14 Funny Drinking Memes To Send to Your Friends

Drinking Memes

The “legal age for anything” can vary given where you live, but nearly everyone thinks drinking feels like a “trend” after you turn a certain age. You do not require a party for a worthy cause to drink. Are you getting tense at work? Chill at home with a drink.

Are you getting engaged? Bring out the booze for some reasonable enjoyment. Are you relaxing with a few friends after work? Never turn down a cold glass of tasty local beer. While done in moderation, either way, booze has advantages.

But if you drink booze in moderation, you need just a single drink for women and two for guys. One beer drink is approximately 12 ounces, and one wine glass is about five ounces. 

It seems possible. Need help finding somebody to drink with? Relax; these fantastic and hilarious drinking memes will stay with you until dawn.

1. I’m Down To Drink

Most of the time, the meme depicts an amusing or familiar situation in which someone’s friends ask them whether they want to drink booze with them. 

The meme shows an instance in which a person desires alcohol all the time and is ready to do so no matter where, when, or how often.

2. Walking Through The Wine Aisle

This relies on the notion that people can feel like treating themselves to something lovely, like a bottle of wine, after getting their salary.

It depicts funnily the enjoyment of going down the wine aisle and being free to discover new things or buy an extra pricey bottle than average.

3. Drink Responsibly?

The meme depends on the concept that specific individuals booze to escape or let go of the stresses and responsibilities of daily life. It implies that drinking is a way to escape the burden of responsibilities, worry, or to be a grown-up.

4. Live Dangerously

The meme relies on the concept that daytime is a time for work, duties, and staying sober. It illustrates how drinking alcohol during the day can be considered strange or dangerous since it goes against everyday life’s usual norms and duties.

5. I’m Just Gonna Drink

This relies on the need for a holiday or an escape from normal daily activities and the reality that specific individuals cannot afford to go on vacation. 

It’s a joke that someone won’t really go on vacation but rather will drink so heavily that they lose their sense of where they are while feeling like they’re in an unfamiliar location.

6. When You Can’t Stand Out

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The meme draws on the notion that when someone drinks a great deal of booze, they can lose their balance and movement, making it tricky to stand or walk correctly.

It highlights the idea that even when a person is drunk and confused, they have to remain mindful of their surroundings alongside their well-being.

7. Watch Your Drinking

The meme is a joke on the statement “watch your drinking,” frequently used to tell people to be conscious of how much booze they drink and perhaps cut back or stop it. 

But the meme jokes that rather than taking the advice carefully, the person will consider it to mean “watching themselves” when drinking, like looking at their reflection in the mirror.

8. A Hangover Is Coming

People commonly relate to the meme since they understand what it’s like to get a hangover and realize that they will soon be dealing with the outcomes of drinking excessively. 

It can make people feel anything from resigned acceptance to funny self-reflection on their decisions the night before.

9. Certain Type Of Alcohol

The joke relies on the notion that certain smells may bring back strong memories, like ones about drinking.

It makes fun of the fact that smelling a certain kind of booze may bring back a clear memory of when the person was drunk, had a close encounter, or did something risky.

10. Alcohol Does Great Things

The notion behind the meme is that drinking has benefits and drawbacks, frequently to a great extent. It acknowledges that drinking can lead to positive things, like hanging out with friends, laughing, and feeling relaxed or cheerful. 

But it also states that drinking can lead to bad things, like weakened judgment, doing something you’ll eventually regret, and bad mental and physical results.

11. Drinking With Your Boss

The joke relies on the notion that getting to know your boss outside of your job, mainly when drinking, can be unsure or even uncomfortable.

It plays fun of the possibility that the result of such an event could depend on luck or chance, as shown by the reference to “may the odds be in your favor,” an iconic line from The Hunger Games series.

12. Alcohol May Not Solve Your Problems

It’s based on the idea that drinking serves as a means to get away or relax briefly, but it doesn’t fix issues or troubles.

Similarly, the meme makes fun of the notion that different popular drinks, like water or milk, cannot resolve complex problems.

13. Your Hobbies

Drinking Memes

The joke relies on the idea that certain people’s hobbies or pastimes can be associated with consuming alcohol, which may create an amusing scene when responding to the question without referencing alcohol. 

It indicates that drinking booze is often seen as an everyday aspect of going out with friends and having joy.

14. Stop Drinking

Drinking Memes

The meme is based on the idea that advising someone drunk to cut back could appear odd or needless since their state says they have had plenty to drink. The joke comes from the idea that the advice is given at a time when it can no longer be helpful or essential.


After an exhausting day of hard work, there is nothing better relaxing than getting together with some pals for a few drinks. You can loosen up, spend time with the essential people, and share memories and laughs with them.

Be sure to send the best drinking meme to everyone you are bringing to the get-together you are arranging for this weekend if you are throwing one.

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