Drunk vs. High: What Is the Difference?

Drunk vs. High

There is usually a distinct difference between being Drunk and high. People who enjoy parties or social gatherings should understand the meaning of being drunk versus becoming high. 

To understand the difference between being drunk and high, you can consume alcohol and marijuana. These substances help you alter your mood and conscious mind. It is seriously continuing to date. However, there are several main differences between being drunk and high that you must note, and several strong reactions to remember for persons who can’t look to distance themselves from these kinds of stuff.

So let us explore in this blog the significant difference between drunk and high and their negative impacts. 

The War on Alcohol and Marijuana 

Drunk vs. High

Marijuana is made up of dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds from the Cannabis plant, a leading active drug used for smoking. There is a chemical called THC present in marijuana. This drug is still not legal in certain countries. It is usually used at parties to enjoy and change one individual’s mood. Apart from this, marijuana is effective in many medical treatments. 

Alcohol is another depressant that tends to brain nerve cells, making them less excited and slowing down their process. Marijuana and alcohol both will have different impacts on one body. Both these substances are considered the gateway to happiness; however, one must know the importance of responsibly using them.

A lot of human history says that alcohol and marijuana have given them enjoyment and happiness. Marijuana, while taken while drinking it, provides greater pleasure and a better mood.

Choosing between alcohol and marijuana is a personal preference, regularly compressed by some mythologies and preconceptions. Some people reject marijuana and enjoy the weekend with vodka shots. However, some people love to take marijuana since they have different feelings of happiness and ecstasy.

Certain people completely reject alcohol because of severe side effects, which sometimes lead to violent acts. The fact lies someplace in among, and despite these kinds of stuff producing diverse moods, the control it takes on your life is typically below your control.

What is the difference between being drunk vs. high?

Drunk vs. High

Marijuana will mostly make you feel high. It is because of the chemical THC since it directly impacts the brain’s central nervous system. These, in turn, will influence thoughts, pleasure, time, and coordination. There might also be reversal reactions like negative emotions of the same level. 

Some people take marijuana to calm their minds, change their moods, reducing stress and emotions. Even though this drug is not legally authorized, it has proven health benefits. 

Some celebrities take marijuana to clear their minds and focus on their work. It will relax and ease your mind. It is pretty diverse from alcohol regarding how you feel when high. These effects depend on the type of marijuana taken. There are wide varieties of marijuana available that impact mood when you feel high. The impact of alcohol depends on and varies from person to person.  

Alcohol is a depressant agent that will make your brain function less. It is because it causes a calming effect and will lessen the level of norepinephrine and serotonin. These are chemicals that are essential to regulate your mood. Even while drinking, your mood tends to be happy, and the chances are that you become depressed. 

Alcohol will impact the nerve, which is responsible for the control of balance and movement. That is why people tend to lose coordination and balance when they are drunk. Alcohol also affects the cerebral cortex, which helps you feel more confident by reducing your inhibitions. 

Being drunk is nothing but getting intoxicated. Being drunk is when a person enters the tipsy stage. It depends from person to person. Becoming high is when someone gets intoxicated by taking marijuana. Like alcohol, to become high depends on each person and the amount they have taken. 

Being drunk and getting high is a fundamentally different experience, in such a way that each substance will impact one’s brain. You can indeed accomplish more tasks when you are high because of marijuana than when feeling drunk by alcohol. It is because the impacts are not as strong as that of alcohol. 

Which is more harmful?

It is very tough to decide whether alcohol or marijuana harms health. There is a saying that alcohol is always harmful since it does most brain damage. But marijuana is also equally essential to cause negative impacts on the brain. 

Consumption of alcohol has further extensive significance since it is drunk by many people; however, marijuana is the most harmful when it comes to its direct influence on the brain. 

Marijuana does not possess the same health risk as that alcohol. Also, you will not get a hangover and its symptoms with marijuana. Considering these points, we may say that marijuana is less harmful to health. Even though they say that marijuana has fewer risks than alcohol, it is better to know the limits. We do not have a well-defined reply to whether alcohol or marijuana is better for health. At the bottom line, it is essential to reduce the usage of both these substances. 


Finally, being drunk or getting high are diverse states of intoxication. It will have various impacts on mood and happiness. Alcohol is legal; however, marijuana is permitted only for medical purposes. Irrespective of the preference for getting drunk vs. high, remember that both substances must be in control.

Mutually they will leave you feeling worse the next day; however, that is more probable when you consume alcohol. But then again, if strictly considering the health factors alone, the excellent choice is possibly neither. At last, being drunk or getting high could be an enjoyable or not enjoyable mix for diverse people. It is essential that they pay attention and be careful and listen to the body. 

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