60 Fish Jokes: Go off the Hook With These Fishy Jokes

Fish Jokes

Prepare to have your attention captured! Learn some of the best fish jokes from our extensive collection that will make you and your friends laugh out loud.

Fin-tactically Funny fish Jokes

The fish jokes in our collection are hysterical. These jokes, ranging from puns to one-liners, will keep you in stitches long after you’ve left the beach behind.  

Starfish Jokes

Prepare to laugh as we sail toward starfish jokes. Starfish are funny water creatures. So be ready to be’star-struck’ by our funny starfish jokes.

  1. My starfish pal wasn’t very impressed with my attempt at a surprise. I take it they don’t like “twinkle, surprise” very much.
  2. If starfish are the stars of the sea, then that would explain why they constantly appear so brilliant.
  3. Starfish throw the nicest parties because they put on a real “shell-ebration” for their guests.
  4. If you want to win a game of “points” against a starfish, you will have a terrible time.
  5. Secrets are nothing to a starfish. That’s why, right? Why? Because the tides will wash them ashore.
  6. Starfish may not attend school but are constantly at the top of their field.
  7. A vest-wearing starfish? That’s one “sea-rious” fashion statement right there.
  8. Starfish are the most wasteful creatures on Earth. They’re so full of “shellfish” antics.
  9. There’s no animal more devoted to the dance floor than a starfish. They love to do what? Known as the “star-salsa”.
  10. Did you ever consider why starfish never get lost? The “star-tanica” is always the guide they use.

Jellyfish Jokes

Jellyfish are funny too. Explore jellyfish jokes with us. Laughter will wash over you in this collection. Let’s ‘jelly’ into the fun.

  1. Jellyfish must have a “breeze” life. Imagine always being able to flow.
  2. My jellyfish pal doesn’t worry about the smallest details. After all, it doesn’t have any nerves.
  3. You can always count on a jellyfish to find itself in a jam. They’re giving us the “jelly-us” treatment, it seems.
  4. Two-eyed jellyfish? Someone who can truly call themselves a “sea-er”
  5. Jellyfish enjoy a good “gel” as much as the next person.
  6. You rarely see a jellyfish that’s in a hurry. There must be a “jelly-rally” it must attend.
  7. The “current events” are always to blame when the jellyfish run late.
  8. Remember that a jellyfish has the “last sting” in any argument.
  9. “Keep calm and float on” could be the unofficial motto of jellyfish.
  10. What about a jellyfish? That’s because their feelings just don’t “jelly” with them.

Dirty Messy Fish Jokes

Fish Jokes

Even though fish are known for being neat and tidy, they aren’t immune to the occasional smudge. Let’s plunge headfirst into some filthy fish jokes; they’ll leave you gasping for air with laughter.

  1. The only place dirtier than a fish’s bedroom is a fish’s classroom, typically littered with fish-tory literature and seaweed.
  2. A fish explained to me why it preferred murky waters. The creature retorted, “I don’t want to be seen scale-d’ down”.
  3. Even though mud makes a fish’s life a “reel” mess, it insists, “I’m just doing it for the ‘halibut’.
  4. Never expect a fish to tidy up after itself. Simply put, it will respond, “I can’t; I’ve got bigger fish to fry”.
  5. Fish make the most messes when they eat. Ever watch a fish chow down? It’s as though they have “no sole”.
  6. A fish complained to another, “It looks like a tornado swam through your room.”
  7. Fish may be untidy, but they’re always on time. Even when mired in muck, they come in ‘fashion-tide-ly’ style.
  8. Is there a filth-loving fish? Constant “mucking”.
  9. Where does a filthy fish like to hang out the most? The infamous dump sturgeon.
  10. It’s laundry day, and the fish hate it. They have a’reely’ hard time ‘tid-y-ing’ up.

A Splash of Humor: Goldfish Jokes

Our goldfish jokes are fin-tastic. These hilarious gems will entertain you. These beautiful critters’ round bowls and short memories are hilarious.

  1. What’s the deal with goldfish and basketball? They’re scared of computers and the Internet.
  2. Because of its poor recall, a goldfish never gets the joke.
  3. My goldfish got stuck in a loop while trying to set a new world record.
  4. A goldfish apology sounds like what? Rather than a bouquet, they send a “bouillabaisse”
  5. Dreams for goldfish are “fintastic” all the time since they never remember having bad ones.
  6. The book my goldfish wrote was a “swimming” success.
  7. What is the best film for a goldfish? The Fin has Disappeared.
  8. Goldfish get-togethers are usually a blast, full of “bubbles” of activity.
  9. If goldfish don’t get stressed out, what gives? They never seem to stop letting things “float”.
  10. The tune that makes a goldfish happy? Never give up the swim.

Fin-Flipping Funnies: Absurd Fish Jokes

Our fish jokes will surely bring a tidal wave of fun into your day. These fish-related jokes range from the ridiculous to the absurd and will make you laugh out loud.

  1. If you cross a fish with a banker, what do you get? Loan Specter.
  2. Exactly what was exchanged between the two fish? As the adage goes, “Keep your mouth shut, and you won’t get caught.”
  3. Where do fish get their momentum? They keep up with the mainstream press.
  4. Which fish organ makes the most music? The balances.
  5. Why do fish always seem to know their exact weight? It’s because they measure weight differently.
  6. Why do fish like salt water? Why? Because pepper causes them to have a runny nose.
  7. Is there a secret to making fish giggle? A whale of a joke, please.
  8. So why don’t we see fish shooting hoops? Worried about being exposed online, they run away.
  9. Why do fish have such a high IQ? They learn to swim in organized teams.
  10. The worst day for a fish would be. Fry-day.

Oceanic Oddities: Weird Fish Jokes

Fish Jokes

Check out these fish jokes to get into the offbeat, crazy side of the ocean. You will be in stitches over these absurd, aquatic jokes.

  1. Is it because fish don’t enjoy fast food? Nothing they do works.
  2. When the fish swam up against the wall, what did it say? “Dam”.
  3. How do fish find buyers? They’ve caught quite the bargain.
  4. What caused the fish to blush? Since it was able to observe the ocean floor.
  5. How are guitars and fish dissimilar? No fish can be tuned.
  6. What do you call a fish that just chills all day? “Couch sea-tato” supreme.
  7. What fish language do you use? Send us a note.
  8. Where does a fish like to vacation the most? Finland.
  9. What would you call a crowned fish? What’s it?
  10. When do fish start their own companies? They’re baby steps, to begin with.

Final Words

Enjoyed our “fish jokes”? We hope these jokes tickled your funny “fin” with guppy laughter, tuna chuckles, or ocean oddities. We hope we’ve caught some giggles and provided you “bait” to hook your pals. Why not ride life’s waves with a smile and a fish joke? If you’re feeling “under the weather,” recall our fish jokes and let laughing carry you to pleasure.

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