in grocery stores scattered across the country. 

Can Minors Drink in Belize with Their Parents?

Yes, minors can indeed consume alcohol in Belize with their parents’ supervision – And also without it. Authorities don’t seem to care whether children or teenagers develop these nasty vices or start them at a young age. There are many instances in which 16-year-olds are spotted drinking their favorite alcoholic beverages with their parents or a guardian nearby. 

Consequences of Breaking the Drinking Age Law in Belize

Drinking and driving in Belize is considered a criminal offense. If you get pulled over, then the Belizean police will perform a sobriety test which determines how much alcohol you’ve had to drink. The legal blood alcohol content limit is around 0.08 percent, and if it exceeds that, then they can detain you in jail for over 36 hours. Another way to check is through a blood or urine sample – And if you turn those down, then they can request an extra fine. 

Public intoxication is also illegal in the country, and drinking in public isn’t allowed, either. A piece of good advice when going out to drink in Belize is to stick to your friends and try not to stay out too late. 

Drinking Age in Belize – A Roundup 

So, there you have it – Everything you need to know about the drinking age in Belize. Just because they’re lenient there when it comes to underage drinking doesn’t mean that you have to follow the crowd there. Despite not being as popular as the Bahamas, Jamaica, or other Caribbean destinations, there are still lots of activities that you can do here, without getting drunk. 

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