Does Gautam Adani Drink Alcohol?

Gautam Adani drink alcohol

The great Indian billionaire and the executive chairman of the privately owned Adani group Gautam Adani is a famous and notorious person in the business community. Considering his great wealth and position, people are curious about the specifics of his activities, particularly the way he lives choices. 

One query on social media platforms is whether Gautam Adani drinks alcohol. To shed more light on this fascinating facet of his life, we will explore this topic in this article and discover the bond between Adani and alcohol. 

Does Gautam Adani drink alcohol? 

There is no concrete evidence that Adani consumes alcohol or does not. According to specific sources, Adani is a teetotaller and only consumes vegetarian food.

Adani has been quite open about his routines, but his drinking habits have received less attention. During an official visit with UK PM Boris Johnson, he said that ‚Äúkeeping himself grounded entails adhering to a strict vegetarian diet and refraining from popping the cork while closing deals.‚ÄĚ

Johnson was curious to discover why the most quickly growing multinational had not moved its corporate office to Delhi or Mumbai. Adani responded that, like other cities, this city had no distractions, so Johnson could not concentrate on his work. 

Adani disclosed that he left the college institution in the middle due to his familial circumstances. He began expanding his family’s Gujarati textile manufacturing firm to support his family. From there, he started his own business producing plastic from granules. 

Due to Adani’s lightning-quick ability to detect opportunities and close transactions worldwide, the miracle began there, and he quickly rose to the top of the country. These were all of the factors that prevented Adani from partaking in other enjoyable pastimes, including drinking alcohol, in this incarnation. 

Some believe that other factors may explain why he keeps up his teetotalism since there is no definite evidence from any sources that he consumes alcohol.

What is the factor that might argue that Adani is a teetotaller?  

Gautam Adani drink alcohol

Learning more about Gautam Adani’s origins is essential before getting to the details. He was born on 24th June 1962 in a city called Gujarat in India, belonging to a traditional Gujarati home in Ahmedabad. 

Many traditional residents of Gujarat will refrain from drinking alcohol because they follow strict moral and social factors. This attribute provides a foundation for analyzing Adani’s position on alcohol usage. So the below mentioned might be a few reasons he might avoid alcohol entirely from his life. 

Lifestyle and Public Image

Gautam Adani has been working hard to build a solid reputation in society as an entrepreneur of distinction committed to his career and the growth of his group of companies, the Adani Group. He is renowned for his tenacity, tactical insight, and capacity to turn budding organizations into lucrative enterprises. 

It is important to note that renowned figures, notably those powerful and active in entrepreneurship and business, frequently uphold a particular image consistent with their career goals. 

People who consider themselves exceedingly disciplined may believe that even the most moderate drinking will ruin relationships, causing them to avoid drinking even at professional gatherings. 

Religious and cultural influences

As we all know, Gautam Adani originates from the traditional Gujarati circumstantial. Gujarati has a robust cultural aesthetic based on the ideals of brevity, restriction, and alcoholic abstention. Many Gujarati communities have these beliefs entrenched in them firmly, and they frequently pass them down throughout generations. They adhere to their heritage and customs with great rigor, even in modern times.

Gujarat also boasts many Jain people, who follow a highly rigid code of behavior that forbids drinking alcohol and using illicit substances. 

Even though it is of the utmost importance to consider that not every Gujarati or the Jains strictly adhere to these traditions, they give us essential context for understanding Adani’s origins. 

As previously said, Adani hails from a conservative and traditional Gujarati society that upholds all customary laws and beliefs. 

Challenging Business Environment

The business climate in which Gautam Adani, president of the prestigious Adani Group, competes is exceptionally demanding. Adani, who oversees a group of companies active in several sectors, encounters various difficulties and responsibilities that call for his attention, focused attention, and critical thinking. 

People naturally prioritize their professional obligations in such circumstances, allowing limited time for pleasures like consuming or engaging in alcohol. An excellent reputation is essential for business achievement and personal branding in a contemporary, highly scrutinized society. 

To establish themselves as a positive example and win the confidence and admiration of stakeholders, public leaders frequently decide to lead an organized, disciplined lifestyle. Adani’s dedication to maintaining a favorable public image could influence his decisions, possibly even causing him to stay away from drinking.


Although Gautam Adani’s life outside of work is primarily kept confidential, you must inquire about his drinking with tact and consideration for his personal life. Adani’s behavior in public may suggest attention and discipline, but it fails to reveal a clear picture of his drinking preferences. 

It is conceivable that Adani would avoid drinking alcohol considering his strict Gujarati heritage and the relevant cultural and religious elements. Adani’s declaration states that he is a pure vegetarian and non-alcohol drinker. He entirely abstains from drinking. 

Apart from these, no further instances of Adani publicly imbibing alcohol or rumors were documented by any publications or on social media. According to his interview with Adani and other information, he abstains from alcohol.

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