5 Good Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drunk Calling and Texting

Drunk Calling and Texting

A drunk mind is not well suited for doing much other than dancing or lazing around. It cannot make logical decisions because, under the influence of alcohol, the brain is impaired, especially in the regions that control memory, judgment, speech, and balance.

This suggests that a drunk person is more likely to get injured or negatively impacted because of their involvement in activities that require some capacity to reason. Therefore, it is only rational to assume that a person who has had a lot to drink should not drunk call or text anyone. Here are the top five reasons why you should avoid drunk calling and texting:

1. You never know who you might end up contacting

Drunk Calling and Texting

Let’s be honest about this; there are certain people that you would do anything to never get in touch with ever again, no matter what. This can include your exes, people you have worked with in the past, or people you were close to once upon a time but have fallen out with for some reason or another.

In a drunk state, people are known to call and text a plethora of people, some of which they normally wouldn’t. While the exchange can be nice and heartwarming with some, with others, it can potentially explode. The worst part is that the morning after, you might not even remember these interactions. And while you remain clueless, the people you called and texted will remember what you said to them for a long time. 

2. You can embarrass yourself bigtime

Drunk Calling and Texting

While your inhibitions are lowered due to alcohol, you will feel far more confident in your abilities to express yourself and might even think of yourself as the next Shakespeare. But this overconfidence can make you post or say things that, if you remember them later, you might regret for the rest of your life.

For instance, trying to get back with your ex-boyfriend can be a total failure, either because he has a new girlfriend or because he’s just not that into you anymore and has moved on. The worst part is that being drunk sometimes makes you do stupid things that you would never actually think of doing sober.

But that’s not all. Imagine if you called your ex-boss and started a fight with him in the middle of the night because you were so pissed at him when he almost fired you back in 2009. Just thinking about this sends shivers down my spine, so actually doing it is a different story altogether.  

3. You might call off your existing relationship

You may be in a stable relationship with your significant other for well over 10 years and love them with all your heart, but when drunk, you never know what your behavior is going to be like. Out of the blue, you might decide to break up with them because you remember vividly the last fight you had with them.

This kind of behavior is bad for a relationship because it can either terminate it for good or leave your partner in a spiral of uncontrollable anger and frustration because of what you said. The result will be either you filling up with a lot of guilt or you trying very hard to patch things up. And if you break up for good because of this fight, you might not be able to recover from it. 

4. You might piss off your family and friends

Drunk Calling and Texting

The easiest target for a heated debate or discussion is family and friends. On the usual days, you may feel that no matter what you say to them, they won’t take it to heart because they love and accept you as you are. But, obviously, there are certain limits that should never be crossed, no matter who the person in front of you is.

Unfortunately, a drunk person might not be able to make this distinction and can seriously injure them with your words. Think of this situation; you recently learned that your dad won the lottery. Instead of congratulating him, you might drunk call him to tell him that you thought he didn’t deserve it. Not only will he be upset, but more so, he will not want to celebrate his success with you. 

5. You might have your phone stolen

Drunk people are the least aware of their surroundings which is bad enough. Chances are that if you live in an area where theft is common and if you take out your phone without knowing what you are doing, you might lose it. But aside from theft, drunk people might just misplace their phones because they are simply too drowsy to care.

It is always more prudent to leave your phone in your pocket or somewhere safe and only use it in cases of emergency. When you keep this in mind, you are less likely to have the temptation to drunk call or text anyone, and this simple reminder will save you from losing your phone, which might be worth a lot of money.

Drunk calling or texting is something that many people around the world do, either due to a strong temptation or when they are feeling powerful emotions such as anger, happiness, or sadness. But this very simple act can lead to disaster, especially with regard to the relationships that we have built over time with people around us.


If we plan on drinking, it is wise to either hand over our phones to someone sober so that they can prevent us from making a terrible mistake or not take our phones with us in the first place. This way, we are more likely to spend most of our evening bonding with the people around us and having fun rather than worrying about a rude comment that someone passed us when we were in high school.    

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