Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Parasites?

Drinking Alcohol Kill Parasites

Alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs that humans take. It is very unlikely for alcohol to be placed among the food or beverages that aren’t harmful to the body or provide some sort of ease or betterment to a body. They also aren’t a part of the category of healthy food for the body. But when it comes to killing or reducing parasites, they are one of the few foods that can swipe the problems of parasites away.


Researchers have discovered that alcohol can be used to fight against infectious diseases and substances or worms that live outside or inside the body of a human, including parasites. Todd Schlenke of Emory University discussed alcohol being a protective drug against the parasites like wasps that reside inside or outside the fruit flies. Once the fruit fly gets the alcohol inside itself, it can kill the wasps easily and can result in the killing of the wasps left inside the body of fruit flies and can also diminish their growth within them. 

Cholera and Alcohol

Cholera is a disease usually occurring in the intestines of human bodies due to the presence of parasites. Many people believe that when a person consumes alcohol, he can get resistance against Cholera disease, but both of them (Cholera and Alcohol) aren’t directly related to each other. You might not get sick with cholera when consuming alcohol, but this can also take place if you’d eat rotten food and use unsterilized tools or equipment.

Alcohol Itself is A Germicide 

Many people around the world think that alcohol will prevent them from getting sick due to parasites, germs, or other microbes because alcohol itself is a germicide. They believe that it is a constituent of a compound that breaks itself into products that are harmful to parasites, bacteria, and other microbes. But when it comes to safeguarding a body against these germs, the amount of alcohol that reaches the bloodstream isn’t really enough for a fight against the parasites, germs, and other microbes. 

Does Red Wine Kill Parasites?

Drinking Alcohol Kill Parasites

The research was published in 2004, which showed that when alcohol is consumed by a body, it gradually prevents the growth of acid-producing bacteria in the stomach. Due to the lowering of this acid, the bacteria fail to grow, and it leads to an overall weakened immune system which gets more exposure to infections.

When we drink alcohol, it starts to move toward the intestines of the body, which causes the digestive juices to get increase their volume and acidity likewise. The basic purpose of these acids is to break down the harmful substances found in the food, but when acid is released in abundance, the intestines get damaged and lose their ability to absorb the beneficial nutrients from any food. Diarrhea can also be caused by drinking more alcohol. Once you have an infected body, diarrhea can then actually become more harmful rather than assistance against diseases or parasites.

Drinking alcohol on a regular basis results in more exposure to the parasites that live inside our stomach, like Entamoeba and Giardia. The parasites that live within one’s body or intestines are very common. It has been studied that around 80% of the people in the world are always infected with any one type of intestinal parasite. This result shows that drinking red wine cannot kill any type of parasite.

Infections Get Worse By Alcohol

There are many infections that are formed inside the human body, and the causes are parasites. These infections include HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Bowel Syndrome, mostly irritable. It is observed that some parasites are very harmful as they can cause severe problems and diseases in the human body and also infect the body. When we say that alcohol can be used to kill parasites, we are narrating that it can kill us. Consumption of alcohol at a high level or rate can cause weariness of the stomach before its actual time.

If you consume a lot of alcohol, it can be termed as alcoholic abuse. This can cause your body to become weary and more exposed to parasites that cause diseases and infections. Harmful acids enter the bloodstream when more alcohol is consumed. The result is irritable bowel syndrome. You might also face heartburn. When a person drinks too much, it can also lead to esophageal cancer, which is caused by the connection of parasites with alcohol. 

Even Not A Single Drink

Drinking Alcohol Kill Parasites

People who face illnesses are advised by doctors not to consume more alcohol or even a pint of alcohol. These prescriptions should be strictly followed by people who are facing diseases like immune system problems, diabetes, and liver diseases. When a person dealing with any disease drinks more alcohol, it becomes possible that the person would fall into more complications and damage to the body and making the illness more severe and harmful and tackier for the doctors to handle.

Salmonella and Whiskey

Salmonella is a parasitic bacteria that mostly affects the tract of the intestines. It grows inside a body when a person eats raw or uncooked meat, eggs, or poultry products or poultry. Salmonella can incubate within a few hours or two days. The symptoms of salmonella include vomiting, nausea, cramps in the abdomen, Diarrhea, severe fevers, chills, recurrent headaches, and bloody stool.

Salmonella can be found in the bodies of both humans and animals. Whiskey usually consists of 14 grams of alcohol per drink. It is shown in various laboratories around the world that alcohol can kill Salmonella, E.coli, and Shigella. When you are taking a meal with whiskey, it reduces the chances of food poisoning. Food poisoning occurs due to eating contaminated food or not fully or properly cooked food. Salmonella starts to grow inside the body and causes various symptoms. 


It is advised not to consume alcohol as it is unpredictable whether it will form a good or a negative impact on the human body. You can still stay away from food poisoning by using clean utensils and healthy food. Moreover, to stay away from various harmful diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, etc., it is preferable not to come in contact with alcohol. When a person is ill or sick, he should not drink alcohol as it can also increase the rate of illness or can effect negatively on the body. So, it can be concluded that alcohol cannot kill parasites and can only make them react more easily.

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