Did Frank Sinatra Drink Alcohol?

Frank Sinatra Drink Alcohol

Frank Sinatra was a legendary singer and actor. He was known as Ol’ Blue Eyes. Not only was he gifted with a golden voice, but with a unique personality and style too. He took no time to rise to high ranks. But a common query that people have is if Frank Sinatra drank alcohol. 

Yes, Frank Sinatra was into drinking alcohol. He used to drink an entire bottle of alcoholic liquor at a time. His favorite go-to drink was Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey.

So, let’s delve through the article and, blow by blow, learn about Frank Sinatra’s drinking routine.

Did Frank Sinatra Drink Alcohol? The Functioning Alcoholic

Frank Sinatra Drink Alcohol

Yes, Frank Sinatra used to drink alcohol. And to make it clear, he was so much into drinking that he used to finish one entire bottle at a time at night. However, the best part was that alcohol was never a stone of trouble in his career. 

Additionally, there was a time in his life, nearly in his mid-40s, when he got into liquor use and abuse. He became addicted to alcohol badly. And because of that, he faced challenges like temper issues, bad relations with women, depression, etc.

Did Drinking Affect Frank Sinatra’s Career?

One of the most surprising facts about Frank Sinatra is that although he was too involved in drinking and smoking, he still shared a melodious, heart-throbbing voice. Despite being intoxicated with alcohol abuse, he was able to put out sweet vocals in his songs. 

For example, Summers, one of Frank Sinatra’s closest friends, added that although he used to smoke those untipped Camel cigarettes and drink booze all the time, he shared an incredible voice. 

The reason is that Frank Sinatra controlled his nerves when it came to his songs. So, whenever he was about to release an album, Frank Sinatra used to cut off booze consumption and smoking nearly six months before the release. As a result, he could produce the song with the same rich quality vocals.

However, with time, the voice quality changed a bit. For example, the voice quality of the song “For My Baby,” he sang in the late 40s, and the other in the late 50s, has a clear voice difference. So, in short, the ups and downs of life, booze, and smoking tempered his melodious voice.

What Was Frank Sinatra’s Favorite Drink?

Moving on to the drinks Frank Sinatra liked the most, for sure, he called Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey his love. Be can easily sip one bottle of it at a time. Apart from that, he likes Martini and Rusty Nail. He states that simple liquors like beer, rum, etc., can’t fascinate him.

Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey

Frank Sinatra liked sipping Jack Daniel with a little dilution of water and ice. 

To make it Frank’s way, all you need to follow is the 3-2-1 method. Firstly you need to select the liquor. He used to opt for the 90-proof bottle. You can either buy it or the bonded version, which is 50-proof. Then you should add water and ice, along with a few ingredients that you fancy or like the most. 

Frank Sinatra was so fond of this drink that he once told the doctor that he drinks one bottle of Jack Daniel every night. And on hearing this, the doctor wondered how he was able to get up in the morning.

Martini On The Rocks 

Although Jack Daniel was his true love, Frank Sinatra was also seen enjoying Martini on the Rocks a couple of times. Usually, beefeater gin was served as base liquor, to which vermouth was served as rocks. And yes, don’t forget to add ice, as it was an essential part of Frank’s drink.

Rusty Nail

Likewise, Frank Sinatra liked to enjoy the nuanced flavors of Rusty Nail. It involves the combination of spice-rich Drambuie with scotch. It has an earthy flavor profile with hints of spiciness.

Some Of The Famous Lyrics of Frank Sinatra about Alcohol 

Lastly, let’s enlist some of the songs Frank Sinatra sang in which he articulates about alcohol and its role in his life.

  • Alcohol is counted as one of the worst enemies of humanity, but the bible teaches us to love our enemy. 
  • In his song “I Get a Kick out of You,” he says that simple champagne gives him no kick or excitement.
  • In a song, he says he feels pity and sorry for people who are not into drinking.

What Were The Daily Habits Of Frank Sinatra?

Some of the unique facts about Frank Sinatra were:

  • He was a late-night owl, and you can apprehend the situation by knowing he never recorded a song in a day.
  • He used to smoke and sip booze a lot. 
  • Frank Sinatra used to shower nearly 12 times a day
  • He attempted suicide several times in his life 

Final Verdict

Drinking alcohol and smoking was an essential part of Frank Sinatra’s life. He used to drink as much as he smoked. Moreover, among all the drinks, he liked Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Tennessee Whiskey, Martini On The Rocks, and Rusty Nail the most. He claimed that regular champagne can’t give him a thrill.

But the best part is that despite drinking so much, alcohol never affected his voice. Actually, he used to stop drinking booze for at least six months before recording an album. However, with time, a notable difference in voice was observed. 

Moreover, the extent to which Frank Sinatra was addicted can be well evaluated by the fact that he could easily drink one bottle of whiskey even in old age.

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