Top 11 Best Drunk Fight Videos

drunk Fight Videos

Drunken brawls on YouTube have­ always been an intriguing and bizarre phe­nomenon. These unforge­ttable videos, often displaying utte­r chaos, leave us with a mix of fee­lings ranging from awe to disbelief. 

It’s vital to note­ that while alcohol and conflict can be a dangerous mixture­, it is crucial to emphasize the ne­ed for caution and responsible be­havior. 

Let’s e­xplore some of the fascinating drunke­n fight footage on YouTube, providing you with a unique­ perspective on the­se strange human encounte­rs. Here are the top 11 best drunk fight videos you should watch:

1. Time to Leave Buddy

When a bar bouncer says these words, drama usually follows. AwesomeSauce Youtube channel posted this Youtube Shorts in March that quickly went viral and gathered 8.8 million views. 

This video, less than a minute long, shows a man wearing a beanie, bubble jacket, and jeans who was forced to leave the bar. A couple of bar crew were trying to be cautious as the guy in a beanie geared up for a fight. 

Nobody engaged in his fistfight challenge, as he clearly showed signs of drunkenness. Good call for the bar crew!

2. Drunk Thor & Artreus Bar Fight

If you are up for a virtual drunken bar fight, you’ll enjoy watching this Youtube Shorts. It is from the God of War Ragnarok action-adventure game showing Thor and Artreus getting into a fight. 

Thor was trying to stop Artreus from speaking, but he won’t. And so Thor loses his temper, and it all goes downhill from there. In just six months since being posted, this Youtube Shorts has already been viewed 8.8 million times.

3. Street Fightin’ Men

Something old but good and a nice addition to this list. This Youtube review video is from the Ozzy Man Reviews channel posted in 2018, where two guys are standing outside alfresco dining. 

The guy in the blue shirt had too much to drink, and the one in a checker’s polo shirt was trying to kick him out of the restaurant’s vicinity. The drunk guy tried to throw a punch and aimed for the other one’s face, but he completely missed. 

And the focus of the whole video shifted to the dining customer, who was just watching the action happen as he couldn’t help but burst into laughter after seeing a drunken guy’s weak swing. The blue-shirt-wearing drunk didn’t stop there. 

Anybody who’ll watch this will surely get a good laugh too. No wonder people viewed this silly fight over 6 million times.

4. Greatest Drunk Fight Ever

Both funny and action-filled, this video shows a heavily drunken guy struggling to get up on his two feet, at some point including keeping his pants on, starting a fight with a neighbor. The guy with a hat was trying to avoid this drunk guy as he tried to get through his smoke break. But this drunk can’t be stopped. 

He started swinging a big left and right high kick toward the other one, but he missed both times. It didn’t stop him. He kept trying to stay standing and throwing punches and kicks. Nothing landed on anyone much makes watching this video so funny. 

After a few tries, the drunk guy managed to push the other, which heated the situation. It was a drunken fight extravaganza from there.

5. Chandigarh Drunk Girls Fighting With Police

It takes one brave drunk soul to start a fight with a police officer. This girl from Chandigarh, Northern India, was spotted by the officer drunk driving. 

In this video which got 4.8 million views on Youtube, the girl started shouting at the police as she was being questioned. And then she pushed the officer in the arm. She is heavily intoxicated, for sure! Later on, the girl got arrested for drinking under the influence. 

Good thing the policeman did not engage in this incident. Nice one, officer!

6. Drunk Man Fighting for Nothing

If this video didn’t make you laugh, nobody knows what will. This Youtube Shorts got 2 million views thanks to the shirtless guy who picked up a fight with an event cleaning crew

The drunk guy kept bothering the other, who was just trying to do his job of cleaning after the event had finished. But this bald drunk guy won’t quit. He won’t stop pushing the crew member and even threw in a flying kick, but he missed. It made the video interesting, though. 

And just when the crew member was about to lose his patience after some attempts to defend himself, some other guys did a great job of not letting him take revenge on an intoxicated shirtless guy. 

