Did Elvis Presley Drink Alcohol?

Elvis Presley Drink Alcohol

Elvis Presley, the king of modern-day Rock and Roll, thrived and captivated fans for almost five decades. His art and contributions to the field of music pulsate through time for those who idolize him and are loyal fans. 

Elvis has had a prevalent public image, so as we dissect his life, we will touch upon the question that has captivated many: Did Elvis Presley drink alcohol? 

Let’s make our way into discovering Elvis and his relationship with alcohol.

Exploring the Elvis Lifestyle

Elvis Presley Drink Alcohol

Elvis was a clear-cut breakout star and rose to fame practically overnight, but at the beginning of his career, he vowed that his hike in popularity would never result in an ego boost. The man had his priorities straight and never took any of his success for granted.

He channeled all his positive and humble energy into perfecting his skills and staying at the top of his game regardless of the fame. 

Focusing on his craft and natural skills took precedence to deliver the best version of himself to the people who believed in him.

When Elvis was sliding into the music industry, alcohol and other substances were commonly used. Since that was the start of his career, he did manage to drink socially but never got himself to overindulge. Drinking in social circles and parties is considered standard, so he did enjoy himself a drink but never out of character.

Elvis’s discipline and love for his career pushed him to create a work-life balance while giving precedence to his well-being. Sure, it might not be alcohol that eventually troubled Elvis, but he had his demons that he was struggling with. 

Ultimately, that humanizes his apparent larger-than-life persona and can be relatable for many who struggle with such substance issues.  

Anecdote: Presley and Nixon

While discussing Elvis, we must leave the myths behind and focus on separating facts from fiction. People tend to take a lot of liberty, exploiting people in the limelight. However, the reality should also be deeply taken into account.

One story, however, that has been adequately recorded and repeated ever since it occurred in 1970 can only be as far away from the truth. It involved a friendly encounter between President Richard Nixon and Elvis in an inebriated state. 

He appeared at the white house, demanding to meet the president uninvited. Since he was so famous, they obviously couldn’t deny him the right, so he was permitted inside.

He met the president, requesting him to let him join the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and give him a badge. 

This whole thing came to Elvis as an epiphany so he could travel armed and with substances but not get checked at airport security. The entire incident was bizarre but portrayed Elvis’s eccentric personality quite well.

Unraveling The Mystique: Public Persona vs. Personal Reality 

Elvis Presley, as we all know even today, was an unconventional personality for that time when people weren’t so open-minded. Alcohol was the one thing he mostly abstained from and didn’t make a daily occurrence. 

However, of course, when the moments would call for it, he would occasionally participate in drinking.

He was always a regular at all the big Hollywood parties and events, so it made sense for him to drink socially. However, in none of those instances did he overindulge or lose control because of an increasing amount of alcohol consumption, giving a clear look into his drinking habits. Elvis was known to drink straight vodka, and the singer believed it was actually good for you.

What Happens In Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

We all know what Vegas is known for, from casinos, the nightlife, parties, or the musician’s hub. Vegas is one phenomenon; if any city has a loud and atomic personality, it’s Vegas.

The words were used to describe Elvis when he performed there for the first time in 1956. That was the beginning of Vegas and Elvis because, after a few years, in 1961, Elvis signed a deal with RCA recording that he would carry a 12-year Vegas residency and would perform almost every night to appease the filled stadium, which was crazed by fans.

Vegas, known for its glitz and glamour, left a prominent imprint on Elvis and vice versa. The city of sin had a lasting impact on some of his life choices. Going from a slim and tall went from being morbidly obese.

The King of Rock n Roll had a taste for life which translated and seeped into the city. Everyone you consume and participate in must be in a larger quantity to live that on-the-edge life.

Although he was never admitted during his residency, he was later recognized for consuming large doses of drugs to get by because of his hectic schedule. His being on the go meant he had to be constantly charged, and unfortunately, his power supply was drugs.

The Tragic Downfall: From Drug Abuse to Alcohol Rage

Elvis’s lifestyle in Vegas started taking a toll on him after a few years. Many believe that he started losing his grip over reality and his past disciplined lifestyle by slipping into losing control of himself in all areas. 

When Elvis first came into the limelight, he spoke out openly against consuming alcohol or even taking illegal drugs. Then again, that all took an ironic route in his final years. 

From the man who was known for looks and overall sex appeal, he quickly turned toward the way of morbid obesity as he struggled with his eating habits. This then transitioned him into being dependent on stimulants and depressants, some prescribed and others not. 

What got him into drinking, though, was his divorce from his wife, Priscella Presley, in 1973. That is when his addiction got the best of him and took complete control over him. It would also mean he occasionally crossed, so he began drinking and taking all those drugs. 

However, people around him would monitor him sometimes from drinking too much because he would throw fits of rage.


In the end, we can’t possibly determine whether Elvis did drink alcohol frequently. There seem to be a few anecdotes, but the extent of it seems impossible to measure. When discussing his drinking and drug habits, it is essential to note that his contributions to the music industry should not be overlooked and dismissed.

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