7. Drunk Dad Attacks His Son Live On Twitch Due To Unpaid Rent Money

Livestream went south. This video showed a rough fight between father and son which went viral and reached up to 1.7 million views on Youtube. It all started when the drunk dad interrupted the live-streaming game his son was doing. 

He said that his son owed him money which the young man opposed. The father and son duo kept bickering for the most part but not without valid reasons from the young one. 

Towards the end, the drunk dad had enough of the talking and started attacking his son on video, to which he didn’t care much. Watching this fight will surely get you glued to the screen until the end.

8. Crazy Drunk Fist Fight

A teenager trying to make content for his blog on Youtube but suddenly caught some real fight. Tanner Fox, a Youtube vlogger who now has over 10 million subscribers, was out with his friends at a cliff-diving in Temecula, California. 

As he was trying to capture everything on camera, he spotted two drunk guys fighting and wrestling. They were engrossed in taking down one another that they rolled down the big rocks and into the river. It was an intense fight in a video that started wholesomely. No wonder it got over 1.5 million views.

9. Funniest Drunk Fight Ever

Try watching a drunk fight without anyone hitting anything. These drunk guys in this video did just that for more than 2 minutes. They showed signs of drunkenness and geared up for a good sparing match. As they circle each other, they both try to throw big punches and kicks. 

If you want to see some martial arts moves, they got it. They did not go to Mr. Miyagi’s martial arts training camp, though, so don’t expect much. But do anticipate having good laughs.

10. Greek Fight (Old Drunk Dude VS Aggressive Woman)

If you haven’t seen middle-aged folks bickering and fighting, you haven’t seen anything yet. This Youtube video from way back, which now has a million views, is a classic example of a drunk guy and a fighting machine of a woman.

At the beginning of the video, the woman was yelling at the drunk guy. When he had enough of her loud voice, the guy started taking off his shirt and got ready to pounce on the woman in front of her.

Thankfully, several people tried to bring the woman as far away as possible from the drunk guy, while the others did their best to stop the guy from coming near the woman. By the size of that guy, the woman would have been knocked out by one punch.

11. US Marines VS Navy Sailors Fight And Drunks

If you ever find yourself in a drunken fight, let’s hope you’re not faced with uniformed men like the Marines and the Navy.

This viral video, which reached over 1.2 million views, had a pre-video introduction to give context to how the drunken fight started. To explain briefly, the Marines and Navy were expected to relax and chill with booze in hopes of also meeting women they could go out with. They did have some drinks but were stuck together in an all-male ship. This caused frustration and deprivation to the men in uniform.

As you watch this video, you’ll see almost all of them arguing with each other and hitting each other. Some were just fooling around as the others fought. But some are throwing real, serious punches against each other. And those punches have got to hurt!


The world of drunke­n brawl videos on YouTube provides a fascinating pe­ek into the intricate fabric of human conduct. The­se clips often blend amuse­ment and wonder to an equal de­gree. While the­se videos highlight the unde­sirable side of alcohol-fuele­d squabbles, they also act as reminde­rs that our vulnerability is a shared trait and that human interactions can be­ capricious.

Do you eve­r find yourself torn betwee­n feeling fascinated and pe­rplexed while watching fight vide­os? At times, people are e­ntertained by the absurdity of it all but cannot he­lp but question why such behavior exists in the­ first place. These vide­os provide a unique opportunity to observe­ human interactions from a safe distance, almost like­ being a voyeur. In doing so, people come­ closer to understanding primal instincts at the core­.

It’s important to kee­p in mind that these videos de­pict real-life eve­nts and involve actual people who may face­ consequences for the­ir actions. Approaching such content with empathy and respe­ct for those involved is crucial, recognizing that a human story hide­s beneath the spe­ctacle.

Finally, it’s undeniable how captivating these Youtube videos can be, mixing shock and amusement in the­ right measure. These­ videos remind us of how unpredictable­ and complex human experie­nce can be, leaving us fascinate­d yet puzzled.

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